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NERD (Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation)

TweetSift: Tweet Topic Classification Based on Entity Knowledge Base and Topic Enhanced Word Embedding
Q Li, S Shah, X Liu, A Nourbakhsh, R Fang – Proceedings of the 25th …, 2016 –
… Performance evaluation: we compare TweetSift classifier to three baselines: OpenCalais, the LDA approach, and the method using TEWE only. OpenCalais ( uses a set of 16 topics to categorize text. …

Wiki-LDA: A Mixed-Method Approach for Effective Interest Mining on Twitter Data
X Pu, MA Chatti, U Schroeder – Proceedings of CSEDU 2016, 2016 –
… 5 documentation tion of all words for ”percy harvin” are : [”Amer- ican”, ”football”, ”wide”, ”receivers”, ”sports”, ”clubs”, ”established”, etc]; 4. The system uses this collection of words as input to LDA. …

Witness identification in twitter
R Fang, A Nourbakhsh, X Liu, S Shah, Q Li – Procceedings of the Fourth …, 2016 –
Page 79. Proceedings of The Fourth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media, pages 65–73, Austin, TX, November 1, 2016. cO2016 Association for Computational Linguistics Witness Identification …

Collective disambiguation and semantic annotation for entity linking and typing
M Chabchoub, M Gagnon, A Zouaq – Semantic Web Evaluation Challenge, 2016 – Springer

Sentiment analysis: The need for understanding current trends and its improvisation
SMA MCA, N Fatima, PC Gupta –
… 2 3 Page 2. International Conference on Advanced Computing (ICAC-2016) College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology (CCSIT) ,Teerthanker Mahaveer University , Moradabad [2016] 2 …

Semantic Processing for the Conversion of Unstructured Documents into Structured Information in the Enterprise Context
A Bartusiak, J Lässig – Proceedings of the 12th International Conference …, 2016 –
… There exist a number of web based commercial (Alche- myAPI1, DandelionAPI2, OpenCalais3), open source (En- tityclassifier.eu4, DBpedia Spotlight5) or community-driven 1http://www. 2 3 4 …

Toward (Semi-) Automated End-to-End Model-driven Compliance Framework.
S Sunkle, D Kholkar – ModSym+ SAAAS@ ISEC, 2016 –
Page 1. Toward (Semi-) Automated End-to-End Model-driven Compliance Framework Sagar Sunkle and Deepali Kholkar Tata Consultancy Services Research 54B, Hadapsar Industrial Estate Pune, India, 411028 sagar.sunkle, …

A Signal-Based Approach to News Recommendation.
S Caldarelli, DF Gurini, A Micarelli… – UMAP (Extended …, 2016 –
… all the pseudo-documents were indexed using the open source Lucene platform 3, as proposed in [6]; • for each pseudo-document a list of pseudo-documents more similar to it was returned. 2 3 …

Similarity Search Algorithm over Data Supply Chain Based on Key Points
P Li, H Luo, Y Sun, XM Li – … Conference on Big Data Computing and …, 2016 – Springer
… 8147, pp. 245–256. Springer, Heidelberg (2013)CrossRef. 7. Wikimeta (2013). http://?wikimeta.? com/?. 8. OpenCalais (2013). http://?www.?opencalais.?com/?. 9. Pingar (2013). http://?www.?pingar.?com/?. 10. AlchemyAPI (2013). http://?www.?alchemyapi.?com/?. 11. …

What do Journalists do with Documents? Field Notes for Natural Language Processing Researchers
J Stray –
… Available: [21] Thompson Reuters, “Getting Started with Thomson Reuters Open Calais™ API,” [Online]. Available: [22] F. Lindenburg, “A Tour Of Aleph, A Data Search Tool For Reporters,” 19 July 2016. [Online]. …

