Kylan Gibbs: Pioneering AI in Gaming and Beyond

Kylan Gibbs: Pioneering AI in Gaming and Beyond

Kylan Gibbs, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Inworld AI, has emerged as a prominent figure in the intersection of AI and gaming. His journey from a small town near Vancouver to becoming a key player in AI-driven interactive gaming demonstrates the dynamic nature of technology and innovation.

Gibbs’ early years were spent outdoors, with little exposure to technology. His academic pursuits at McGill University in quantitative social sciences, coupled with his participation in rugby and model UN activities, initially seemed unrelated to AI. However, the burgeoning AI innovation around McGill and Toronto, home to pioneers like Yan LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton, piqued his interest.

His fascination with AI began while analyzing the language and psychology of diplomats in international relations and organizational behavior. Gibbs saw the potential of language analysis in understanding the decisions and personalities of diplomats, setting the foundation for his later AI work.

Gibbs’ entrepreneurial journey started with FlowX, a startup he co-founded after winning a business competition in Singapore. FlowX focused on applying machine vision to traffic systems, and its concept centered around public infrastructure data being crucial for autonomous vehicle success. Despite its innovative approach, FlowX was eventually acquired by a company in the traffic space.

Following his stint at FlowX, Gibbs worked at Bain & Company, where he was introduced to the clash between traditional business methods and new data-driven approaches. His experience at Bain underscored the slow adoption of innovation in established organizations and the challenges of implementing platform shifts.

At Google, Gibbs faced similar challenges while integrating generative AI into various products. His tenure at Google and DeepMind, strategizing for AGI with a focus on language, was marked by skepticism about integrating these models into Google’s products.

In 2021, Gibbs connected with Michael Ermolenko and Ilya Gelfenbeyn, co-founders with backgrounds in AI and dialogue systems. Together, they founded Inworld AI, with the goal of enhancing gaming and virtual experiences by introducing AI-powered, human-like characters. Inworld AI particularly focuses on games, acknowledging the vast and growing gaming audience.

Inworld AI’s vision extends beyond creating interactive NPCs in gaming. Gibbs envisions applications in brands and education, such as interactive advertising and educational games. He sees AI characters gaining cultural significance, potentially becoming newscasters, influencers, or social media personalities.

Gibbs’ journey exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of AI and its expansive applications, from understanding international diplomacy to revolutionizing gaming and beyond. His approach combines a deep understanding of social sciences with technical prowess in AI, reflecting the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on various domains.