Talking Heads & Dialog Systems 2016


In 2014, half of the number of academic papers were published on “talking heads” in dialog systems than in either of the previous two years, in other words showing a possibly significant declining interest.  The number of papers on talking heads and dialog systems continued to decline in 2015.

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Conversations with AutoTutor help students learn
AC Graesser – International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in …, 2016 – Springer
… The talking head has only a small advantage over the agent’s conveying its dialogue moves in print or spoken modalities. … Researchers who have developed tutorial dialogue systems with deep syntactic parsers (eg, BEETLE II, Dzikovska et al. …

The dialport portal: Grouping diverse types of spoken dialog systems
T Zhao, K Lee, M Eskenazi – Workshop on Chatbots and …, 2016 –
… Engine5. We have also tried using one agent for each separate dialog system. Jasmin, a librarian, was created for the Cam- bridge system. … Thus, in the future we intend to use one main character, Skylar, and many talking heads. If …

Fostering user engagement in face-to-face human-agent interactions: a survey
C Clavel, A Cafaro, S Campano… – Toward Robotic Socially …, 2016 – Springer
… I, Schröder M, Haber J, Seidel H (2005) Mixed feelings: expression of non-basic emotions in a muscle-based talking head. Virtual Real 8(4):201–212CrossRef. 4. Andre E, Rehm M, Minker W, Bühler D (2004) Endowing spoken language dialogue systems with emotional …

The Roberta IRONSIDE project: A dialog capable humanoid personal assistant in a wheelchair for dependent persons
H Sansen, MI Torres, G Chollet… – … for Signal and …, 2016 –
… 6 Issue 4, pp.1407-1418 (2015) Kuratate, T. ; Matsusaka, Y. ; Pierce, B. ; Cheng, G. “Mask-bot”: A life-size robot head using talking head animation for human-robot communication, 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference … A framework for easier Spoken Dialog System Design. …

DialPort: Connecting the spoken dialog research community to real user data
T Zhao, K Lee, M Eskenazi – Spoken Language Technology …, 2016 –
… We have also tried using one agent for each dialog system. Jasmin, a librarian, was created for the Cambridge system. … We need to give credit to the system that is being called into use. In the future we intend to use one main character, Skylar, along with many talking heads. …

The Roberta IRONSIDE project A cognitive and physical robot coach for dependent persons
H Sansen, G Chollet, C Glackin, K Jokinen… – Handicap 2016 …, 2016 –
… 15. Kuratate, T.; Matsusaka, Y. ; Pierce, B. ; Cheng, G. “Mask-bot”: A life-size robot head using talking head animation for human-robot communication, 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, 2011 … A framework for easier Spoken Dialog System Design. …

Using Dialogue System Technology to Support Interactive History Learning
D Traum –
… We conclude in section 6, with prospects for future use of dialogue system technology for histori- cal preservation and education. … This was a 3D “talking head” fashioned after August Strind- berg, a famous Swedish playwright and au- thor. August could give tourist information …

Evaluation of a multimodal 3-D pronunciation tutor for learning Mandarin as a second language: An eye-tracking study
Y Zhou, F Chen, H Chen, L Wang… – … (ISCSLP), 2016 10th …, 2016 –
… of experiencing multi-modal interaction,” W. Minker, GG Lee, S. Nakamura, J. Mariani (Eds.), Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and … Developing and Evaluating of Non-Realistic Three-Dimensional (3d–Nr) And Two– Dimensional (2d) Talking-Head Animation Courseware …

The Rise of the Conversational Interface: A New Kid on the Block?
MF McTear – International Workshop on Future and Emerging …, 2016 – Springer
… While spoken dialogue systems were developed in academic and industrial research laboratories, at the same time similar systems were being developed … in technology, such as how to handle multimodal input and output, the development of avatars and talking heads, and the …

