Intelligent Agents 2016


An intelligent agent is an autonomous entity which observes through sensors and acts upon an environment.

  • Conversation agent
  • Reflective agents
  • Synthetic cultures


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What learning systems do intelligent agents need? Complementary learning systems theory updated
D Kumaran, D Hassabis, JL McClelland – Trends in cognitive sciences, 2016 – Elsevier
We update complementary learning systems (CLS) theory, which holds that intelligent agents must possess two learning systems, instantiated in mammalians in neocortex and hippocampus. The first gradually acquires structured knowledge representations while the

Intelligent agent transparency in human–agent teaming for Multi-UxV management
JE Mercado, MA Rupp, JYC Chen, MJ Barnes… – Human …, 2016 –
Objective: We investigated the effects of level of agent transparency on operator performance, trust, and workload in a context of human–agent teaming for multirobot management. Background: Participants played the role of a heterogeneous unmanned

Advanced metering infrastructure design and test bed experiment using intelligent agents: focusing on the PLC network base technology for Smart Grid system
JH Huh, S Otgonchimeg, K Seo – The Journal of Supercomputing, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Today, the power line communication (PLC) is being used for the configuration of Home-Network or factory automation. Due to the improvements in both the stability and the transmission speed resulting from recent digital PLC method, its field of applications is

Multiple energy carrier optimisation with intelligent agents
S Skarvelis-Kazakos, P Papadopoulos, IG Unda… – Applied Energy, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract Multiple energy carrier systems stem from the need to evolve traditional electricity, gas and other energy systems to more efficient, integrated energy systems. An approach is presented, for controlling multiple energy carriers, including electricity (AC or DC), heat,

Network Intelligent Agent for Collision Detection with Bandwidth Calculation
ASS Navaz, ASS Fiaz – December–2015, MCAS Journal of Research –
Abstract To develop a Network Fault Detection system which will automatically detect the problems in the Network and to develop an Intelligent which will detect the failure in network and uses FTP Protocol for transfer the files between server and client machine. To add the

Three-Dimensional Virtual Environment and NPC: A Perspective about Intelligent Agents Ubiquitous
F Herpich, FB Nunes, GB Voss… – … of Research on 3-D Virtual …, 2016 –
Abstract The use of intelligent agents aware of the individual characteristics and context of students, allow to offer a suitable support to the real requirements. Allied to this, the implementation of these agents in the three-dimensional virtual environments, tend to

Application of intelligent agents in health-care
S Iqbal, W Altaf, M Aslam, W Mahmood… – Artificial Intelligence …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The successful use of intelligent agents in healthcare has attracted researchers to apply this emerging software engineering paradigm in more advanced and complex applications. Main success factor is the natural mapping of real world medical problems into

Intelligent Agents in Data-intensive Computing
J Ko?odziej, L Correia, JM Molina – 2016 – Springer
Since the introduction of the Internet, we witness an explosive growth in the volume, velocity, and variety of data created on a daily basis. These data originated from numerous sources including mobile devices, sensors, individual archives, Internet of Things, government data

Motivic Through-Composition Applied to a Network of Intelligent Agents
JC Vasquez, K Tahiroglu, J Kildal – Proceedings of the …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT This paper presents the creation of two music pieces using motivic through-composition techniques applied to a previously presented NIME: a Network of Intelligent Sound Agents. The compositions take advantage of the characteristics of the system, which

Research framework, strategies, and applications of intelligent agent technologies (IATs) in marketing
V Kumar, A Dixit, RRG Javalgi, M Dass – Journal of the Academy of …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract In this digital era, marketing theory and practice are being transformed by increasing complexity due to information availability, higher reach and interactions, and faster speeds of transactions. These have led to the adoption of intelligent agent

Public-key encryption for protecting data in cloud system with intelligent agents against side-channel attacks
C Hu, P Liu, Y Zhou, S Guo, Y Wang, Q Xu – Soft Computing, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Public-key encryption can be used to protect the sensitive data in cloud system with intelligent mobile agents facilitating better services. However, many public-key encryption schemes do not resist the side-channel attacks which can be applied to the encryption

Intelligent agents and networked buttons improve free-improvised ensemble music-making on touch-screens
C Martin, H Gardner, B Swift, M Martin – … of the 2016 CHI Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract We present the results of two controlled studies of free-improvised ensemble music-making on touch-screens. In our system, updates to an interface of harmonically-selected pitches are broadcast to every touch-screen in response to either a performer pressing a

A vision enriched intelligent agent with image description generation
L Zhang, B Fielding, P Kinghorn, K Mistry – Proceedings of the 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract In this paper, we present an intelligent conversational agent enriched with automatic image understanding and facial expression recognition using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for the advancement of autonomous interaction with the

Intelligent agent-based stimulation for testing robotic software in human-robot interactions
D Araiza-Illan, AG Pipe, K Eder – Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on …, 2016 –
Abstract The challenges of robotic software testing extend beyond conventional software testing. Valid, realistic and interesting tests need to be generated for multiple programs and hardware running concurrently, deployed into dynamic environments with people. We

Inferring capabilities of intelligent agents from their external traits
BP Knijnenburg, MC Willemsen – ACM Transactions on Interactive …, 2016 –
Abstract We investigate the usability of humanlike agent-based interfaces for interactive advice-giving systems. In an experiment with a travel advisory system, we manipulate the “humanlikeness” of the agent interface. We demonstrate that users of the more humanlike

Design and development of an intelligent agent based framework for predictive analytics
D Bhargava, RC Poonia, U Arora – Computing for Sustainable …, 2016 –
Abstract: The arrival of World Wide Web has led to the explosive growth of information on the web. There is a sudden boom in quality of raw data/information, which is commonly referred as Big Data. Very often, this raw information contains very useful insights which are ignored

An automated multi-issue negotiation mechanism based on intelligent agents in e-commerce
LL Zhang, Q Liu – Journal of Advanced Management Science Vol, 2016 –
Abstract—This paper presents an agent-based automated negotiation mechanism for multi-issue negotiation in ecommerce. To avoid a deadlock in which both agents are unwilling to concede or refuse to disclose more information may arise in the traditional alternating-offer

