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[BOOK] Estimating spoken dialog system quality with user models KP Engelbrecht – 2013 – Springer … eg Nielsen 1993) or Wizard-of-Oz experiments (Fraser and Gilbert 1991) are applied during the process of building a spoken dialog system. … As Kieras (2003) pointed out, the design workflow can be largely improved by formalizing the requirements of a design in a model of the … Cited by 10 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save

Towards medical cyber-physical systems: Multimodal augmented reality for doctors and knowledge discovery about patients D Sonntag, S Zillner, C Schulz, M Weber… – Design, User Experience, …, 2013 – Springer … One of the resulting speech system, RadSpeech [12], is the implementation of a multimodal dialogue system for structured radiology reports. … However, within a real-time retrieval applica- tion according to a CPS workflow, context data dependent (precision-oriented) information … Cited by 5 Related articles Cite Save

Crowdsourcing for industrial spoken dialog systems D Suendermann, R Pieraccini – Crowdsourcing for Speech Processing: …, 2013 – … Dialog Systems 285 Figure 10.1 Example of an industrial crowdsourcing architecture combining capabilities for transcrip- tion, semantic annotation, and subjective evaluation of spoken dialog systems. Page 301. 286 Crowdsourcing for Speech Processing • workflow logs (for … Cited by 2 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Differences in User Responses to a Wizard-of-Oz versus Automated System. J Thomason, DJ Litman – HLT-NAACL, 2013 – … Figure 2: The workflow of the tutoring dialogue system with the WOZ setup component shown in solid, blue and the AUT setup component shown in dashed, red. System #Users #Qu #Turns WOZ 21 111 1542 AUT 25 111 2034 … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save More

[BOOK] Crowdsourcing for Speech Processing: Applications to Data Collection, Transcription and Assessment M Eskenazi, GA Levow, H Meng, G Parent… – 2013 – … 1 Crowdsourcing Platform Work?ow 253 9.3. … 4 De?ning Tasks via Con?guration Files in WikiSpeech 270 9.5 Summary 278 References 278 10 Crowdsourcing for Industrial Spoken Dialog Systems 280 David Suendermann and Roberto Pieraccini 10.1 Introduction 280 10.1. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

Customizable cloud-healthcare dialogue system based on LVCSR with prosodic-contextual post-processing BW Chen, PY Shih, K Bharanitharan… – Orange …, 2013 – … Section IV represents the experimental results of the system. Finally, Section V concludes this paper. II. SYSTEM OVERVIEW Figure 1 shows the workflow of the customizable cloud- healthcare dialogue system. This system consists of two parts. … Related articles Cite Save

Natural Language Generation O Dušek – 2013 – … Content Planning Workflow 1. Decide on information to be said 2. Construct discourse plan 3. “Chunk” into units of discourse … Example: SPoT ? Spoken Dialogue System in the flight information domain ? Rule-based sentence plan generator (clause combining operations) … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Translation Tools–Workflow Manual I Listenmaa, J Rautio – … The Pootle translation enviroment implements the now industry-standard workflow where the translatable material, the translation memories and the editing tools reside on the same Web … Generating statistical language models from interpretation grammars in dialogue system. … Related articles Cite Save More

WorkFlow Design in Crowdsourcing-Literature Survey R Agrawal – 2013 – … [19] Z. Yang, B. Li, Y. Zhu, I. King, G. Levow, and H. Meng, “Collection of user judgments on spoken dialog system with crowdsourcing,” in Spoken Language Technology Workshop (SLT), 2010 IEEE, pp. 277–282, 2010. … 1346–1350, 2011. [22] A. Afridi, “Workflow engineering for … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Roundtable: An Online Framework for Building Web-based Conversational Agents E Forbell, N Kalisch, F Morbini – … The workflow to build a character is as follows: … Devault, Kenji Sagae, Jillian Gerten, Angela Nazarian and David Traum FLo- ReS: A Forward Looking, Reward Seeking, Dia- logue Manager in proceedings of International Workshop on Spoken Dialog Systems (IWSDS- 2012 … Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save More

Research on the Universals of Voice Interactive Interface. W Shan, YI Ding – Information Technology Journal, 2013 – … THE VOICE INTERACTIVE INTERFACE MODEL (VIIM) Extraction of the Topic from Utterances in a Spoken Dialog System studies an extraction … THE VOICE APPLICATION SYSTEM BASED ON VIIM When VIIM is used in the voice interactive application, the workflow is shown … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