CLAMS: bringing quality to data lakes
M Farid, A Roatis, IF Ilyas, HF Hoffmann… – Proceedings of the 2016 …, 2016 –
Page 1. CLAMS: Bringing Quality to Data Lakes Mina Farid University of Waterloo Alexandra Roatis University of Waterloo aroatis@uwaterloo. ca Ihab F. Ilyas University of Waterloo …

Recommendation for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Based on Ontological Models
J Márquez, M Escalante, L Sampedro, E Sánchez… – Polibits, 2016 –
… [ Links ]. [12] “Thomson Reuters Open Calais.” [Online]. Available: Available: http://new.opencalais. com/ [Accessed: 07-Jul-2015] [ Links ]. [13] Jan Von Brocke, “Enterprise content management in information system research, foundations, methods and cases”, Springer, 2014. …

Comparing the performance of different NLP toolkits in formal and social media text
A Pinto, H Gonçalo Oliveira… – … -OpenAccess Series in …, 2016 –
… 2 3 4 5 6 7 http …

Mining Hidden Knowledge from the Counterterrorism Dataset Using Graph-Based Approach
K Jha, W Jin – International Conference on Applications of Natural …, 2016 – Springer

Integración de anotaciones espaciales automáticas de diferentes fuentes mediante tecnologías semánticas
J Nogueras-Iso, V Lázaro, L Moncla – Scire: representación y …, 2016 –
… London, Greater London,United Kingdom London
Integration of automatic spatial annotations from different sources by means of semantic technologies
J Nogueras-Iso, V Lázaro… – Scire: Representación y …, 2016 –
… London, Greater London,United Kingdom London
BABY ElEPHãT: building an analytical bibliography for a prosopography in early English imprint data
NJ Khan, T Nurmikko-Fuller… – IConference 2016 …, 2016 –
… Page 4. iConference 2016 Khan et al. 4 8. Open Calais. (nd). Retrieved September 21, 2015, from 9. Page, K., & Willcox, P. (2015). ElEP T: Early English Print in the athiTrust, a Linked Semantic Worksets Prototype. 10. ReVerb. (nd). …

Evaluation of NER systems for the recognition of place mentions in French thematic corpora
C Brando, C Dominguès, M Capeyron – Proceedings of the 10th …, 2016 –
… The project has so far focused on 9 10 NER.html 11 12 13http://www. 4 Page 5. English texts but have recently experimented on Dutch texts …

A Multi-Agent Context-Management System for RECON Intelligence Analysis
A Morris, W Ross, M Ulieru – Fusion Methodologies in Crisis Management, 2016 – Springer
… Technical Report, DTIC Document. Opencalais (2015) http://?www.?opencalais.?com. Qureshi NA, Perini A (2008) An agent-based middleware for adaptive systems. In: The eighth international conference on quality software, 2008. …

Knowledge Extraction and Annotation Tools to Support Creativity at the Initial Stage of Product Design: Requirements and Assessment
J Kantorovitch, I Niskanen, A Zafeiropoulos… – … and Creativity Support …, 2016 – Springer
… 4 5 6 opencyc. 7 8 9 http://web.imis.athena-innovation. gr/projects/gontogle/. 10 11 …

Audience Prism: Segmentation and Early Classification of Visitors Based on Reading Interests
L Kumari, S Dhamnani, A Bhatnagar… – Proceedings of the 3rd …, 2016 –
… Ti = (T i 1, …, T i l ) = 1 k k ? j=1 (Tj1, ··· , Tjl) (1) 1 2 3 categorization/ 4 Page 3. • • • • • …

Privacy Inference Analysis on Event-Based Social Networks
C Dong, B Zhou – International Conference on Social Informatics, 2016 – Springer
… We can apply some text mining techniques to obtain topics of those events. Specifically, we use the popular OpenCalais Web Service API (http://?www.?opencalais.?com) to extract several types of semantic information from event descriptions. …