A proposal to integrate context-awareness services to enhance CSCL environments based on intelligent agents
S Álvarez, OM Salazar, DA Ovalle – … Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is a computational approach allowing students? being organized into groups? to work together for a common goal and discuss from different points of view always seeking to improve learning processes. The

Bottom-up approach of modeling human decision making for building intelligent agents
RJ Martin, S Sujatha – Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2016 –
Background/Objectives: Cognitive modeling of decision making with reference to the cognitive architectures and base theories is an ideal approach for building intelligent agents. This work is to conceptualize the modeling process as a bottom-up approach to build

Adaptive security system based on intelligent agents for distributed computer systems
V Mukhin, Y Kornaga, V Steshyn… – … Systems (DAS), 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: In the paper is described a complex adaptive system, which is based on the neural network and on the intelligent agents. This system allows realize an adaptive control for the information security mechanism, it provides timely response to threats and performs the

An Improving Performance of Data Mining Using Intelligent Agent System Methods
M Kumarasamy – vol –
Abstract—Our objective of this paper is how we can utilize intelligent techniques in data mining to take decisions which we can use very much in Data Analytics, Credit Card fraud detection and other applications. The author describes that we can develop intelligent

An intelligent agent-based journalism platform
AL Barriuso, F de La Prieta, ÁL Murciego… – … Conference on Practical …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Internet upswing has entailed a structural change for journalism in general and the press in particular. The emergence of a new horizontal, low cost and accessible space for communication, has brought profound changes in journalism, both on the production and

Evolving an emotion recognition module for an intelligent agent using genetic programming and a genetic algorithm
R Yusuf, DG Sharma, I Tanev, K Shimohara – Artificial Life and Robotics, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Most studies use the facial expression to recognize a user’s emotion; however, gestures, such as nodding, shaking the head, or stillness can also be indicators of the user’s emotion. In our research, we use the facial expression and gestures to detect and recognize

The behavioral interaction of road users in traffic: An example of the potential of intelligent agent-based simulations in psychology
JC Correa – Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract This paper illustrates what psychologists can do and learn from the use of intelligent agent-based simulations, in combination with experimental designs, in order to model the behavioral interaction of motorists and motorcyclists in urban traffic, when motorcyclists ride

Implicit collaboration of intelligent agents through shared goals
K Hintz, I Kadar – Information Fusion (FUSION), 2016 19th …, 2016 –
Abstract: The concept of goal lattices has been presented as a method with which to determine the mission value of each admissible sensor action as an aid in computing the associated expected information value rate. Implicit collaboration of sensing platforms has

Towards sustainable smart homes by a hierarchical hybrid architecture of an intelligent agent
K Yang, SB Cho – Sustainability, 2016 –
A smart home can be realized by the provision of services, such as building control, automation and security implemented in accordance with a user’s request. One of the important issues is how to respond quickly and appropriately to a user’s request in a

Application of Intelligent Agents in Wireless Prepaid Energy Meter
S Sankaranarayanan, AT Wan… – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract Prepaid meter (PM) is getting very popular especially in developing countries. There are many advantages to use prepaid meter as opposed to postpaid meter both to the utility provider and to the consumer. Brunei has adopted PM but it is not intelligent and not

Imagining the Use of Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence in Academic Law Libraries
NB Talley – Law Libr. J., 2016 – HeinOnline
11 A common image of artificial intelligence is a robot that thinks like a human and interacts seamlessly with people, understanding their needs and learning from previous interactions. Artificial intelligence has aptly been described as a” digital sister-in-law”: When I want to go

The interrelationship between intelligent agents’ characteristics and users’ intention in a search engine by making beliefs and perceived risks mediators
CY Chao, TC Chang, HC Wu, YS Lin… – Computers in Human …, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract This study is to examine the possibility of applying intelligent agents’ characteristics to affect users’ intention in a search engine. All data were collected using online questionnaires provided in the search engine from users older than 15 years. A total of 890

Intelligent Agent Transparency: The Design and Evaluation of an Interface to Facilitate Human and Intelligent Agent Collaboration
K Stowers, N Kasdaglis, O Newton… – Proceedings of the …, 2016 –
We evaluated the usability and utility of an unmanned vehicle management interface that was developed based on the Situation awareness–based Agent Transparency model. We sought to examine the effect of increasing levels of agent transparency on operator task

Applications of Intelligent Agents in Health Sector-A Review
S Sankaranarayanan, S Ganesan – … Journal of E-Health and Medical …, 2016 –
Abstract Health sector is a growing field and health conscience has been a major concern for everyone. Particularly in the health care sector, Information and communication Technology, enabled devices like Smart phones, Tablet PC, Sensors, RFID etc are

An Intelligent Dialogue Agent for the IoT Home.
H Jeon, HR Oh, I Hwang, J Kim – AAAI Workshop: Artificial Intelligence …, 2016 –
… In session 2 of this paper, we explain recent approaches to an intelligent agent using dialogue system. We then pro- pose an Intelligent Agent for the IoT Home in Session 3, followed by an explanation on the performance evaluation in Session 4. 2 Related Works …

Intelligent Agent Navigation using Bluetooth Based Ad Hoc Communication
S Abbas, B Nawaz, A Athar, Y Saeed… – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract Mobile phones are very common now a days and being used as a primary medium for communication. Therefore, intelligent agent navigation could be facilitated generally by mobile communication. However, agent communication using Wi-Fi access points, may be

A hybrid intelligent agent based expert system for GPS databases
MV Muntean, A Donea – Electronics, Computers and Artificial …, 2016 –
Abstract: Developing performant mobile expert systems consists an emerging problem taking into account the wide use of mobile phones and the need to access from such devices decision-assistance tools. This paper proposes a Hybrid Intelligent Agent based

The self-generating model: an adaptation of the self-organizing map for intelligent agents and data mining
A de Buitléir, M Daly, M Russell – … Life and Intelligent Agents …, 2016 –
Abstract. We present the Self-Generating Model (SGM), a new version of the Self-organizing Map (SOM) that has been adapted for use in intelligent data mining ALife agents. The SGM sacrifices the topologypreserving ability of the SOM, but is equally accurate, and faster, at

