100 Best WordPress Plugin Development Videos


To make a WordPress plugin, you will need to have some knowledge of the WordPress platform and some programming skills. Here are the basic steps for creating a WordPress plugin:

  1. Choose a plugin name and create a folder for your plugin: Start by deciding on a name for your plugin and creating a folder for it on your computer. The name you choose should be unique and descriptive, and the folder should be named after your plugin.
  2. Create a plugin file: Next, create a PHP file for your plugin. This file should be named after your plugin, with the “.php” extension. In this file, you will include the basic information about your plugin, such as its name, version number, and description.
  3. Write your plugin code: In the plugin file, you can add code to define your plugin’s functions and features. You can use WordPress functions and hooks to interact with the WordPress platform and add your own custom functionality to your plugin.
  4. Test and debug your plugin: Once you have written your plugin code, you will need to test it to make sure it works as expected. You may need to debug your code to fix any issues that arise.
  5. Package and distribute your plugin: Once your plugin is working as expected, you can package it up and distribute it to other WordPress users. You can do this by uploading your plugin to the WordPress plugin repository, or by distributing it through other means, such as a website or email.


  • wpgear.org .. is a compendium of useful developer tools for working with WordPress.

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