Dealing with Big Data
T Blanke, A Prescott – arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.06354, 2016 –
… the better known. You can use this tool yourself. Simply go to <http://viewer.> and submit any English text. Figure 11.1 shows the results using the first paragraphs of the Wikipedia entry on Indonesia. You can …

Comparing extant story classifiers: Results & new directions
JD Eisenberg, WVH Yarlott… – … -OpenAccess Series in …, 2016 –
… The Gordon confidence weighted (CW) linear classifier was trained and tested on the Spinn3r Weblog Corpus. We used the same texts that Gordon used in his study. As can be seen in Table 1, in terms of 6 CMN 2016 Page 6. …

Combining Named Entity Recognition Methods for Concept Extraction
S Dlugolinsky – Information Sciences and Technologies, 2016 –
… 2 4 view/Wikifier. 5 6 stanford-ner-2012-11-11. zip. 7 english.conll.4class.caseless.distsim.crf.ser.gz. 9 …

Detecting phase transitions in community structures using big data analysis of the engineering education research landscape: a European perspective
K Madhavan, B Williams – 44th SEFI Conference, 2016 –
… PyMySQL) data store. This new data store is the primary data processing staging area. The next stage of the process uses Thomson Reuters cloud- based service OpenCalais ( In step 3 …

Semantically enhanced quality assurance in the jurion business use case
D Kontokostas, C Mader, C Dirschl, K Eck… – International Semantic …, 2016 – Springer
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Machine-Crowd Annotation Workflow for Event Understanding Across Collections and Domains
O Inel – International Semantic Web Conference, 2016 – Springer
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SourceSight: Enabling effective source selection
T Rekatsinas, A Deshpande, XL Dong… – Proceedings of the …, 2016 –
… Finally, we identify the Pareto optimal solutions amongst the sampled solutions. The sampled solutions are presented to the user in a way that makes it easy to compare the quality of each solution. The corre- 3 2159 Page 4. …

Using microtasks to crowdsource DBpedia entity classification: A study in workflow design
Q Bu, E Simperl, S Zerr, Y Li – Semantic Web, 2016 –
DBpedia is at the core of the Linked Open Data Cloud and widely used in research and applications. However, it is far from being perfect. Its content suffers from many flaws, as a result of factual errors inherited from Wikipedia or incomplete mappin.

Semi-Supervised Events Clustering in News Retrieval.
JG Conrad, M Bender – NewsIR@ ECIR, 2016 –
… 2008. [13] Thomson Reuters. Open Calais NamedTM Entity Tag- ging Engine., 2016. [14] Piek Vossen, Tommaso Caselli, and Yiota Kont- zopoulou. Storylines for structuring massive streams of news. …

Finding Users of Interest in Micro-blogging Systems
C Constantin, R Dahimene… – International …, 2016 –
… u) who recommend v; (iii) topical path relevance of the connections between u and v with respect to Q. 1 2 Figure 1: A labeled social graph Our recommendation score …

The Online Dissemination of Nature–Health Concepts: Lessons from Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Relating to “Nature-Deficit Disorder”
M Palomino, T Taylor, A Göker, J Isaacs… – International journal of …, 2016 –
Evidence continues to grow supporting the idea that restorative environments, green exercise, and nature-based activities positively impact human health. Nature-deficit disorder, a journalistic term proposed to describe the ill effects of people’s alienation from nature, is not yet formally …

Generating personalized spatial analogies for distances and areas
YS Kim, J Hullman, M Agrawala – … of the 2016 CHI Conference on …, 2016 –
Page 1. Generating Personalized Spatial Analogies for Distances and Areas Yea-Seul Kim iSchool | DUB University of Washington Jessica Hullman iSchool | DUB University of Washington …

OLAP analysis of multidimensional tweet streams for supporting advanced analytics
A Cuzzocrea, C De Maio, G Fenza, V Loia… – Proceedings of the 31st …, 2016 –
… to a domain ontology as proposed in [5] where MeSH7 (Medical Subject Headings) 3 4\ rest\ #detect-language 5 6 7http://www.nlm. …