[BOOK] Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications J O’Shea, NT Nguyen, K Crockett, RJ Howlett… – 2013 – All 2 versions Cite Save More

Automatic human utility evaluation of ASR systems: does WER really predict performance? B Favre, K Cheung, S Kazemian, A Lee… – …, 2013 – … Our contribution is as follows: availing ourselves of the decision audit task as an ecologically valid one, we define the workflow for a … Sanders and Le [14] studied the effects of speech recognition accuracy on dialog systems, and found a high correlation between WER and task … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save More

Complementary assistance mechanisms for end user mashup composition S Roy Chowdhury, O Chudnovskyy… – Proceedings of the …, 2013 – … We describe our goal-oriented dialog system that en- ables the automatic composition of workspaces to less skilled users. … After that, we provide an overview of the demonstration workflow and close this paper with our findings from the user studies and ideas for future work. … Cited by 6 Related articles All 11 versions Cite Save

HDE-UITool: A Rapid Interactive Interface Prototype Generation Tool for Aircraft Design Software H Bai, J Li, P Zhou, Y Zhuang – 2nd International Symposium on …, 2013 – … Such a process is shown in the following figure. Figure 4. The process of workflow demonstration … [15] Lin SS, Shin SS, Hsieh MC, et al. MDA-Based UI Modeling and Transformation of Spoken Dialog Systems[C]//Hybrid Intelligent Systems, 2009. HIS’09. … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Incremental and Interaction-Based Knowledge Acquisition for Medical Images in THESEUS D Sonntag – … of Practice-Oriented Knowledge Technology: Trends …, 2013 – Springer … It also relies on high-end intelligent user interfaces such as the Radspeech dialogue system which are not available in today’s clinical environments. 1 Introduction … In addition, these medical image annotations must be refined and augmented during a complex medical workflow. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Interaction modalities for digital product memories M Schmitz, B Brandherm, J Neidig, S Schachtl… – SemProM, 2013 – Springer … The speech output of the dialog system also adapts to the situation. … When the order is finished and confirmed by the user, the business logic submits the customer’s order to the SmartAutomation workflow, and the ordered bottles go into production. … Cited by 6 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Towards Deeper Understanding of Syntactic Concepts in Programming S Gross, S Strickroth, N Pinkwart, NT Le – The First Workshop on AI- …, 2013 – … This system supports the whole workflow from task creation, file submission,(limited) automated feedback for students to grading. … That is, for each question/example, correct answers can be anticipated and authored in the dialogue system. … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save More

[BOOK] Where Humans Meet Machines: Innovative Solutions for Knotty Natural-language Problems A Neustein, JA Markowitz – 2013 – … base used by the explanation system should be updated or corrected.” The chapter on argumentation-based dialog systems for medical … in multilingual contexts,“machine translation can be integrated into translation-memory systems in the translation work?ow.” The chapter … All 2 versions Cite Save

Where Humans Meet Machines A Neustein, JA Markowitz – Springer … base used by the explanation system should be updated or corrected.” The chapter on argumentation-based dialog systems for medical … in multilingual contexts,“machine translation can be integrated into translation-memory systems in the translation workflow.” The chapter … Cite Save

Development and evaluation of automotive speech interfaces: useful information from the human factors and the related literature VEW Lo, PA Green – International Journal of Vehicular Technology, 2013 – … CU-Move system is an in-vehicle, naturally spoken dialogue system, which can get real-time navigation and route-planning information [6]. The dialogue system is based on the MIT Galaxy-II Hub architecture with base components from CU-Communication system, which is … Cited by 7 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save More

The Human Communication Science Virtual Lab D Estival, S Cassidy, P Sefton, D Burnham – … Tools: NLTK ; Johnson Charniak Parser ; Emu • Environment: Web based browse/search of corpora (Blacklight); Workflow/tool execution … R&D, Syrinx Speech Systems, a Sydney speech recognition company developing automated telephone dialogue systems; Senior Research … Related articles Cite Save More

