100 Best SMS Chatbots (Draft)

Short Message Service (Text Messaging)


SMS-based question answering services


SMS ChatBot


Is the Ask Bongo SMS question answering service a Dialog System, Mechanical Turk or hybrid?

See also:



 – An SMS middleware using a Ruby wrapper for sending and receving SMS through cellphones connected to the computer

http://code.google.com/p/mtn-bulk-sms-middleware – middleware software to send bulk sms through mobile telephone networks

http://code.google.com/p/teksme – an open-source cloud-based communications service/platform

http://code.google.com/p/sms-middleware – a Openmoko middleware software for additional features related to SMS

http://www.promptu.com/shoutout.php – ShoutOUT is a full-featured messaging app with voice dictation

vlingo.com – combines voice-to-text and voice recognition technology

  • @alabot .. do you offer any APIs ? .. why not offer “SMS language” API or “Indian English” API ?? .. maybe @Apigee could help ?
  • @IBMWatson Does “text message” mean SMS? Or, simply “textual” message? Does this mean #ibmwatson has no speech recognition?
  • “SMS Bot is an intelligent software robot using rule engine to automate your Short Messaging communication” http://tinyurl.com/23weme9
  • @IMified has been integrated with @Voxeo‘s hosted IVR platform as well as @Tropo” ..  now hosting over 10k active IM, Twitter, and SMS bots
  • http://teleku.com ..”cloud-based RESTful Phone Web Service API for building speech & touch tone Voice and SMS phone applications” .. @teleku
  • http://tropo.com .. “simple API that adds Voice, SMS, Twitter, and IM support to the programming languages you already know” .. @tropo
  • Hehe .. already DMed with @twilio issues .. “Problem is for 2-way SMS, it’s .03 cents in each direction. (US only)” .. thanks for feedback !
  • http://twilio.com/sms .. “Introducing the easiest way to SMS enable your apps” .. “SMS REST API with killer documentation” .. @twilio
  • Ericsson Labs SMS Send & Receive .. a web API that provides the capability to send and receive SMS messages .. http://tinyurl.com/y5v8jye
  • http://kannel.org ..  “compact and very powerful open source WAP and SMS gateway”
  • @dsifry .. Twitter allows auto filtering by language .. plus I’m working with auto grammar checking .. some Indian bots parse SMS lingo well
  • @contentAI .. #SMS <=> #xmpp / #jabber <=> #AI #chatbots
  • “To SMS enable your bot, click the activate link below. IMified provides you with a free US SMS enabled phone number” .. http://ff.im/-7a0xZ
  • Twitter bot @BrazilBot .. translates Portuguese tweets about Brasil (#tRT) .. but really falls down on the prevalent SMS language and slang
  • Swotter reads books to Twitter .. @booktwo is using Swotter to read James Joyce’s Ulysses via the web, via Instant Messenger, or via SMS
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