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Query Expansion


Studies on text retrieval systems have used query expansion using term clustering, thesauri, latent semantic indexing, and other techniques. Query expansion may also include synset (synonym ring), stemming, and normalizationPowerAqua is a multi-ontology tool that may be used for query expansion. Lemur (Lemur Project) is another tool that may be used for query expansion. 


  • Applying Lemur Query Expansion Techniques in Biomedical Information Retrieval (2012)
  • Event detection using Twitter and structured semantic query expansion (2012)
  • Ontology Based Query Expansion: Retrieval Support for the Domain of Educational Research (2012) [BOOK]
  • Query Classification and Expansion in Just.Ask Question Answering System (2012)
  • 3-Layer ontology based query expansion for searching (2011)
  • A study of ontology-based query expansion (2011)
  • Automatic summarization based on user’s query expansion (2011)
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval within Digital Library using Domain Ontology (2011)
  • Experiments with N-Gram Prefixes on a Multinomial Language Model versus Lucene’s off-the-shelf ranking scheme and Rocchio Query Expansion (2010)
  • Exploring sentence level query expansion in language modeling based information retrieval (2010)
  • Ontology based query expansion using word sense disambiguation (2010)
  • Ontology-Based query expansion with latently related named entities for semantic text search (2010)
  • Pragmatic analysis based query expansion for Chinese cuisine QA service system (2010)
  • Structure-based evaluation of an Arabic semantic Query Expansion using the JIRS Passage Retrieval system (2009)
  • Improving complex interactive question answering with Wikipedia anchor text (2008)
  • Improving query expansion using link analysis (2008)
  • Improving query expansion with stemming terms: A new genetic algorithm approach (2008)
  • Multi-domain collaborative exploration mechanisms for query expansion in an agent-based filtering framework (2008)
  • Text Mining Based Query Expansion for Chinese IR (2008)
  • Query expansion, lexical simplification and sentence selection strategies for Multi-Document summarization (2007)
  • Semi-Automatic Query Expansion using Most Discriminant Words (2005)
  • Query expansion techniques for question answering (2004)
  • Automatic query expansion using random indexing (2003)

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A Conversational Movie Search System Based on Conditional Random Fields. J Liu, S Cyphers, P Pasupat… – …, 2012 – 20.210-193-52.unknown.qala.com. … … Topic modeling on user-generated content (eg, movie reviews) is employed for query expansion. Thirteen searching schemas are supported (such as genre, plot, character and soundtrack search). … Index Terms: conditional random fields, spoken dialogue system 1. Introduction … Cited by 8 Related articles All 6 versions Cite Save

Web-Enhanced Content Retrieval for Information Access Dialogue System. D Lee, C Lee, M Jeong, K Kim, S Kim, J Choi… – …, 2011 – isoft.postech.ac.kr … user’s request. In most RDB-based dialogue systems, content retrieval is carried out as exact query matching and matching with heuristic query expansion rules. However, these systems often fail to deal with complex queries. As … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Mining search query logs for spoken language understanding D Hakkani-Tür, G Tür, A Celikyilmaz – … on Future Directions and Needs in …, 2012 – dl.acm.org … The current research is only the beginning, and most approaches such as query expansion, sen- tence compression, etc. … to vast amounts of search data that would benefit natural language processing research, • mining multi-lingual data for transferring dialog systems from one … Cited by 1 Related articles All 14 versions Cite Save

Interactive spoken content retrieval by extended query model and continuous state space Markov Decision Process TH Wen, H Lee, P Su, LS Lee – Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2013 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … A language modeling retrieval engine is also implemented for better retrieval performance including query expansion based on user feedback. 8513 Page 5. 5. REFERENCES … [8] Yi-cheng Pan and Lin-shan Lee, “Type-II dialogue systems for information access from … Cite Save

Applications of an ontology engineering methodology accessing linked data for dialogue-based medical image retrieval D Sonntag, P Wennerberg, S Zillner – 2010 – aaai.org … We explained this with a dialogue system example in the THESEUS use case Medico. The special advantage in the context of Linked Data sets is the possibility to perform automatic query expansion of the natural speech command in order to retrieve additional knowledge to … Cited by 11 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Data-driven response generation in social media A Ritter, C Cherry, WB Dolan – … of the conference on empirical methods in …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … Currently, most dialogue systems rely on ei- ther canned responses or templates for generation, which can result in utterances which sound very … al., 2010), spelling correc- tion (Sun et al., 2010), paraphrase (Dolan et al., 2004; Quirk et al., 2004) and query expansion (Rie- zler … Cited by 16 Related articles All 15 versions Cite Save

