Tencent and the Evolution of Digital Humans

Tencent and the Evolution of Digital Humans

Tencent, one of China’s tech powerhouses, has long been recognized for its expansive influence across various digital platforms. From its origins in social networking and online gaming, Tencent has consistently pushed boundaries to explore newer technological frontiers. A prominent domain where its influence is keenly felt is the world of digital or virtual humans.

Tencent’s Foray into the Digital Human Landscape

Digital humans, a blend of art, technology, and AI, have ushered in an era where virtual renditions of humans, whether mirroring real personalities or entirely novel creations, have become possible. Tencent, always at the forefront of such innovations, has made significant strides in this arena.

One of the clear manifestations of Tencent’s capabilities in this realm is its game, SYNCED: Off Planet. While the gameplay itself did not capture the unanimous acclaim of reviewers, it was the hyper-realistic virtual humans that stole the show. By seamlessly blending the virtual and the real, Tencent made notable progress in crossing the ‘uncanny valley’, a term that refers to the eerie feeling evoked by almost-human but not quite perfect humanoid entities.

The company’s partnership with Voicemod, which led to the inception of a real-time voice-changing chat solution, only further solidified its position in enhancing virtual experiences. Additionally, the integration with NVIDIA Omniverse has paved the way for optimized game content creation, replete with Generative AI services and Game Engine Connectors.

But Tencent’s ambitions aren’t just confined to gaming. Their collaboration with the National Museum of China, resulting in the creation of a digital human tour guide, is a testament to their vision. This virtual entity, designed to guide visitors, epitomizes the blend of tradition with modern tech.

Moreover, in anticipation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Tencent unveiled “listening,” a groundbreaking 3D sign language digital figure. Created in synergy with several technical teams, this tool harnesses the power of various advanced technologies, ranging from multimodal interaction to machine translation. With its extensive vocabulary and a remarkable rate of sign language translation accuracy, “listening” exemplifies Tencent’s commitment to technological excellence.


Tencent’s endeavors in the realm of digital humans are reflective of its unwavering commitment to innovation. Whether by redefining gaming experiences with life-like avatars or enhancing real-world events with cutting-edge AI tools, Tencent stands as a beacon of progress in the digital age. Through its various ventures, the company continues to guide the technological narrative, pushing us into exciting and uncharted territories.