The Research of Intelligent Agent System Architecture Based on Cloud Computing
L Qiu, K Li – … Intelligence and Security (CIS), 2016 12th …, 2016 –
Abstract: The technology of Intelligence agent is an application of artificial intelligence, as well as a hot topic of the IT circle. A new system architecture related to intelligent agent technology is proposed based on the characteristics of cloud computing. The architecture is

Modeling intelligent agents in computational grid commodity market
R Arfa, K Abdelkader – Networks, Computers and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Computational grids and peer-to-peer computing are currently the largest systems, however one of the main challenges is how efficiently allocate and schedule resources of such systems. Economic principles have been introduced in investigation of resource

An Intelligent Agent for Connect-6
S Vare, S Wang, A Zanette – 2016 –
Abstract Connect-6 has been gaining popularity since its introduction to the Computer Olympiad. It is a highly complex search problem, with a branching factor of O (65, 000). Here we design an AI to play Connect-6. To tackle the complexity of the game, we present a beam

Multi intelligent agent based cyber attack resilient system protection and emergency control
P Wang, M Govindarasu – … (ISGT), 2016 IEEE Power & Energy …, 2016 –
Abstract: Centralized system protection and emergency control schemes are playing critical roles in maintaining the stability of modern power system. Being able to make optimal decisions based on global information and coordinate complex protection/control activities is

Advanced intelligent agents for optimised dynamic process monitoring and defect inspection in construction projects
F Pour Rahimian Leilabadi, JS Goulding, GD Holt… – 2016 –
Defects and errors in new or recently completed work continually pervade the construction industry. Whilst inspection and monitoring processes are established vehicles for their’control’, the procedures involved are often process driven, time consuming, and

A proposal of an architecture for a Smart Parking based on intelligent agents and embedded systems
LF Souza, GV Alves, AP Borges –
ABSTRACT A smart city presents interactions between human beings and technological objects. Moreover, it is an environment where technology helps the human life, becoming it easier and practical. The smart city has different branches, such as: governance, people

Sam: a Tool to Ease the Development of Intelligent Agents
J Faccin, J Weng, I Nunes –
Abstract. Developing intelligent agents is a difficult task. The BDI architecture provides agents with flexible behaviour and our previous work extended this architecture by using learning to improve plan selection. In this paper, we present Sam, a tool that supports BDI

Intelligent Agents for Preserving Resource Privacy When Deploying Ambient Intelligence Applications
F Piette, AEF Seghrouchni… – Agents (ICA), IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: Privacy is a very important issue nowadays. While many works deal with data privacy, in this paper, we focus on preserving the privacy of the infrastructure resources on which Ambient Intelligence (AmI) applications are deployed. We argue for an Internet of

Application of Intelligent Agents in Biometric Secured Mobile Payment System
S Sankaranarayanan – Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development …, 2016 –
There has been an exponential growth in the use of digital mobile devices in various fields these days. This has resulted in an increased effort to develop various commercial applications that would provide leverage to this extensive use of these digital mobile devices

Expressing emotions as emoticons for online intelligent agents
KA Smith, J Masthoff, N Tintarev – … of the 30th International BCS Human …, 2016 –
Abstract Without emotional annotation, online communication can be ambiguous and lead to misunderstandings. This paper addresses the questions of which emotions are commonly expressed online, how these emotions can be encapsulated in emoticons, and how people

The influence of active vision on the exoskeleton of intelligent agents
P Smith, TB Terry – Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and …, 2016 –
Chameleonization occurs when a self-learning autonomous mobile system’s (SLAMR) active vision scans the surface of which it is perched causing the exoskeleton to changes colors exhibiting a chameleon effect. Intelligent agents having the ability to adapt to their

A Fuzzy Intelligent Agent for Analysis and Classification of Fetuses’ Cardiac Signals
JNO Fernandes, PC Cortez… – IEEE Latin America …, 2016 –
Abstract: The accurate analysis of the fetal heart rate (FHR) and its correlation with uterine contractions (UC) allow the diagnostic and the anticipation of many problems related to fetal distress and the preservation of its life. This paper presents the results of a system based on

Application of Intelligent Agents in Mobile Shopping
S Sankaranarayanan – Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development …, 2016 –
There has been an exponential growth in the use of digital mobile devices in various fields these days. This has resulted in an increased effort to develop various commercial applications that would provide leverage to this extensive use of these digital mobile devices

Application of intelligent agents to control the process of blended learning in an educational environment
EE Kotova – … Partnership of Universities and Enterprises of Hi …, 2016 –
Abstract: Our study implements a model that explains the relationship between the students learning process productivity taking into account individual differences and didactic learning content resources. The process of data collection and analytics focuses on the micro-level.

Intelligent agents and criminal law—Negligence, diffusion of liability and electronic personhood
S Beck – Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract The recent development of robotics poses new challenges for the lawgiver as well as for jurisprudence, especially when it comes to criminal law. The ascription of criminal liability to a specific individual is difficult when confronted with an autonomous, adaptive and

Designing an Affective Intelligent Agent on GenIA3
B Alfonso, E Vivancos, V Botti – 2016 –
Research on Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) has traditionally focused on the search for rational solutions that maximize the quality or utility of the result. However, when an agent needs to simulate human behavior, this kind of approach is not the most appropriate. Studies

EP07. 08: Markers and intelligent agent driven early fetal echocardiography in lieu of the conventional views?focused scanning method
S Rottem, J Huhta, LF Goncalves… – … in Obstetrics & …, 2016 – Wiley Online Library
Objectives To improve the congenital heart disease CHD screening process using dimensionality reduction in the identification of the 26 most common CHDs starting at 11-14week scan. Methods Extracting features from a time-oriented, international registry of

Extra-Specific Multiword Expressions for Language-Endowed Intelligent Agents
M McShane, S Nirenburg – GramLex 2016, 2016 –
Abstract Language-endowed intelligent agents benefit from leveraging lexical knowledge falling at different points along a spectrum of compositionality. This means that robust computational lexicons should include not only the compositional expectations of argument-

