100 Best Chatbot Companies (2013)


Here again definition is all important.  Chatbots may be referred to in variety of ways, including subsumed components of larger CRM systems.  This is a listing of established companies producing some form of chatbot (not necessarily on Twitter).  Not included here are individual developers nor company executives whose companies are not on Twitter per se.

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Chatbot Companies on Twitter

  • @AgentsVirtuels – Blogueur : “Passionné par toutes les nouveautés liées à la #relationclient, en particulier celles concernant les Agents Virtuels.” {LinkedIn}
  • @AirlinesAgent (by @Next_IT) – “Next IT’s Human Emulation Software, ActiveAgent, creates Virtual Experts that are redefining the communication between people and technology.” {LinkedIn}
  • @AlterEgosWorld – “AlterEgos is a elearning Avatar generation system that integrates into creative systems with native video and automated lip-synching.” {LinkedIn}
  • @amyiris – Cincinnati, Ohio: “Semantic Web, Python, A.I., Programming, Ruby, Twitter API, Wisdom of Crowds, Singularity, Web Apps” {LinkedIn}
  • @anbotogroup – Spain: “Semántica e Inteligencia Artificial aplicada para la Web de servicio al cliente y comercio electrónico: Agente Virtual de Ventas – Intelligent Chat.” {LinkedIn}
  • @ArtiSol | @ArtiSol_HR (@elbottherobot) – “Artificial Solutions builds the world’s most humanlike, intelligent and capable virtual assistants, available on any platform, in any language, anywhere.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Askom_fr – France: “Askom est un créateur d’Agents Virtuels, outil de la #RelationClient pour aider, guider, et conseiller les visiteurs de votre site !” {LinkedIn}
  • @astutesolutions – Columbus, Ohio: “Customer-centric team delivering best-of-breed CRM, Social CRM, Contact Center, IP Comms and Knowledge Mgmt solutions.” {LinkedIn}
  • @audrinatech – Mexico: “Creamos Asistentes virtuales para responder a las consultas tipo chat de los usuarios de tus páginas web o plataformas.” {LinkedIn}
  • @bellhd – Australia: “Free Web Video Presenters and Video Spokespeople” {LinkedIn}
  • @botego – Istanbul: “Botego develops Natural Language Processing Technologies, focusing on Turkish Virtual Customer Reps, Chatbots, Sentiment Analysis, Document Management tools.” {LinkedIn}
  • @BotGenes – Argentina: “We specialize in Spanish NLP (Natural Languaje Processing) for Virtual Agents and similar Artificial Intelligence based initiatives.” {LinkedIn}
  • @bot_aco – China: “I will learn to answer the questions about your business.” {LinkedIn}
  • @brainhat – “Brainhat is a computing environment that is programmed in natural language – particularly English.” {LinkedIn}
  • @CodeBaby – Colorado Springs: “CodeBaby makes it easy to use state-of-the-art interactive digital characters to fundamentally change the way people experience your website or courses.” {LinkedIn}
  • @CogCode – SILVIA (Symbolically Isolated, Linguistically Variable, Intelligence Algorithms) “is a complete system for the development and deployment of intelligent applications” {LinkedIn}
  • @contentAI – Portland: “Mobile Conversational Marketing: Virtual Agents, Characters and mLearning platform. Delivered via Mobile Web and native App integration.” {LinkedIn}
  • @creativevirtual – “Creative Virtual specialises in the development and implementation of Virtual Assistant (V-Person) technology.” {LinkedIn}
  • @dadenlimited (@halorossini) – UK: “Daden specialise in virtual world and chatbot based solutions to help organisations enhance and improve their business.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Dialonics – France: “Supplier of softwares and services for CRM, Serious games, Robotics. Our technology makes it easier to develop and manage spoken and written virtual agents” {LinkedIn}
  • @eGain – Mountain View, CA: “eGain is a leading provider of multichannel customer service and knowledge management software, cloud and onsite.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Elzware – UK: “We conceive and create conversational systems, systems designed to enhance visitor interaction with your website” {LinkedIn}
  • @ESL_ai – Portland, OR: “Conversational ESL for mLearning. Mobile Web and Apps.” {LinkedIn}
  • @existor (Cleverbot) – UK: “Imagine a world in which people talk to machines” {LinkedIn}
  • @ExpertMakertool – Sweden: “new generation of search products like humanlike recommendations and personalization” {LinkedIn}
  • @FreeHAL – “most advanced self-learning artificial intelligence available as free (open source) software” {GoogleCode}
  • @GetAbby – Pittsburgh, PA: “Abby is a Multi Channel Dialogue Platform that enables you to build, deploy, and manage your customer touch points.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Guile3DStudio – Brazil: “Denise is a photo-realistic Virtual Assistant, created by Guile 3D Studio from computer graphic software and a real-time proprietary graphics engine.” {LinkedIn}
  • @helpinteractive – Westlake Village, CA: “We provide compelling online customer engagement solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to reduce support costs and increase online conversions.” {LinkedIn}
  • @humanityinterac – Seattle: “Its not about artificial intelligence…its about emotional intelligence” {LinkedIn}