Improving ip geolocation using query logs
O Dan, V Parikh, BD Davison – … Conference on Web Search and Data …, 2016 –
Page 1. Improving IP Geolocation using Query Logs Ovidiu Dan1,2, Vaibhav Parikh2 and Brian D. Davison1 1Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA, {ovd209,davison}@cse.lehigh. edu 2Microsoft Bing, Redmond, WA, USA, …

A lightweight methodology for rapid ontology engineering
A De Nicola, M Missikoff – Communications of the ACM, 2016 –
… Web References. 22. Universal Business Language; ubl/. 23. AlchemyAPI; 24. Open Calais; 25. WordNet; 26. EuroVoc; 27. …

Anonymizing multimedia documents
B Al Bouna, EJ Raad, R Chbeir, C Elia, R Haraty – World Wide Web, 2016 – Springer

Blog Annotation: From Corpus Analysis to Automatic Tag Suggestion.
I Garrido-Marquez, JG Flores, F Lévy… – Research in Computing …, 2016 –
… 1 2 3 4 5 plugins/thoth-suggested-tags/ 6 97 …

Semantic Diversification of Text Search Results
A Micu, A Iftene – International Conference on Computational Collective …, 2016 – Springer
… Footnotes. 1 ROME Tools – http://?rometools.?github.?io/?rome/?. 2 Open Calais – How Does Calais Work? – http://?www.?opencalais.?com/?about. 3 Apache Jena – https://?jena.?apache.?org/?. Acknowledgments. This …

Crime Intelligence 2.0: Reinforcing Crowdsourcing using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Computing
SS Khanwalkar – 2016 –
… Web End =139756444/database-mall-of-america-suspicious-activity-reports .[34] Thomas Reuters Open Calais. Web End = .[35] UC Irvine Police Department. Web End = . 48. …

ATR4S: Toolkit with State-of-the-art Automatic Terms Recognition Methods in Scala
N Astrakhantsev – arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.07804, 2016 –
… 2 3 4 5 6 Page 4. 4 Nikita Astrakhantsev …

The new order of news and social media enterprises: visualisations, linked data, and new methods and practices in journalism
C Dowd – Communication Research and Practice, 2016 – Taylor & Francis
Page 1. The new order of news and social media enterprises: visualisations, linked data, and new methods and practices in journalism Cate Dowd School of Arts, University of New England, Armidale, Australia ABSTRACT Various …

Ranking of high-value social audiences on Twitter
SL Lo, R Chiong, D Cornforth – Decision Support Systems, 2016 – Elsevier
Even though social media offers plenty of business opportunities, for a company to identify the right audience from the massive amount of social media data is h.

JATE 2.0: Java Automatic Term Extraction with Apache Solr.
Z Zhang, J Gao, F Ciravegna – LREC, 2016 –
Page 1. JATE 2.0: Java Automatic Term Extraction with Apache Solr Ziqi Zhang, Jie Gao, Fabio Ciravegna Regent Court, 211 Portobello, Sheffield, UK, S1 4DP ziqi.zhang@sheffield.,, Abstract …

Things and Strings: Improving Place Name Disambiguation from Short Texts by Combining Entity Co-Occurrence with Topic Modeling
Y Ju, B Adams, K Janowicz, Y Hu, B Yan… – … , EKAW 2016, Bologna …, 2016 – Springer

Entity Linking with Distributional Semantics
P Gamallo, M Garcia – … Conference on Computational Processing of the …, 2016 – Springer
… ({}^{b}\) http://?www.?zemanta.?com. \({}^c}\) http://?www.?alchemyapi.?com. \({}^d}\) http://?www.?opencalais.?com. \({}^e}\) http://?www.?ontos.?com. Table 3. F\(_{1}\) scores reached by three systems using the Portuguese dataset. Systems. Precision. Recall. F\(_{1}\)- …

