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Beginning in 2006, the decade long story of is seared into social media, from Blogger, to Twitter, to Quora. can be considered the personal wiki of Marcus L Endicott. is semi-automated, tracking and automating, step by step, the processes of converting data into knowledge. Think of it as a human editable database, an exposed database, a database in the process of becoming a knowledgebase. As of 2018, has been referenced in numerous academic papers (see below).

One of the things being done with is data mining, or text mining, primarily on videos and scholarly literature, which are something of opposite poles on either side of the finite window of generic search. The main purpose for doing this is data ingestion for natural language generation. The ultimate goal being a conversational agent that can write essays on given topics, and in turn use those essays as the basis for talking or conversing about the essay topics. The fruits of this journey into natural language processing, chatbots, and artificial intelligence, are being applied to the travel vertical at Marcus L Endicott is available for Consulting on any or all of these topics.



  • Deep Learning in Spoken and Text-Based Dialog Systems (2018)
  • IoT based smart interaction framework for elearning (2018)
  • Two analogy strategies: The cases of mind metaphors and introspection (2018)
  • Business intelligence models (2017)
  • Smart Home Automation Based on Voice Command Using Smart Phone (2017)
  • Computer representations of bioinformatics models (2016)
  • Digital Transformation in Tourism: a high level analysis of the impact that social networks and mass collaboration concept is having at tourism service providers (2016)
  • Hate Siri? Meet Viv – the future of chatbots and artificial intelligence – The Sydney Morning Herald (2016)
  • Selected Examples of Applications of New Graphics and Animation Technologies (2016)
  • The Relevance of Metaphoric Competence for Language Pedagogy (2016)
  • Using the tree of Naive Bayesian classifiers to classify scientific publications (2015)
  • Information Mining Technologies to Enable Discovery of Actionable Intelligence to Facilitate Maritime Situational Awareness: I-MINE (2013)
  • Intelligent Personalized Searching (2013)

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