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WebHarvy is a visual web scraper that is used to extract data from websites. It is a user-friendly tool that allows users to easily and quickly scrape data from a variety of websites, without the need for any programming skills or knowledge of web scraping technologies.

To use WebHarvy, users simply need to point and click on the elements on a website that they want to scrape. WebHarvy will then automatically extract the data from these elements and save it in a structured format, such as a CSV or Excel file. Users can customize the data scraping process by defining the data that they want to scrape, and by setting up filters and other rules to control the data extraction process.

WebHarvy is commonly used by businesses, researchers, and individuals who need to extract data from websites for a variety of purposes. It is a useful tool for quickly and easily collecting data from websites, and it can save users a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual data scraping or other web scraping methods.


  • webharvy.com .. a visual web scraper which can be used to easily extract data from websites

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