  • @iNAGOInc | @inagocorp – Japan: “iNAGO is focused on creating valuable, exciting and unique products that enhance the way people work – and play – with machines.” {LinkedIn}
  • @inbenta – Barcelona: “Inbenta pioneered a new type of Corporate Semantic Search Technology” {LinkedIn}
  • @inf_net – Moscow: “Inf.net is a website where you can create virtual characters, “infs”, with whom you can chat like real people.” {LinkedIn}
  • @IntelliResponse – Toronto: “Next Generation Web, Mobile, and Social Media Self Service Technology + CSR Agent Desktop Tools.” {LinkedIn}
  • @InterProse – Vancouver, WA: “AMMINA Virtual Agent is a web-based configurable decisioning engine to guide customers through a carefully tailored path” {LinkedIn}
  • @LifeNaut – Vermont: “LifeNaut is a web-based storage space for organizing and preserving critical info about one’s unique and essential characteristics for the future.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Livecom – Amsterdam: “Livecom 6G Chatbot is a virtual service agent that helps your online visitors” {LinkedIn}
  • @MonicaTalks – App: “I am Monica, your own assistant changing the world of communication using natural human interaction anytime from anywhere” {LinkedIn}
  • @MyCyberTwin – Sydney: “MyCyberTwin allows you to quickly create virtual personalities called CyberTwins” {LinkedIn}
  • @Novomind – Hamburg: “Mit den beiden Produktlinien novomind iAGENT und novomind Self Service Solutions unterstützen wir diese Anforderung für alle gängigen Kommunikationskanäle.” {LinkedIn}
  • @numenta – Redwood City, CA: “Numenta is creating a new type of computing technology modeled on the neocortex, the seat of human intelligence.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Oddcast (@SitePal) – New York: “SitePal brings your site to life with speaking avatars & website spokespeople.” {LinkedIn}
  • @officialvoki [Oddcast product] – “Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars” {LinkedIn}
  • @Pandorabots – “Pandorabots is an experimental software robot hosting service based on the work of Dr. Richard Wallace (@drwallace)” {LinkedIn}
  • @pannous – New Zealand: “Artificial Intelligence Dialog Systems, Semantic Frameworks and Graph Databases (Voice Actions app)” {LinkedIn}
  • @pikkubot – Germany: Bots for Second Life {LinkedIn}
  • @selfservicecomp – “The Selfservice Company answers online customer questions for companies, without the involvement of one of your employees.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Siri (Apple) – San Jose, CA: “Your very own personal assistant for your iPhone” {LinkedIn}
  • @SmartAction (@AdaptiveAI) – California: “SmartAction provides Interactive Voice Response solutions for your business.” {LinkedIn}
  • @speaktoit – App: “The Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual buddy for your smartphone that answers questions in natural language” {LinkedIn}
  • @Synthetix_Ltd – UK: “We’re revolutionising multichannel, online customer service with our knowledge-base software for websites, call centres, mobile phones and social networks.” {LinkedIn}
  • @talktwo – Portugal: “Human TWO is the natural language processing chatbot” {LinkedIn}
  • @TAvision – Israel: “all about virtual agents & real solutions … improve sales, support, & CRM with our AI automated chat solutions” {LinkedIn}
  • @TeoAI – “Teo is a chatbot with artificial intelligence.” {LinkedIn}
  • @TheVirtualZone – UK: “Software and web development business focussing on SharePoint and Artificial Intelligence (Virtual Agent) solutions.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Trinicom – NL: “largest provider of multi-channel customer interaction software of the European mainland” {LinkedIn}
  • @tweople – Orlando, FL: “A Tiny Web Person that walks out onto a website and speaks to the site visitor.” {LinkedIn}
  • @umanify – Spain: “En Umanify estamos desarrollando nuevas formas de interacción natural entre los usuarios, servicios y contenidos para web y móviles.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Virsona – “Virsona Inc, brings the most advanced research in Natural language Processing to market in our Virsona Dialog Engine.” {LinkedIn}
  • @VirtuOz | @VirtuOzFR – “VirtuOz is the leading provider of intelligent virtual agents with the goal of changing the way people interact with services.” {LinkedIn}
  • @vnvaughn – A multi-channel, multi-purpose management bot, including chat data analytics chat moderation tools {LinkedIn}
  • @WebSpeaking – Netherlands: “Increase conversion by using Digital Employees (virtual agents, CodeBaby avatars, digital characters).” {LinkedIn}
  • @wingmateNL – Netherlands: “Reduce your headcount and employ a virtual employee with wingmate chatbot software.” {LinkedIn}
  • @Wolfram_Alpha – “Your official source of news about the computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha” {LinkedIn}

 Chatbot Companies In India 

  • @alabot – India, Pune: “Team behind the Award Winning NLP / Semantic application”
  • @dexetra .. India, Bangalore: makers of new context-aware personal assistant “Friday for Android” @fridayapp {LinkedIn}
  • @synnet .. India, Bangalore: artificial intelligence applications and tools for automation .. by @LeslieTimmy
  • @vimagino (@vHelp_me) – India, Bangalore: “We are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers in a fundamental way.” {LinkedIn}
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