Summer school on intelligent agents in automation: Hands-on educational experience on deploying industrial agents
P Leitão, L Ribeiro, J Barata… – … Society, IECON 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: Cyber-physical systems constitutes a framework to develop intelligent, distributed, resilient, collaborative and cooperative systems, promoting the fusion of computational entities and physical devices. Agent technology plays a crucial role to develop this kind of

Solving the Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problem using Bottleneck and Intelligent Agents based on Genetic Algorithm
N Nahavandi, SH Zegordi, M Abbasian – International Journal of Engineering …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT The Dynamic Job Shop (DJS) scheduling problem is one of the most complex forms of machine scheduling. This problem is one of NP-Hard problems for solving which numerous heuristic and metaheuristic methods have so far been presented. Genetic

Autonomous design and optimisation of a complex energy system using a reinforcement learning intelligent agent
JA Mumith – 2016 –
Since the realisation of the computer, and shortly after the inception of artificial intelligence (AI), there has been an explosion of research solving human-level tasks using autonomous entities that are able to learn about an environment by observing and influencing it, known

Towards Developing an Intelligent Agent to Assist in Patient Diagnosis Using Neural Networks on Unstructured Patient Clinical Notes: Initial Analysis and …
CE Pulmano, MRJE Estuar – Procedia Computer Science, 2016 – Elsevier
Abstract Technological advances in information-communication technologies in the health ecosystem have allowed for the recording and consumption of massive amounts of structured and unstructured health data. In developing countries, the use of Electronic

Intelligent Agents Design Based On The Logic Circuit By Means Of The Genetic Programming
Y Kazantseva, L Lipinsky, O Karchava – ???????????? ?????????? …, 2016 –

Traffic assignment model based on intelligent agent
W Jing, X Minghai, G Hongbo, X Jiejie – Microcomputer & Its …, 2016 –
On account of the neglect of drivers’ bounded rationality and traffic dynamic and random in the existing traffic assignment study, the paper proposes the traffic assignment model based on intelligent agent (IATAM). Each driver is defined as an agent and has different route

An Intelligent Agent Tutor System for Detecting Arabic Children Handwriting Difficulty Based on Immediate Feedback
A El-Sawy, H El-Bakry, M Loey, N Mastorakis –
Abstract:-In this paper, an intelligent tutor application is built for Arabic preschool children called Arab Handwritten Children Educator (AHCE). AHCE allows Arab children to do practice at anytime and anywhere. As an intelligent tutor, the AHCE can automatically check

Validation of Intelligent Agents in Learning and Training Systems: Why Should We Care?
A Sadagic –
ABSTRACT Contemporary training systems that harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR) technology often need to use autonomous virtual humans who have the capability of sensing the relevant features of the environment and performing the requisite actions in

Computational analysis of intelligent agents: Social and strategic settings
A Sawant – 2016 –
Abstract The central motif of this work is prediction and optimization in presence of multiple interacting intelligent agents. We use the phrase’intelligent agents’ to imply in some sense, a’bounded rationality’, the exact meaning of which varies depending on the setting. Our

Designing and Testing an Experimental Framework of Affective Intelligent Agents in Healthcare Training Simulations
M Loizou – 2016 –
The purpose of this study is to investigate how emotionally enabled virtual agents (VAs) in healthcare provision training simulations allow for a more effective level of understanding on how an emotionally enhanced scenario can affect different aspects of learning. This is

A multi-agent based query processing system using RETSINA with intelligent agents in cloud environment
S Tharunya, M Divya… – … and Intelligent Data …, 2016 –
Abstract: The cloud provides a flexible environment for customers to host and process their information. Many applications dealing with massive data and complex queries are routed to the cloud. The response time depends on query optimization and resource scheduling.

Using Non-invasive Wearables for Detecting Emotions with Intelligent Agents
C Carrascosa – International Joint Conference SOCO’16-CISIS’16 …, 2016 –
Abstract. This paper proposes the use of intelligent wristbands for the automatic detection of emotional states in order to develop an application which allows to extract, analyze, represent and manage the social emotion of a group of entities. Nowadays, the detection of

Intelligent Agent System to Analysis Manufacturing Process Models
A Afanasyev, N Voit – Proceedings of the First International Scientific …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Business process and workflows represent diagrams as Business Process Model Language (BPML), Unified Model Language (UML), which may contain errors made by a designer. In order to check that errors, we developed a new grammar (called RV-grammar)

Study on Individualized Network Teaching Model Based on Intelligent Agent Technology
W Shun-hui – International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology, 2016 –
From the perspective of modern cognitive science, firstly the theoretical model of network teaching is analyzed, and then an individualized network teaching model based on intelligent agent technology. Finally, implementation strategies of individualized network

Analyzing the Results of Electronic Tests Using Intelligent Agents
P Malinov, I Kehayova – Journal of Innovations and Sustainability, 2016 –
Abstract This article presents the use of intelligent agents in analyzing the results of electronic tests, based on IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) standard. The results of the analysis show the average assessment of the conducted test, sections of the study

Using non-invasive wearables for detecting emotions with intelligent agents
JA Rincon, Â Costa, P Novais, V Julian… – International Conference …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract This paper proposes the use of intelligent wristbands for the automatic detection of emotional states in order to develop an application which allows to extract, analyze, represent and manage the social emotion of a group of entities. Nowadays, the detection of

Rerostering of nurses with intelligent agents and iterated local search
M Chiaramonte, D Caswell – IIE Transactions on Healthcare …, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
ABSTRACT The nurse rerostering problem is a special case rostering problem. Rerostering occurs when a disruption to a current nurse roster requires its reconstruction. This article presents a modified agent-based nurse rostering system that solves both the nurse rostering

Investigating personal intelligent agents in everyday life through a behavioral lens
S Moussawi – 2016 –
Abstract Personal intelligent agents (PIA), such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Facebook’s M, and Microsoft’s Cortana, are pervading our lives. These systems are taking the shape of a companion, and acting on our behalf to help us manage our everyday activities. The

