Sara Giusto: A Profile of Professional Achievements and Contributions in Digital Media

Sara Giusto: A Profile of Professional Achievements and Contributions in Digital Media

Sara Giusto stands out as a prominent figure in the realm of digital media, particularly in the field of virtual human creation. As a Producer at Aww Inc., an innovative company credited with introducing Asia’s first virtual human, she has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between technology and creativity. Her work has not only garnered widespread attention but has also earned her a place on the Forbes Japan’s 30 Under 30 list for 2023, a testament to her influence and achievements in the industry.

Giusto’s background is as diverse as it is inspiring. She has experienced life in multiple countries, including Japan, the United States, and Canada. This multicultural exposure has enriched her perspective, enabling her to bring a unique blend of cultural insights into her work. Despite facing significant challenges such as poverty and domestic abuse, Giusto has drawn strength and inspiration from her experiences, particularly from her mother, who has been a constant muse and companion throughout her journey.

Educationally, Giusto’s foundation in the arts is solid, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University. This artistic grounding has undoubtedly contributed to her creative approach in the digital space.

Professionally, her career trajectory is marked by versatility. Before her current role at Aww Inc., she contributed as a Freelance Translator since September 2016, adeptly handling English-Japanese translation tasks for various events and conferences. Additionally, she served as an Editor at UltraSuperNew K.K., an independent creative agency, for over a year.

At Aww Inc., Giusto’s work has centered around the virtual human “imma,” which boasts a following of 2 million across various platforms. Her efforts delve into themes of diversity, inclusivity, and the impact of virtual entities on societal perceptions and media consumption. This work reflects a profound understanding of the intersections between digital innovation and cultural expression.

Giusto’s influence extends beyond her production role. She is known for her active participation in significant events and platforms. Notably, she has been the only Asian female presenter at esteemed institutions like MIT and has showcased her work at Complexcon, the largest street fashion convention in the U.S. Furthermore, her engagements at events like the WEB3 Toronto Summit underscore her status as a thought leader in the digital and virtual media landscape.

In terms of skills, Giusto is adept in advertising and Adobe Illustrator, as evidenced by endorsements from professional peers. Her social media presence is robust, where she actively shares insights and experiences from her professional life. She follows and shows interest in influential figures and organizations, particularly in the technology and philanthropic sectors, indicating her broader interests and network.

In summary, Sara Giusto’s profile is that of a dynamic and pioneering female leader in the digital media industry. Her journey, marked by cultural diversity, artistic prowess, and technological innovation, positions her as a significant voice in the evolving conversation around digital realities and virtual human experiences.