Let’s buy books: finding ebooks using voice search C Lee, A Rudnicky, GG Lee – Spoken Language Technology …, 2010 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … 6. SUMMARY & DISCUSSION We developed the Let’s Buy Books dialog system for eBook search using the Olympus/RavenClaw framework. … Therefore, when the query has a few terms, a query expansion might be used to help users by specifying additional slots. … Cited by 5 Related articles Cite Save

Identification of Code-Switched Sentences and Words Using Language Modeling Approaches LC Yu, WC He, WN Chien, YH Tseng – Mathematical Problems in …, 2013 – hindawi.com … When dealing with code-switched input, intelligent systems such as dialog systems must be capable of identifying the various languages and recognize the … He then used these tags for query expansion to allow users to query in one language but obtain additional information in … Cite Save More

Interactive spoken document retrieval with suggested key terms ranked by a markov decision process YC Pan, HY Lee, LS Lee – Audio, Speech, and Language …, 2012 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … term for query expansion, until he is satisfied, or he gives up. This is a retrieval session, which starts with the initial query and ends when the user either finds what he wants, or gives up. A reward can be defined for each retrieval session. In spoken dialogue systems, a reward … Cited by 6 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Measuring improvement in user search performance resulting from optimal search tips N Moraveji, D Russell, J Bien, D Mease – Proceedings of the 34th …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … 2.1 Suggestions for Query Expansion Suggestions for query expansion are the most popular class of suggestions. … These include thesaurus systems, automatic reformulation based on semantic analysis, translating natural language queries, and dialog systems to disambiguate … Cited by 8 Related articles Cite Save

Interfacing virtual agents with collaborative knowledge: Open domain question answering using wikipedia-based topic models U Waltinger, A Breuing, I Wachsmuth – Proceedings of the Twenty- …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … Build- ing on that a query expansion (eg invented ?? inventor) is combined with the identified subject labels to retrieve the an- swer candidate. … Page 3. Figure 1: Overview of the QA architecture within the dialog system of our conversational agent Max. corresponding modules. … Cited by 11 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save

Annotation and verification of sense pools in OntoNotes LC Yu, CH Wu, RY Chang, CH Liu, E Hovy – Information processing & …, 2010 – Elsevier … Such information is useful for many applications, including query expansion for information retrieval (IR) systems, (near-)duplicate detection for text summarization systems, and alternative word selection for writing support systems. … Cited by 14 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Prototyping semantic dialogue systems for radiologists D Sonntag, M Moller – Intelligent Environments (IE), 2010 Sixth …, 2010 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … and acquisition process be addressed by a semi-automatic knowledge extraction process based on clinical user interactions with a dialogue system? … see [6]), RadLex [3], and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10)2 is used to perform query expansion to retrieve … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

Speech Grammars for Textual Entailment Patterns in Multimodal Question Answering. D Sonntag, B Sacaleanu – LREC, 2010 – lrec.elra.info … From the present-day perspective, the prominent query expansion techniques are among the more simple techniques (Fellbaum et al. 2008). To understand a greater number of queries and provide more answers in a multimodal speech-based dialogue system, more advanced … All 4 versions Cite Save More

Shared Experiences, Shared Representations, and the Implications for Applied Natural Language Processing. AJ Stent – FLAIRS Conference, 2011 – aaai.org … Speak4It The Speak4It dialog system (www.speak4it.com) is a speech-driven local search system for smart phones. … eg Burger King followed by McDonalds, the addition of some taxonomic information from the listing database would permit intelligent query expansion (eg to fast … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Constructing Japanese test collections for spoken term detection. Y Itoh, H Nishizaki, X Hu, H Nanjo, T Akiba… – …, 2010 – slp.ics.tut.ac.jp … 12 dai/goi/oNsei/niNshiki (large vocabulary speech recognition) 11 oNsei/taiwa/shisutemu (spoken dialog system) 10 juuyou/buN/chuushutu (important sentence extraction) 9 keitai/so/kaiseki (morphological … [9] Logan, B., et al., “Confusion-based query expansion for OOV … Cited by 24 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save