Building Intelligent Agents An Apprenticeship Multistrategy Learning Theory Methodology Tool And Case Studies
J Jung –
Thank you for reading building intelligent agents an apprenticeship multistrategy learning theory methodology tool and case studies. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their chosen readings like this building intelligent agents an

Sustainable and smart destination management: Opportunities for the DMO to act as an intelligent agent among destination stakeholders
T Alami, T Tahmasebi Aria – 2016 –
Abstract Increasing mobility facilitated by reduced cost of connecting across distances has made cities become the most attractive and most frequently visited tourist destinations. For many urban destinations, especially in developing countries this increasing inflow of tourists

Misuse Detection System Using Intelligent Agents for Online Transactions.
A Sharma, S Parveen, P Misra – … International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract E-Business is growing steadily with the increase in internet usage, it has increased the major security risk factors and as for novel attacks it becomes quite difficult to detect them. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors

SMS-Based Mobile Botnet Detection Framework Using Intelligent Agents
AJ Alzahrani, AA Ghorbani – Journal of Cyber Security and …, 2016 –
Along with increasing security measures in Android platforms, the amount of Android malware that use remote exploits has grown significantly. Using mobile botnets, attackers concentrate on reliable attack vectors such as SMS messages. Short Message Service

Improved Soar’s Intelligent Agents
NK Malik, D Saxena, VR Singh – Proceedings of the International …, 2016 –
Abstract Cognitive Architectures provide infrastructure and framework for design of Intelligent Agents in manner similar to human beings. Soar is one of the popular cognitive architecture available in literature. It is a theory about cognition, as well as, computer

A Decision-making Framework Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Agents for Transmission Grid Operation
RAS Fernandes, GG Lage… – … Power Components and …, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
Abstract Security margins have been reduced in restructured and deregulated power systems, and as a result, these systems have been operated close to their security limits. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that power system operation be tracked in a real-time

A Distributed Intelligent Agent Approach to Context in Information Retrieval
RL Hobbs – International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Information retrieval across disadvantaged networks requires intelligent agents that can make decisions about what to transmit in such a way as to minimize network performance impact while maximizing utility and quality of information (QOI). Specialized

Exploring an intelligent agent architecture for an economic insider threat monitoring tool
B Tagle – 2016 –
Abstract The insider threat is a security problem that is well-known and has a long history, yet it still remains an invisible enemy. This is because the insider threat is an individual that the organization trusts, is given the access required to do their jobs, and they are within the

A Dynamic, Modular Intelligent-Agent Framework for Astronomical Light Curve Analysis and Classification
PR McWhirter, S Wright, IA Steele, D Al-Jumeily… – … on Intelligent Computing, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Modern time-domain astronomy is capable of collecting a staggeringly large amount of data on millions of objects in real time. This makes it almost impossible for objects to be identified manually. Therefore the production of methods and systems for the

Autorec: Intelligent agent for rapid recommendation to engender or sustain Blog-based Virtual Community
P Thanawala, M Joshi – Computing Communication Control …, 2016 –
Abstract: In recent years, rapid increase in use of Blogs has provided excellent collaborative opportunity for knowledge sharing and forming Communities. This facilitates critical reflection and chat among users with similar interest by engendering a virtual community in

An Enhanced Intelligent Agent with Image Description Generation
B Fielding, P Kinghorn, K Mistry, L Zhang – International Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract In this paper, we present an Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) enriched with automatic image understanding, using vision data derived from state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for the advancement of autonomous interaction with the elderly or

Conclusion to an Intelligent Agent as an Economic Insider Threat Solution: AIMIE
B Tagle, H Felch – Tackling Society’s Grand Challenges with Design …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The design of solutions to problems in the information technology (IT) domain provides unique challenges. Many times the problem may not be solvable or presents phenomenological aspects. A well known IT problem is the insider threat. This unique threat

Grounding Language in an Intelligent Agent
JF Allen –
… Broad-coverage domain-general semantic parsing • Integration of language into intelligent agent architectures Page 17. References … http://trips.ihmc. us/parser/cgi/step LANGUAGE AND INTELLIGENT AGENTS Allen, JF and CR Perrault (1980).

Memory Architectures for Intelligent Agents
A Rawal, R Miikkulainen –
Abstract Natural organisms can memorize and process sequential information over long time lags. Chimpanzees and orangutans can recall events which occurred more than a year ago (Martin-Ordas et. al, 2013). Long term social memory can provide significant survival

The hierarchical model of intelligent control system between intelligent agents in sensor networks and manet
OI Lysenko, AV Romanyuk… – Radio Electronics & …, 2016 –
Abstract: Intelligent control system hierarchical model of sensor and MANET networks is proposed in the paper. Proposed model is based in the conceptual representation of the intelligent control systems as a hierarchical structure with vertical connections that define

Intelligent Agents and Game-Based Learning Modules in a Learning Management System
K Kuk, D Ran?i?, O Proni?-Ran?i?… – Agent and Multi-Agent …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Many researchers have taken a great deal of effort to promote high quality game-based learning applications, such as educational games, animations, simulations, animated or interactive simulation mechanisms in learning management system (LMS), and so on.

Intelligent agents based improved map-reduce method for multiple databases
MV Muntean, R Boldea – Electronics, Computers and Artificial …, 2016 –
Abstract: Big Data became in the last years a key basis of competition and innovation. But it is difficult to process the whole amount of data using traditional database and software techniques. To overcome this issue, search methods were developed to faster achieve

An Intelligent Agent with Ontological Knowledge: Classiffcation of Educational Materials to Support the Creation of Online Courses.
C De Medio – ICWL Doctoral Consortium, 2016 –
Abstract. The composition of a course for e-learning platforms, through the selection and the sequencing of teaching materials (Learning Object) is a complicated process and is made manually by teachers. Target of this research is, through the study of the dependencies

EDUARDO: A Semantic Model for Automatic Content Integration with an Conversational Intelligent Agent
FR dos Santos, SJ Rigo, JLV Barbosa… – Proceedings of the 22nd …, 2016 –
Abstract This paper presents a model to integrate CMS contents and a intelligent. The proposed model acts on the problem of creating structured content to Semantic Web by the content publishers. The model also contemplates the use of Semantic Content through a

Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning-IDEAL 2000. Data Mining, Financial Engineering, and Intelligent Agents
EB und Unternehmer –
Data Mining, Financial Engineering, and Intelligent Agents are emerging fields in modern Intelligent Data Engineering. In IDEAL 2000, these fields were selected as the major tracks. IDEAL 2000 was the Second International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and

An Intelligent Agent based Architecture for Visual Data Mining
H Ellouzi, H Ltifi, M Ben Ayed – INTERNATIONAL …, 2016 –
Abstract—the aim of this paper is to present an intelligent architecture of Decision Support System (DSS) based onvisual data mining. This architecture applies the multi-agent technology to facilitate the design and development of DSS in complex and dynamic

Intelligent agent development using unstructured text corpora and multiple choice questions
J Johnson – 2016 –
Abstract This dissertation explores various approaches for developing an intelligent agent in a particular domain: fraud detection. The framework by which we measure our agent is psychometric artificial intelligence, or, more commonly, psychometric AI which focuses on

Towards Android malware detection using intelligent agents
AJ Alzahrani, AA Ghorbani – Agent, Multi-Agent Systems and …, 2016 –
Abstract: New opportunities for malicious applications take advantage of the openness of the Android platform. Malwares use intelligent and new approaches to compromise Android mobile devices. One example is a mobile botnet that can control smartphones and steal user

… to information availability, higher reach and interactions, and faster speeds of transactions. These have led to the adoption of intelligent agent technologies (IATs) by …
RG McFarland, JC Rode, TA Shervani… – Journal of the Academy …, 2016 –
Despite significant attention from practitioners and broad claims of the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI), empirical support for its incremental direct effects on outcomes relevant to professional selling has been disappointing. However, little research has

Intelligent Agent Representations of Malware: Analysis to Prepare for Future Cyber Threats
E Whitaker, S Lee-Urban – Advances in Human Factors in Cybersecurity, 2016 – Springer
Abstract There have been several recent examples of cyber-attacks that contain multiple components and have more advanced approaches than those that cyber-defense teams have become accustomed to. Some of these attacks have characteristics of intelligence and

Location Management Techniques to Improve Quality of Service (QoS) in Mobile Networks using Intelligent Agent Decision Making Protocol and Improved IADMP …
R Shanmugalakshmi – Transylvanian Review, 2016 –
Abstract These days, possessing a mobile phone is one of the key personality of today’s society. When people desire to communicate with each other, the mobile service providers give services based on the area of the mobile and location management techniques.

Intelligent Agents in Distributed Data Mining
D Charishma, DS Ganesh –
Abstract: Data mining (DM) is a procedure of non-trivial mining of inherent, formerly anonymous, and potentially practical information from data in relational databases. In detail, the term knowledge discovery (KD) is more common than the term DM. It is usually

A Multi-intelligent Agent System for Automatic Construction of Rule-based Expert System
MA Kadhim, MA Alam, H Kaur – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract The main general purpose of this research is the automatic construction of rule-based expert system in diagnosis domain based on an expert system tool and a multi-intelligent agent system. The first goal is used an expert system tool (shell) which is called

Active Advising with Intelligent Agents
V Srinivasan – Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data, The – Wiley Online Library
Abstract This chapter describes an intelligent machine for the wealth management advisory market. The rapid advances in technology have created opportunities for altering the depth and breadth of technology leverage in delivering advisory services. The chapter reviews the

An Improved Intelligent Agent for Mining Real-Time Databases Using Modified Cortical Learning Algorithms
NE Osegi – arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.00191, 2016 –
Abstract: Cortical Learning Algorithms based on the Hierarchical Temporal Memory, HTM have been developed by Numenta Incorporation from which variations and modifications are currently being investigated upon. HTM offers better promises as a future computational

An empirical intelligent agent for robot navigation problem using supervised learning
H Tawade, J Trivedi… – … , Intelligent Control and …, 2016 –
Abstract: An important aspect in supervised learning is to find the correct learning rate function and weight updation formula. We here represent the variation in intelligent agent of a robot by subjecting it to variations in learning rate function and weight updation rule. We

Intelligent Shopping Agent
S Shanbhag, S Nair, N Nai, B Shaikh – 2016 –
… products to purchase. The intelligent agent is among the most promising technologies in recommender systems and CBR (case-based reasoning) is a highly effective mechanism for developing intelligent agents. We introduce an …

Personalised intelligent multi-agent learning system for engineering courses
J Melesko, E Kurilovas – … (AIEEE), 2016 IEEE 4th Workshop on, 2016 –
… In [4], a model of an intelligent agent based university information system is presented … According to [29], distributed artificial intelligence is a subfield of artificial intelligence systems, that aims to build intelligent agents, that can make decisions in order to achieve their goals and …

Multi-agent architecture for visual intelligent remote healthcare monitoring system
AB Jemmaa, H Ltifi, MB Ayed – Hybrid Intelligent Systems, 2016 – Springer
… The intelligent agent technology in a RHMS achieves the critical decision support tasks considered previously as entirely human. Assigning decisional tasks of remote monitoring to intelligent agents allows: (1) the automation of the repetitive tasks, (2) the extraction of Full …

STIG: A Generic Intelligent Tutoring System a Multi-agents Based Model
M Serrhini, A Dargham – Proceedings of the Mediterranean Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
… 3.3 The UML Model. The STIG system contains four actors: (1) the student, (2) the teacher, (3) the administrator, and (4) the intelligent agent. The last actor is a generalization of the five intelligent agents described above. Use …

Context-Redefined Language Application for the Tasks of Intelligent Learning Agents (Resource Consumption Behavior Prediction Tasks)
VN Podsvirov – International Journal of Applied Engineering …, 2016 –
… As a result there are problems of intelligent agents design: search and formation of learning algorithms for intelligent agent; variation and invasion of these algorithms into the own intelligent agent; the paper focuses on just the second problem …

