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A webhook is a way for one application to provide other applications with real-time information. It allows one application to send a message or data to another application automatically when a specific event or change occurs. Webhooks are typically used to connect different systems and services together, such as to sync data between them or to trigger an action in one system based on a change in another. They are often used in the context of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to provide additional functionality and automation.

Webhooks can be used with dialog systems to receive real-time updates or notifications from external sources, such as a website or an app. For example, a chatbot or voice assistant built on a dialog system can use webhooks to receive information from a weather service, stock market, or a social media platform. The dialog system can then use this information to provide relevant responses to users’ queries or commands. Additionally, webhooks can also be used to trigger certain actions within the dialog system, such as sending a message or opening a link, based on certain conditions or events.




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