Automatic Technologies for Processing Spoken Sign Languages
A Karpov, I Kipyatkova, M Zelezny – Procedia Computer Science, 2016 – Elsevier
… p. 174-177. [11]; Hoffmann R, Jokisch O, Lobanov B, Tsirulnik L, Shpilewsky E, Piurkowska B, Ronzhin A, Karpov A. Slavonic TTS and SST Conversion for Let’s Fly Dialogue System. In: Proc. … in a Talking Head. In: Proc. INTERSPEECH-2009, Brighton, UK; 2009. p. 2911-2914. …

A Dialog Act Tagger for Telugu
D Suman – 2016 –
… Her vast knowledge in Computational Linguistics especially in Dialog Systems helped me to build two strong papers which in-turn contributed in completing my Masters. … 1 1.1 Dialog System . . . . . 1 …

Computational Natural Language Learning:+-20years+-Data+-Features+-Multimodal+-Bioplausible
D Powers – Proceedings of The 20th SIGNLL Conference on …, 2016 –
… 2010. Mana for the ageing. In Proceedings of the 2010 Workshop on Companionable Dialogue Systems, pages 7–12. Association for Computational Linguistics. David MW Powers. 1984. … Luc Steels. 2015. The talking heads experiment. Lan- guage Science Press. …

Study on Optimal Spoken Dialogue System for Robust Information Search in the Real World
?? – 2016 –
… Page 2. DOCTORAL THESIS Study on Optimal Spoken Dialogue System for Robust Information Search in the Real World Author: … Key Technologies of Spoken Dialogue Systems and Related Works In this chapter, the key technologies of spoken dialogue systems are described. …

Urdu Language Learning Aid based on Lip Syncing and Sign Language for Hearing Impaired Children
SA Rauf, AJ Butt, A Zahid, A Jabeen… – International …, 2016 –
… Consequently, spoken dialogue systems have received increased interest being potentially natural methods of communication [1] [2] [3], Use of … such children which include voice analyser [8], speech recognizer for French HI ( [9]), Mandarin 3D talking head [10], pronunciation …

Rational Decision Support with a Natural Language Dialogue System
D Mäurer – 2016 –
… Dialogue System Vom Fachbereich Informatik der Technischen Universität Darmstadt genehmigte Dissertation … Therefore, we have developed VPINO, a text-based dialogue system, intended for holding structured coaching conversations in German language. …

A ROS-Based System for an Autonomous Service Robot
V Seib, R Memmesheimer, D Paulus – Robot Operating System (ROS), 2016 – Springer

GRETA: Towards an Interactive Conversational Virtual Companion
K Prepin, R Niewiadomski, E de Sevin, C Pelachaud –
… studies Nass and Reeves saw that, while interacting with computers, people apply rules of politeness and felt uneasy when large faces were displayed on a screen, like the talking head was invading … Gustafson, J., Lindberg, N., Lundeberg, M., The August spoken dialog system. …

Conversational Interfaces: Devices, Wearables, Virtual Agents, and Robots
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – The Conversational Interface, 2016 – Springer
… For example, the August talking head had lip-synchronized speech synthesis, nonverbal behavior, and approach and gaze behavior to show … FurHat platform was developed by human–computer interaction experts at Furhat Robotics with a strong background in dialog systems. …

Biometric-enabled authentication machines: A survey of open-set real-world applications
SC Eastwood, VP Shmerko… – … on Human-Machine …, 2016 –
… More advanced systems should include interview and log- ical reasoning, similar to those of humans. Additional efforts are needed for understanding the psychological factors of inter- viewing using “talking head” and humanoid robots [83]. …

Recognizing Intention from Natural Language: Clarification Dialog and Construction Grammar
S Trott, M Eppe, J Feldman –
… [38] Luc Steels. The Talking Heads Experiment. Language Science Press, 2015. … [40] Svetlana Stoyanchev, Alex Liu, and Julia Hirschberg. Towards Natural Clarification Questions in Dialog Systems. In The Questions, discourse and dialogue symposium at AISB, 2014. …