Intelligent Virtual Environment Using a Methodology Oriented to Agents
S Mateus, J Branch – International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and …, 2016 – Springer
… 3 Intelligent Virtual Environment with Intelligent Agents. In this work is used the agent-oriented methodology called Prometheus … 16(3), 233–240 (2011)CrossRef. 8. Gilbert, R., Forney, A.: Can avatars pass the turing test? Intelligent agent perception in a 3D virtual environment …

Introspection in Cooperative Intelligent Software Agents
CL Mason –
… IoT). Cooperation among intelligent agents in a cooperative distributed problem solving (CDPS) system may be coarsely divided as task-?sharing and result-?sharing according to the two forms of cooperation they model. In …

Multi-agent Systems for Intelligent Retrieval and Processing of Information
A Poniszewska-Maranda, ? Gebel – Dependability Engineering and …, 2016 – Springer
… An intelligent agent is one that is capable of flexible autonomous actions in order to meet its design objectives: reactivity, pro-activeness and social ability. Intelligent agents are capable of interacting with other agents, are able to perceive their environment and respond to …

Autonomy and Roles of Intelligent Social Agents in Our Hybrid and Mixed World: Some Hints
C Castelfranchi – Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies, 2016 – Springer
… Intelligent Agents will decide “for us”, but in which sense … Intelligent Agent and algorithms have to help us to understand not only our Goals and how to decide (by revealing us and correcting our rational & affective biases) but help us to understand our “finalities”/“aims”, which go …

Socially intelligent autonomous agents that learn from human reward
G Li – 2016 –
… I am so lucky to have Shimon and Hayley as my supervisors. The funny thing is while I research on how humans shape intelligent agents, Shimon and Hayley shape me from a student to a young scientist. Shimon is a rational guy and resolutely com- mitted to academic integrity …

The architecture of Agent-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for the learning of software engineering Function Point Metrics
AA Rahman, M Abdullah… – Agent, Multi-Agent Systems …, 2016 –
… is capable of flexible, autonomous action in that environment in order to meet its design objectives [3]. Intelligent agent is considered as … The characteristics of the intelligent agents such as autonomy, social ability, re-activity and pro-activity enhance the teaching and learning …

Automating Information Security assessments using intelligent software agents
C Martin, R Nasr, M Hoersken… – Privacy, Security and …, 2016 –
… of the framework is its modularity allowing integration of already existing components, such as modules of SIEM systems, dashboards, and a flexibility and adaptability resulting from the intelligent agent approach. We will start by defining what intelligent agents are and their …

The highly intelligent virtual agents for modeling financial markets
G Yang, Y Chen, JP Huang – Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its …, 2016 – Elsevier
… Highlights. • Designing highly intelligent agents is fundamental for agent-based modeling method. • … However, unlike the model development in the paradigm of statistical physics, there still lack general principles for the design of such intelligent agents …

On the Conception of Intelligent Power Plants Based on Multiple Agent Systems
R Garduno-Ramirez, M Borunda – Mexican International Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
… power plant instead of a single Intelligent Agent, providing a framework to create large-scale intelligent power systems. The presented model of a supervision and control system to create intelligent power plants is based on the paradigms of intelligent agents and multiagent …

Instructable Intelligent Personal Agent.
A Azaria, J Krishnamurthy, TM Mitchell – AAAI, 2016 –
… express them in natural language. This paper presents a Learning by Instruction Agent (LIA), an intelligent agent that allows users to teach it new commands using solely natural language interactions. LIA operates in an email …

Intelligent Practical Reasoning for Autonomous Agents: An Introduction
D Walton – Browser Download This Paper, 2016 –
… The paper shows how practical reasoning is employed in settings of rational deliberation where intelligent agents try to collectively arrive at a … To show how practical reasoning depends on the capability of an intelligent agent to judge information about its factual circumstances …

Motion Strategy by Intelligent Vehicles-Agents Fleet in Unfriendly Environment
V Abrosimov, V Ivanov – Automation Control Theory Perspectives in …, 2016 – Springer
… of multi-agent intelligent systems [7, 8]. Our primary idea is to endow all vehicles with the properties of an intelligent agent … For this, vehicles are considered as intelligent agents, with the capability of autonomous activity, independent acquisition and transmission of information …

First-Person Shooter Game for Virtual Reality Headset with Advanced Multi-Agent Intelligent System
I Makarov, M Tokmakov, P Polyakov, P Zyuzin… – Proceedings of the …, 2016 –
… DOI: Figure 1: Computer controlled player We developed a comprehensive intelligent agent for FPS game learning its skills from in-game experience and mak- ing decision through the same cognitive patterns as humans …

Intelligent scheduling system using agent based resource allocation in cloud
BS Murugan, V Vasudevan… – Electrical, Electronics …, 2016 –
… Artificial and Computational intelligence is the study of the design of intelligent agents. An agent is something that functions in an atmosphere, it does something. On the Online, an intelligent agent (or simply an agent) is software that accumulates details or works some other …

Conquering an Exo-planet Through the use of a Virtual Role Playing Game Assisted by an Emotionally Intelligent Pedagogical Agent
A Terracina, F Fabiani, LS Ferro… – … on Games Based …, 2016 –
… The agent is a software component that can act by itself in the environment based on a goal. * Intelligent. An Intelligent agent applies AI methods to achieve goals … Pedagogical: the intelligent agent should possess pedagogical abilities to achieve educational objectives …

An Intelligent Multi-agent Based Model for Collaborative Logistics Systems
M Khayyat, A Awasthi – Transportation Research Procedia, 2016 – Elsevier
… needs. Note that for each specific supplier, the agent keeps record of the most collaborated suppliers. Thus, it recommends them first at later times for that specific supplier, which makes the supplier agent an intelligent agent. In …

A Conceptual Model for an Intelligent Simulation-Based Learning Management System Using a Data Mining Agent in Clinical Skills Education
HE Samra, B Soh, MA Alzain – Enterprise Systems (ES), 2016 …, 2016 –
… For example, Garret and Callear in [4] implemented an intelligent agent, based on an expert system in a multimedia simulation system to offer students advice as they progress, imitating … [23] M. Warkentin, V. Sugumaran and R. Sainsbury, “The role of intelligent agents and data …