From query to question in one click: suggesting synthetic questions to searchers G Dror, Y Maarek, A Mejer, I Szpektor – Proceedings of the 22nd …, 2013 – dl.acm.org Page 1. From Query to Question in One Click: Suggesting Synthetic Questions to Searchers Gideon Dror, Yoelle Maarek, Avihai Mejer, Idan Szpektor Yahoo! Research Haifa 31905, Israel {gideondr,amejer,idan}@yahoo-inc.com, yoelle@ymail.com … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

What’s Up in Business Intelligence? A Contextual and Knowledge-Based Perspective MA Aufaure – Conceptual Modeling, 2013 – Springer … In order to provide a more personalized answer tailored to the user needs, we propose a spoken dialogue system where user … We defined a persona- lized query expansion component which suggests measures and dimensions to itera- tively build consistent queries over a data … Cite Save

Usability of upper level ontologies: The case of ResearchCyc J Conesa, VC Storey, V Sugumaran – Data & Knowledge Engineering, 2010 – Elsevier … In the field of web query improvement, Conesa et al. [5] explain how to use the semantic and linguistic knowledge from Cyc and Wordnet together to improve web queries by query expansion and refinement techniques. Curtis et al. … Cited by 16 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Language Technology Support for Serbian D Vitas, L Popovi?, C Krstev, I Obradovi?… – The Serbian Language …, 2012 – Springer … For research purposes, experiments have been per- formed with query expansion, by sending queries ex- panded on the basis of morphological dictionaries and multilingual semantic networks to search engines. … Recognition 9: Speech-based dialogue system … All 2 versions Cite Save

Product retrieval based on semantic similarity of consumer reviews to natural language query K Sugiki, S Matsubara – International Journal of Knowledge and Web …, 2010 – Inderscience … the opinion and the request. 3.2.1 Opinion thesaurus Some studies on information retrieval have used similarity thesauri for query expansion (eg, Qiu and Frei, 1993; Crouch and Yang, 1992). A similarity thesaurus is a weighted … Cited by 3 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Literature review of interactive cross language information retrieval tools. F Ahmed, A Nürnberger – Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol., 2012 – ccis2k.org … are translation of the user?s query, interactive disambiguation of the query translation, interactive query expansion, onYdemand translation of … on Language-Enabled Educational Technology and Development and Evaluation of Robust Spoken Dialogue Systems, Germany, pp. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Embedded wizardry RJ Passonneau, SL Epstein, T Ligorio… – Proceedings of the …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … In two of the experi- ments, human wizards are embedded in the spoken dialogue system while run-time SLU features are collected. … While large databases have been used for inves- tigations of phonological query expansion (Georgila et al., 2003), much of the research on DM … Cited by 1 Related articles All 14 versions Cite Save

Statistical NLP DKUC Berkeley – 2010 – Citeseer … of NLP research, including: ? Natural language database systems ? A lot of early NLP work on these ? Spoken dialog systems ? Currently very … crucial ? Statistical parser used to parse questions and relevant text for answers, and to build KB ? Query expansion loops (morphological … All 5 versions Cite Save More

Towards an architecture for personalized information retrieval implying the user’s profile and votes A Harbaoui, S Sidhom, M Ghenima… – … Intelligence-SIIE’2011, 2011 – hal.archives-ouvertes.fr … Diverse types of query languages have been proposed in the literature: ? List of keywords: SMART system and OKAPI [3], [10] ? Natural language: SMART system and SPIRIT [4] ? Boolean language: DIALOG system [5] ? Graphic language: NEURODOC [4] The principle goal of … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Computational Discourse Analysis M Dascalu – Analyzing Discourse and Text Complexity for Learning …, 2014 – Springer … 2004) (see Table 5), query expansion using lexical-semantic relations (Voorhees 1994; Navigli and Velardi 2003; Moldovan and Mihalcea 2000) or the identification of speech acts (Yeh et al. 2008; Trausan-Matu and Rebedea 2010). … Cite Save

Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing MZGZ DongyanZhao, QLL Zou – 2012 – Springer … 23 Cao Shi, Jianguo Xiao, Wenhua Jia, and Canhui Xu A Spoken Dialogue System Based on FST and DBN … 176 Jiajun Zhang, Feifei Zhai, and Chengqing Zong NLP for Search, Ads and Social Networks Dependency Network Based Real-Time Query Expansion….. … Cite Save

Simulated evaluation of faceted browsing based on feature selection F Hopfgartner, T Urruty, PB Lopez, R Villa… – Multimedia Tools and …, 2010 – Springer … EH 182”. Experiment on text queries For a further analysis of the introduced clustering methodology, we evaluate our iterative clustering algorithm on text queries by presenting a set of experiments using query expansion. One … Cited by 7 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save

A Note on Supporting Method for Making Recipe Using Local Foods with Constraints I Tomoda, F Goto, H Masui, F Masui, M Suzuki… – IJCSNS, 2011 – paper.ijcsns.org … For information retrieval in natural language processing, the thesaurus is used for query expansion, by which new information that was unretrievable using only an original keyword can be retrieved by adding a logical sum of synonyms having the same meaning as the original … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

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META-NORD: Baltic and Nordic Branch of the European Open Linguistic Infrastructure A Vasi?jevs, BS Pedersen, K De Smedt… – Proceedings of the …, 2011 – dspace.utlib.ee … puter Assisted Language Learning (CALL), speech input, speech output, dialogue systems, document production, information access and translation … With such linked resources, cross-and multilingual IR ap- plying semantically-based query expansion be- comes feasible. … Cited by 5 Related articles All 6 versions Cite Save More

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Question Answering I Habernal, M Konopík, O Rohlík – Next Generation Search Engines: …, 2012 – liks.fav.zcu.cz … To deal with this issue, query expansion, query reformulation or query transformation techniques are used. As noted in the previous section, many QA systems use syntactic parsing and the semantics or the question keywords are extracted subsequently. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Contextual question answering for the health domain W Wong, J Thangarajah… – Journal of the American …, 2012 – Wiley Online Library … Despite the increasing amount of work on mining community-driven sites for question answering, they remain confined to investigating isolated problems in the field (eg, answer retrieval, answer generation, query expansion). … Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save

An Investigation of Digital Reference Interviews: A Dialogue Act Approach K Inoue – 2013 – surface.syr.edu … a new aspect for evaluating digital reference services, 2) new data attributes for information extraction / retrieval algorithms (document models), and 3) a prototypical dialogue model for constructing fully-automated dialogue systems. 1.5 Summary … Related articles Cite Save

Semantic user profiling techniques for personalised multimedia recommendation F Hopfgartner, JM Jose – Multimedia systems, 2010 – Springer … profiles. Järvelin et al. [14] already showed that a concept-based query expansion is helpful to improve retrieval performance. Multiple studies show the effec- tiveness of this technology [15]. In the news video domain, Bürger et al. … Cited by 10 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

Robust dialog management through a context-centric architecture VC Hung – 2010 – etd.fcla.edu … input is emphasized, this endeavor involves the fundamental issues associated with natural language processing, automatic speech recognition and dialog system design. … 20 Dialog Systems ….. 22 … Cited by 2 Related articles Cite Save More

Name Entity Recognition for Punjabi Language K Kaur, V Gupta – Machine translation, 2012 – ijcsits.org … Query expansion • Question answering – Given a … Speech recognition – Given a sound clip of a person or people speaking, the task of producing a text dictation of the speaker(s). (The opposite of text to speech.) • Spoken dialogue system • Stemming • Text simplification • Text … Cited by 6 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Effects of usage-based feedback on video retrieval: a simulation-based study D Vallet, F Hopfgartner, JM Jose… – ACM Transactions on …, 2011 – dl.acm.org … One way to bypass the lack of text is to exploit low-level features and use them as a query expansion source, but, as the evaluation runs of the TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVid) show, query enrichment by low-level features is not competitive with equivalent text … Cited by 2 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

Is question answering fit for the semantic web?: a survey V Lopez, V Uren, M Sabou, E Motta – Semantic Web, 2011 – IOS Press … systems enabling reason- ing mechanisms, systems that fuse answers from dif- ferent sources, interactive (dialog) systems and sys … most important key- words, quoting partial sentences (detecting noun phrases), conjugating the verb, or performing query expansion with WordNet … Cited by 32 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