Situated Intelligent Interactive Systems
Z Yu – 2016 –
… 14 4 TickTock, A Non-Task-Oriented Dialog System Framework 15 4.1 Database . . . . . … 17 4.6 Text-to-Speech and Talking head . . . . . 18 4.7 TickTockinMandarin. . . . …

Developing a Virtual Coach for Chronic Patients: A User Study on the Impact of Similarity, Familiarity and Realism
A van Wissen, C Vinkers, A van Halteren – International Conference on …, 2016 – Springer
… Virtual Coach application. The Virtual Coach app presented the torso of a fully animated talking head of an Embodied Conversational Agent. … 17, 711–735 (2005)CrossRefGoogle Scholar. 6. Bickmore, T., Giorgino, T.: Health dialog systems for patients and consumers. J. Biomed. …

tHe role oF politeness in interaCtive eduCational soFtware For lanGuaGe tutorinG
WL JOHNSON, N WANG – … the Design Implications They Place on …, 2016 –
… In Proceedings of AAAI Fall Symposium on Health Dialog System. 64–70. … ori. org/ipip/ Graesser, AC, Moreno, K., Marineau, J., Adcock, A., Olney, A., and Person, N.(2003). AutoTutor improves deep learning of computer literacy: Is it the dialog or the talking head? …

Virtual coaches for healthy lifestyle
HJA op den Akker, R Klaassen, A Nijholt – Toward Robotic Socially …, 2016 – Springer
… progress made in the field of natural interfaces, spoken dialogue systems and embodied conversational agents. Since the human coach is paradigmatic for the personal digital coach it lies at hand to present the digital coach by an (animated) virtual human, a talking head or an …

Conversational Interfaces: Past and Present
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – The Conversational Interface, 2016 – Springer
… Building on the results of ATIS and SUNDIAL, research in spoken dialog systems continued throughout the 1990s, supported by various European Community … chatbots make use of speech for input and output and in some cases also include avatars or talking heads to endow …

The conversational interface
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – New York: Springer, 2016 – Springer
… With the evolution of speech recognition and natural language technologies, IVR systems rapidly became more sophisticated and enabled the creation of complex dialog systems that could handle natural language queries and many turns of interaction. …

D4. 7 1st Expressive Virtual Characters
F Yang, C Peters – 2016 –
… interaction 1 . The SEMAINE project 2 built a Sensitive Artificial Listener (SAL) and a multimodal dialogue system which can react to the user’s verbal and non-verbal behavior and sustain the interaction for a long time. Greta …

A Retro-Projected Robotic Head for Social Human-Robot Interaction
FC Delaunay – 2016 –
Page 1. This copy of the thesis has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that its copyright rests with its author and that no quotation from the thesis and no information derived from it …

Implementation of an Online Text Message Reader for Blinds
MAE Musaab – 2016 –
… interface was designed as a Wizard-of-Oz (WOZ) plate form. In this setup, users interact with a fake automated dialog system controlled by a human wizard. It was implemented as a client-server application and the subjects interact with a talking head. …

Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: Speech, Morphology and Syntax
MZ Kurdi – 2016 –
Page 1. COGNITIVE SCIENCE SERIES Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics 1 Speech, Morphology, Syntax Mohamed Zakaria Kurdi Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics 1 Page 5. Page 6. …

From predictive to interactive multimodal language learning
A Lazaridou – 2016 –
Page 1. From predictive to interactive multimodal language learning by Angeliki Lazaridou Submitted to the Center for Mind and Brain Sciences (CiMeC) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO …

Gaze Mechanisms for Situated Interaction with Embodied Agents
S Andrist – 2016 –
Gaze Mechanisms for Situated Interaction with Embodied Agents. Abstract. Computer interfaces represented as embodied agents, either virtually as animated characters or physically as humanlike robots, utilize a powerful metaphor …

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