A Multimodal Interface for the Discovery and Invocation of Web Services CVS Prazeres, MLM Peixoto – INFOCOMP: Journal of Computer Science, 2013 – … Figure 6: MIDIWS Workflow: a Case Study Execution. ing message is: < prompt > Successful service! … [3] Hastie, H., Liu, X., and Lemon, O. Automatic generation of information state update dialogue systems that dynamically create voice xml, as demonstrated on the iphone. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Identification of Speakers and Scenes from Movie Dialogue A Kundu – 2013 – … 43 5.2 Workflow for Temporal Entity Extraction . . . . . 44 … This corpus is aimed at training chat oriented dialog systems with the dialogue data. The Cornell Movie Dialogue Corpus (Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Lee, 2011) is yet … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

An Interactive Approach of Online Software Customization via Conversational Web Agents X Yuan, X Zhang – … (GreenCom), 2013 IEEE and Internet of …, 2013 – … In applications close to software customization, conversational agents have been used to dynamically customize workflow of Web services … research is ongoing towards the investigation of ontology and other methodologies for the introduction of dialogue systems into intelligent … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Identification of Code-Switched Sentences and Words Using Language Modeling Approaches LC Yu, WC He, WN Chien, YH Tseng – Mathematical Problems in …, 2013 – … When dealing with code-switched input, intelligent systems such as dialog systems must be capable of identifying the various languages and recognize the speaker’s intention embedded in the input [7, 8]. However, it is a significant challenge for intelligent systems to deal with … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Synthetic speech evaluation with speaker adaptive automatic speech recognition J Bachan, T Kuczmarski, P Francuzik – SPEECH AND LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY – … agent, for example, between a human using a speech synthesiser as an alternative or augmentative communication method and an automatic dialogue system. … The workflow of the experiment is presented in Figure 2. 4 synthetic voices were used (drawn in white cylinders): … Related articles Cite Save More

Binaural systems in robotics S Argentieri, A Portello, M Bernard, P Danès… – The technology of …, 2013 – Springer … this volume. Fig. 1 Bottom-up working flow representation of classical robot audition systems. Acoustic maps of the environment are generally obtained along the bottom-up, signal-driven, workflow illustrated in Fig. 1. The successive … Cited by 6 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

Mint. tools: Tools and adaptors supporting acquisition, annotation and analysis of multimodal corpora S Kousidis, T Pfeiffer… – Proceedings of Interspeech …, 2013 – … 1The mintLab is jointly run by the Phonetics and Phonology Group (Wagner et al.) and the Dialogue Systems Group (Schlangen et al.) at the Faculty of … as well as the availability of its source code, which has made it possible for us to integrate it in the workflow. Page 3. … Cited by 4 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save More

Production and Delivery of Interactive Narratives Based on Video Snippets W Müller, U Spierling, C Stockhausen – Interactive Storytelling, 2013 – Springer … Because of the expressed representation problem, we explored alternative visuals and audio together with a workflow for achieving a more humane AV … Concluding, the system is not to be compared with a general conversational dialog system, as it pursues different goals. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

LightSIDE E Mayfield, CP Rosé – Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation …, 2013 – … the boundaries ofthis balance for years in fields such as sentiment analysis (Wiebe, Wilson, 86 Cardie, 2005), automated dialogue systems (DeVault, Sagae … We introduce the workflow used within LightSIDE, which moves from a set of scored texts to a trained model, and show … Related articles Cite Save

Structured Probabilistic Modelling for Dialogue Management P Lison – 2013 – … The modelling framework presented in this thesis is implemented in a new software toolkit called OpenDial, which is made freely available to the research community and can be used to develop various types of dialogue systems based on probabilistic rules.1 … Dialogue system … Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Dynamic QA Systems Using Knowledgebase S Hu – … Early dialogue systems, such as, SHRDLU (Wmograd in 1972) and GUS (Bobrow in 1977), are mainly designed to help researchers know relevant problems about human dialogue modeling. … People can make mistakes High Change the workflow or behavior to correct the … Related articles Cite Save More

Chorus: a crowd-powered conversational assistant WS Lasecki, R Wesley, J Nichols, A Kulkarni… – Proceedings of the 26th …, 2013 – … systems. Author Keywords crowdsourcing; conversational assistants; dialog systems; hu- man computation; crowd-powered systems ACM Classification Keywords H.4.2 Information Interfaces & Presentation: User Interfaces … Cited by 10 Related articles All 9 versions Cite Save