Intelligent Pedagogical Agents for Teaching OBJECT Oriented Programming Concepts
F Gîz?-Belciug – Educatia in Societatea Contemporana. Aplicatii –
… 281-286). Iasi, Romania: Editura LUMEN. Page 7. Otilia CLIPA, Gabriel CRAMARIUC (coord.) 286 Feituri M., Funghi F. (2010). Intelligent Agents in Education. Virtual Environments for Corporate Education: Employee Learning and Solutions. Chapter 18. Goyal M. (2011) …

Aarogya–An Intelligent Multi-Agent Paediatric System
A Gupta, C Pawar, B Antony, APS Ringe –
… Based on the severity of the situation the intelligent agent may choose to prescribe medicines or fix an immediate appoint- ment. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 7, Issue 2, February-2016 ISSN 2229-5518 IJSER © 2016 2 …

Smart immersive education for smart cities: With support via intelligent pedagogical agents
M Soliman, A Elsaadany – Information and Communication …, 2016 –
… This kind of support can be performed intelligently by means of AI tactics such as intelligent agents, [9]- [11]. For example, the learning goals can be provided to the IPA supporting intelligent agent mechanism that consequently guides the learner to achieving his goals …

Emergent Perception and Video Games that Listen: Applying Sonic Virtuality for Creative and Intelligent Virtual Agent Behaviours
T Garner, A Jordanous –
… Expanding beyond video games/NPCs, we can also consider the potential benefit to intelligent agent system that facilitate human-computer interaction for other purposes. Applications are both numerous and diverse, with intelligent agents providing solutions as museum tour …

Intelligent Cybersecurity Agents [Guest editors’ introduction]
JM Such, N Criado, L Vercouter… – IEEE Intelligent …, 2016 –
Page 1. 3 1541-1672/16/$33.00 © 2016 IEEE IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Published by the IEEE Computer Society NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING Jose M. Such, Lancaster University Natalia Criado, King’s College London Laurent Vercouter, INSA Rouen …

Semantic Web and Intelligent Mobile Agent Based Architecture for Intelligent e-Learning System
G Sakarkar, SP Deshpande, VM Thakare –
… REFERENCES [1] K. Sakthiyavathi, K. Plaintively “A Generic Architecture for Agent Based E- Learning System”, International Conference on Intelligent Agent & Multi- Agent Systems, July 2009, pp.1-5 [2] Utku KOSE, Dr. Ahmet ARSLAN , “E-LEARNING EXPERIENCE WITH …

Multi-agent and intelligent recommendation system analysis and applications on mathematics guiding effect assessment
Y Lu – Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT) …, 2016 –
Page 1. Multi-Agent and Intelligent Recommendation System Analysis and Applications on Mathematics Guiding Effect Assessment Yongming Lu Ganzhou Teachers College, Jiangxi, China Abstract—College mathematics is …

AGNT7 for an Intelligent Software Agent
S Sahu, R Agarwal, RK Tyagi – Indian Journal of Science and …, 2016 –
… Intelligent agents are also gaining widespread application in many trading markets2. By an agent, we mean a system that enjoys the following properties … IEEE/WIC/ ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, Toronto, 2010, 2, p. 221-28 …

Personalities, physiology, institutions and genetics: simulating ancient societies with intelligent virtual agents
T Trescak, A Bogdanovych, S Simoff – Simulating Prehistoric and Ancient …, 2016 – Springer
… approach described above, we present our methodology separated into several steps that facilitate automatic generation of intelligent agent crowds, where … The drawback of Second Life is in its lacking capability of handling large societies of intelligent agents (or non-playable …

Modeling culture in intelligent virtual agents
S Mascarenhas, N Degens, A Paiva, R Prada… – Autonomous Agents and …, 2016 – Springer
… In the following section, we discuss the theoretical background of the notion of culture. In Sect. 3, we establish the state of the art in addressing cultural factors in the behavior of intelligent agents and how our work differs from that of others. In Sect …

Intelligent Control Agent for Autonomous UAS
S Tantrairatn – 2016 –
… 60 5 Agent Theory 63 5.1 Intelligent Agent … journal. Journal publication: • Tantrairatn, S. and Veres, SM (2016). An Intelligent Agent Supervised Reconfigurable Autopilot System, In Journal of AIAA Guidance, Control and Dynamic. (Submitted on 5th Dec 2015) …

Intelligent anticipatory agents for changing environments
M Hossain, S Alam – … , Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
… presented. This research aims to develop an agent learning architecture using anticipatory system that will enable intelligent agent to be able to detect environmental changes, adapt functionality at run-time to achieve goal …

Multi agent system based intelligent fault diagnosis with fault current limiter for microgrid
RK Pandey, SV Kumar – Power Systems Conference (NPSC) …, 2016 –
… Wiley& sons 2007″. [16] Murali Krishna kouluri, Pandey, RK, “Intelligent agent based micro grid control”, Intelligent Agent and Multi-Agent Systems (IAMA), 2011 2nd International Conference, pp. 62-66., 7-9 Sept. 2011. [17] R …

Visual intelligent remote healthcare monitoring system using multi-agent technology
AB Jemaa, H Ltifi, MB Ayed – Advanced Technologies for …, 2016 –
… REFERENCES [1] M. Barley and N. Kasabov, “Intelligent Agents And Multi-Agent Systems”, 6th … 1998. Proceedings of AMIA ’98, P. 76-80. [15] R.Rajavignesh, Dr.G.Tholkappia Arasu, “Developing Architecture For Monitoring Of Patients Using Intelligent Agent-Based System In …

A Framework based on Real-Time OS and Multi-Agents for intelligent autonomous robot competitions
D Calvaresi, P Sernani, M Marinoni… – … (SIES), 2016 11th …, 2016 –
Page 1. A Framework based on Real-Time OS and Multi-Agents for intelligent autonomous robot competitions Davide Calvaresi ? , Paolo Sernani†, Mauro Marinoni ? , Andrea Claudi‡, Alessio Balsini ? , Aldo Franco Dragoni† and Giorgio Buttazzo ? …

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