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Evolutionary Algorithms in Natural Language Processing L Bungum, B Gambäck – Norwegian Artificial Intelligens Symposium ( …, 2010 – tapironline.no … combinations of the two. Major application areas are spelling and grammar checking, machine translation, text summarization, ques- tion answering systems, and dialogue systems. 3.1. Ambiguity Resolution Because of the … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

When the answer comes into question in question-answering: survey and open issues. AC Mendes, L Coheur – Natural Language Engineering, 2013 – Cambridge Univ Press … For instance, Ittycheriah, Franz and Roukos (2001) used a maximum entropy model to combine features and their weights; the features include query expansion features, focus features, named entity features and dependency relation features. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

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The Use of Information Retrieval for a Searchable Database of Audio Teachings A Ologunde – 2011 – krypton.mnsu.edu … Figure 2 Boolean and Vector Space Models 2.2.1. Boolean Models The Boolean model has been used in dialog systems as well as web search engines that … collection. Query expansion, which expands the user’s query to include related terms, could be … Related articles Cite Save More

Unsupervised semantic similarity computation between terms using web documents E Iosif, A Potamianos – Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE …, 2010 – ieeexplore.ieee.org … tasks, such as language modeling [5], grammar induction [6], word sense disambiguation [7], and speech understanding and spoken dialogue systems [5]. In [8], [9 … 1. In [1], [2], [3], it is shown that query expansion using related words acquired from WordNet increases the recall of … Cited by 42 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

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META-NORD: Towards sharing of language resources in Nordic and Baltic countries I Skadina, A Vasiljevs, L Borin, K De Smedt… – The 5th International …, 2011 – helda.helsinki.fi … The BLARK lists Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), speech input, speech output, dialogue systems, document production, infor- 109 Page 5. … With such linked resources, cross- and multilingual IR ap- plying semantically-based query expansion be- comes feasible. … Cited by 6 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

Joint Uncertainty Decoding for Noise Robust Subspace Gaussian Mixture Models L Lu, KK Chin, A Ghoshal, S Renals… – IEEE Transactions on …, 2012 – cstr.ed.ac.uk … and Lemon, Oliver and Shimodaira, Hiroshi}, title = {Evaluation of a hierarchical reinforcement learning spoken dialogue system}, journal = {Computer … Two advances were made for this task: automatic segmentation and statistical query expansion using a secondary corpus. … Cited by 2 All 2 versions Cite Save More

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Searching A Website Via Spoken Questions M Durukal – 2011 – busim.ee.boun.edu.tr … Junlan Feng, et al. [4] designed ‘WebTalk’, an interactive dialog system model, … In another one, the answer accuracy increased to 68 %, a 27 % rise from the baseline [1]. That is to say, the query expansion feature makes a big contribution. In another work of Junlan Feng, et al. … Related articles Cite Save More

Integrating Recognition and Retrieval With Relevance Feedback for Spoken Term Detection H Lee, C Chen, L Lee – Audio, Speech, and Language …, 2012 – ieeexplore.ieee.org Page 1. Copyright (c) 2011 IEEE. Personal use is permitted. For any other purposes, permission must be obtained from the IEEE by emailing pubs-permissions@ieee.org. This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

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Phoneme-Based Video Indexing Using Phonetic Disparity Search C Leon-Barth – 2010 – etd.fcla.edu … operating cost. “Typically, call center human agents cost US$2–$15 per call, while automated dialog systems cost less than US$0.20 per call and are 40% faster on average (Gilbert, Wilpon, Stern, & Di Fabbrizio, 2005). It is observed that modern studies continue to struggle with … Related articles Cite Save More

Efficient Exploration Techniques On Large Databases S Basu Roy – 2011 – dspace.uta.edu Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

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Algoritmos sobre grafos de unidades lingüísticas en procesamiento automático del habla M Calvo Lance – 2012 – dspace.cc.upv.es … decodificaciones. Otra forma de representar este espacio es mediante la técni- ca conocida como “expansión de la consulta” (query expansion en inglés), la cual consiste en extender las palabras objetivo a˜nadiendo algunos términos “similares”. … Related articles Cite Save

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