Visionary of the Virtual: Ji Zhizhui’s Pursuit of AI-Driven Digital Humans with Shiyou Technology

Visionary of the Virtual: Ji Zhizhui’s Pursuit of AI-Driven Digital Humans with Shiyou Technology

Ji Zhizhui, the Founder and CEO of Shiyou Technology, is evidently a leader and a visionary in the field of virtual technology, with a particular focus on AI Digital Humans. His company, Shiyou Technology, founded in 2015, is committed to creating metaverse avatars, or “Digital Humans” for individuals, celebrities, brands, and government entities, reshaping content creation across various industries.

This provided text illuminates Ji Zhizhui’s pursuit of immersive and innovative solutions in the realm of cultural technology, aiming to revolutionize brand representation, customer service, and content interaction in a multitude of sectors including media, e-commerce, entertainment, and education. Shiyou Technology, under his leadership, has accomplished remarkable strides in developing cutting-edge solutions, leveraging their extensive industry experience and technological prowess. They have developed products like the “Digital Human Factory,” virtual content platforms, and metaverse avatar platforms which empower various industries to create interactive and immersive content efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ji Zhizhui emphasizes the transformative potential of Digital Humans as a user interface for AI, stressing their capability to upgrade services, reduce service costs, and create immersive shopping experiences in the metaverse, addressing the emerging demands of younger generations. He highlighted that Digital Humans are increasingly becoming the brain of AI, reflecting the growing synergy between virtual entities and AI technology, which he sees as the gateway to multifaceted applications in the future. He acknowledges the crucial role of Digital Humans in the evolving metaverse, reinforcing his commitment to enriching the interaction between the virtual and real worlds.

Shiyou Technology has successfully carved a niche, contributing to the development of the sector by serving almost a thousand clients including notable names such as Huawei, Alibaba, and Haier Group, creating over a thousand Digital Humans. In the ever-evolving technological landscape, Ji Zhizhui’s insights into the developmental trajectory of virtual technology signify his anticipation of a wider and diversified application of AI-driven Digital Humans in comparison to human-driven ones.

Shiyou Technology, bearing a deep-rooted technological ethos and superior operational proficiency, is evidently striving to facilitate customers in solving actual problems. With AI as the brain of Digital Humans and Digital Humans as the interface of AI, the company continues to focus on developing full-stack technology and applications centered around Digital Humans.

Ji Zhizhui’s visionary leadership is reflective of his grasp on the future of brand communication, understanding that young people are drawn to the future, to the integration of virtual technology, Digital Humans, and metaversal interactions. Under his stewardship, Shiyou Technology is not only staying abreast of technological advancements but is also shaping the future of AI Digital Humans, preparing the grounds for a universally accessible metaverse, where every individual has the capability to create their unique digital identities.

He also has keen insights into the ongoing shift from the internet era to the metaversal era, recognizing the critical asset that Digital Humans represent in the metaverse. He understands the progressive integration of the real and virtual worlds, with Digital Humans becoming a focal point of interaction between these realms.

The market for AI Digital Humans in China is experiencing rapid growth, predicted to reach RMB 10.24 billion by 2026, driven by explosive demand, technological advancements, and substantial capital investment. Companies like Shiyou Technology, standing on the forefront of virtual technology with years of accumulated technological strength, have crossed the initial threshold, having accrued core technologies.

In this pursuit, Ji Zhizhui’s unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have been pivotal, enabling Shiyou Technology to spearhead innovations in the field of AI Digital Humans, and paving the way for a future where personalized digital entities are commonplace, and the metaverse is an integral aspect of our reality.