D Bharadwaj, A Shukla –
… [20] [21] Jiawei Han and Micheline Kamber, “Data Mining Concepts & Techniques”, Second Edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Pg 318, 319, 351 [22] presentations/ TextMining.pdf

Semantic-based context modeling for quality of service support in IoT platforms
E Mingozzi, G Tanganelli, C Vallati… – World of Wireless …, 2016 –
… of Wireless Sensor Networks,” IEEE Conf. Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), Sept. 2010. 20 21 22 23

Social Media and Health Crisis Communication During Epidemics
K Denecke, S Atique – Participatory Health Through Social Media, 2016 –
Page 67. CHAPTER 44 Social Media and Health Crisis Communication During Epidemics K. Denecke1 and S. Atique2 1Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland 2Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan By 2020 …

Applying MDA to Rule and Data Generation for Compliance Checking
D Kholkar, S Sunkle, V Kulkarni – International Conference on Software …, 2016 – Springer
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Tracing known security vulnerabilities in software repositories–A Semantic Web enabled modeling approach
SS Alqahtani, EE Eghan, J Rilling – Science of Computer Programming, 2016 – Elsevier
The introduction of the Internet has revolutionized not only our society but also transformed the software industry, with knowledge and information sharing beco.

A multilingual ontology based framework for wikipedia entry augmentation
MTM Ankon, SN Tumpa, MM Ali – Computer and Information …, 2016 –
… Identifier (URI) for each object. Using this ontology, website 3 4 (website) 5 contents which are written in Bengali languages can be ren- dered automatically in future. VII. …

PAMPO: using pattern matching and pos-tagging for effective Named Entities recognition in Portuguese
C Rocha, A Jorge, R Sionara, P Brito… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2016 –
… 14 15 16http://xldb.di.fc.ul. pt/Rembrandt/ 17 18 19 tools/wikifier 20 21 …

Social Software Infrastructure for e-Participation
L Porwol, A Ojo, JG Breslin – Government Information Quarterly, 2016 – Elsevier
Despite the ubiquity of e-Participation initiatives, efforts in mainstreaming social media-based and citizen-led political deliberations are still limited. Cons.

An open architecture for event-based analytics
Z Milosevic, W Chen, A Berry, FA Rabhi – International Journal of Data …, 2016 – Springer

The acquisition of axioms for ontology learning using named entities
ABR Alvarado, IL Arevalo… – IEEE Latin America …, 2016 –
… 57-71, 2011. [17] Linked Data,, 2015 [18] AlchemyAPI, http://www.alchemyapi. com/products/demo/alchemylanguage. 2015 [19] OpenCalais, opencalais-demo/. 2015 [20] Lonely Planet …

Experiments with Semantic Enrichment for Event Classification in Tweets
SAP Romero, K Becker – Web Intelligence (WI), 2016 IEEE/WIC …, 2016 –
… The CfsSubsetEval filter increased the performance by at least 15% for the NB results, but reduced the performance for SMO. Indeed, the kernel used for the SMO implementation 3 505 Page 4. TABLE II. …

Methodology for recommendation and aggregation of Learning Objects in SCORM
DE Neves, L Ishitani, WC Brandão – Brazilian Journal of Computers in …, 2016 –
… Percebe-se que os problemas levantados em [20], 1 2 HTTP:// Page 5. Metodologia para recomendação e agregação de Neves et al. Objetos de Aprendizagem no padrão SCORM 5 …

A survey on the geographic scope of textual documents
BR Monteiro, CA Davis, F Fonseca – Computers & Geosciences, 2016 – Elsevier
Recognizing references to places in texts is needed in many applications, such as search engines, location-based social media and document classification. In th.

Entity-Based Keyword Search in Web Documents
E Sartori, Y Velegrakis, F Guerra – Transactions on Computational …, 2016 – Springer
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An ontology-driven approach for semantic annotation of documents with specific concepts
C Alec, C Reynaud-Delaître, B Safar – International Semantic Web …, 2016 – Springer
… References. 1. 2. 3. Alec, C., Reynaud-Delaître, C., Safar, B., Sellami, Z., Berdugo, U.: Automatic ontology population from product catalogs. In: Janowicz, K., Schlobach, S., Lambrix, P., Hyvönen, E. (eds.) EKAW 2014. …

Investigating social and semantic user roles in MOOC discussion forums
T Hecking, IA Chounta, HU Hoppe – Proceedings of the Sixth …, 2016 –
… For example, information providers for topic X discovered by the semantic approach, can be subdivided into different types based on their connection patterns in the network discovered based on regular similarity. 2 …

A user-centric evaluation of context-aware recommendations for a mobile news service
T De Pessemier, C Courtois, K Vanhecke… – Multimedia Tools and …, 2016 – Springer
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Using Spatialisation to Support Exploratory Search Behaviour
C Roux – 2016 –
Page 1. Dublin Institute of Technology ARROW@DIT Dissertations School of Computing 2016-09-19 Using Spatialisation to Support Exploratory Search Behaviour Clement Roux Dublin Institute of Technology Follow this and additional works at: …

Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entities
M Alsarem – 2016 –
Page 1. Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entities Mazen Alsarem To cite this version: Mazen Alsarem. Semantic Snippets via Query-Biased Ranking of Linked Data Entities. In- formation Retrieval [cs.IR]. …

An Adaptive Cross-Site User Modelling Platform for Information Exchange Techniques
S Marchesin – 2016 –
Page 1. UNIVERSIT`A DEGLI STUDI DI PADOVA DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION ENGINEERING Master Course in COMPUTER ENGINEERING Master Course Thesis An Adaptive Cross-Site User Modelling Platform for Information Exchange Techniques Graduate: …

Natural language processing for the semantic web
D Maynard, K Bontcheva… – Synthesis Lectures on the …, 2016 –
Page 1. MA YN AR D • E T AL N A T UR AL L ANGU A GE P R O CE SSING FOR T H E SE MAN T IC WE B M O R GAN & CL A YPOO L Natural Language Processing for the Semantic Web Diana Maynard Kalina Bontcheva Isabelle Augenstein Page 2. Page 3. …

Books, bytes and business: the promise of digital publishing
B Martin, X Tian – 2016 –
Page 1. B00ks, Bytes and Business THE PROMISE OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING Bill Martin and Page 2. BOOKS, BYTES AND BUSINESS Page 3. Page 4. Books, Bytes and Business The Promise of Digital Publishing BILL MARTIN …

Semantic Disambiguation and Linking of Quantitative Mentions in Textual Content
M Ghashghaei, E Bagheri, J Cuzzola… – … Journal of Semantic …, 2016 – World Scientific
… assignment LUpedia [30] entity linking (RS) g h Table 1. Semi-automated annotators and their annotating method. Annotation system Annotation method AeroDAML [22 …

Named Entities for Computational Linguistics
D Nouvel, M Ehrmann, S Rosset – 2016 –
Page 1. FOCUS COGNITIVE SCIENCE SERIES \º . Wºº. º Pº Named Entities for Computational Linguistics Damien Nouvel Maud Ehrmann and Sophie Rosset t GTE WILEY Page 2. Page 3. Named Entities for Computational Linguistics Page 4. Page 5. …

Semi-Supervised Outlier Detection via Bipartite Graph Clustering
A El-Kilany, N El Tazi, E Ezzat –
… Knowl. Discov., vol. 25, pp. 109–133, 2012. [21] “OpenCalais.” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 01-Aug-2014]. [22] C. Chang and C. Lin, “LIBSVM : A Library for Support Vector Machines,” ACM Trans. Intell. Syst. Technol., vol. 2, pp. 1–39, 2011. …

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