Enterprise systems in Russia: 1992–2012 MY Kataev, LA Bulysheva… – Enterprise Information …, 2013 – Taylor & Francis Cited by 19 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Factors influencing user feedback on predicted satisfaction with software systems R Proynova, B Paech – Requirements Engineering: Foundation for …, 2013 – Springer … when measuring user satisfaction with network products, and the PARADISE model [20] which is specific for measuring satisfaction with dialogue systems. … reject the newly discovered possible links within our model as well as links to new variables such as workflow integration. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Ingredients and Recipe for a Robust Mobile Speech-Enabled Cooking Assistant for German U Schäfer, F Arnold, S Ostermann, S Reifers – KI 2013: Advances in …, 2013 – Springer … Page 9. 220 U. Schäfer et al. Fig. 8. Speech recognition workflow input. … Conf. on Multimedia, Singapore, pp. 371–374 (2005) 5. Martins, FM, Pardal, JP, Franqueira, L., Arez, P., Mamede, NJ: Starting to cook a tutoring dialogue system. In: SLT Workshop 2008, pp. 145–148. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

Large-Scale Sentiment Analysis for the Social Sciences E Lapponi – 2013 – … pro- cessing, ranging from low-level routines such as tokenization, part-of-speech tag- ging and syntactic parsing to full-fledged dialogue systems. … users without in-depth computer science competency must be able to use the tool and integrate it in their research workflow. … Related articles Cite Save More

Management of authoring in socio-interactionist environments RRMV Junior, CS de Menezes – … users to interact, altering and manipulating contents, modifying the message, making it a possible response to the expression and dialog systems. … Through the Editors it is possible to describe/configure virtual spaces, to enable the management of the workflow of cooperative … Related articles Cite Save More

Web-based Artificial Intelligence Agents SC Patel, E Karanja, SK Maheshwari – … Natural Language Assistant The Natural Language Assistant (NLA) is a web-based natural language dialog system that helps users to find relevant products on e-commerce sites (Chai et. al. 2002). … The model for the O-Plan agent is based on planning workflow control. … Related articles Cite Save More

Developing the User Experience S Wright – Pro SharePoint 2013 App Development, 2013 – Springer … can be anything that the user may wish to do in a certain situation, such as make a purchase, request assistance, provide feedback, or trigger a custom business process workflow. … The dialog is created using the SharePoint client dialog system introduced in SharePoint 2010. … Cite Save

A hybrid recommendation approach for a tourism system JP Lucas, N Luz, MN Moreno, R Anacleto… – Expert Systems with …, 2013 – Elsevier … In (Zhen, Huang, & Jiang, 2009) a collaborative filtering approach using team workflow information is applied in order to derive demands for knowledge of individual members. … Algorithm 1. CBA-Fuzzy algorithm workflow. 1. D = processInput(inputFile); … Cited by 10 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save

The Accessible User Interaction Framework For Android Applications X Luo – 2013 – … Figure 3.1 illustrates the high level architecture of AccessibleToolKit, which is similar to architecture of the standard Spoken Dialogue System [11]. The speech … Finally, the speech synthesis module reads the text to the user. 3.2 Application Workflow – Main Menu … Related articles Cite Save

Generative methods K Compton, JC Osborn, M Mateas – The Fourth Procedural Content …, 2013 – … We can work across fields, with computational linguists working alongside game dialog systems experts; and across types of artifact, with rhythm-based … so that generative methods papers in games no longer have to begin with an appeal to cost-saving or workflow improve- ment … Cited by 2 Related articles Cite Save More

Trends in semantic and digital media technologies M Grzegorzek, M Granitzer, S Rüger, M Sintek… – Multimedia tools and …, 2013 – Springer … Finally, the last paper in this section uses high-level semantics to guide the low-level task of keyframe detection [9] in a reversal of traditional workflow. … His scientific activity focus on dialog systems knowledge based interaction with content (see the IKS ( … Cited by 1 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save

Semantic User Profiling for News Domain S Agarwal, A Singhal – IJCISIM, June, 2013 – … ontology as knowledge source in web dialogue system as a basis to define semantics of information to be exchanged among the components of web dialogue system. … They have shown the importance of ontology to increase the efficiency of workflow in office using resoning. … Cited by 1 Related articles Cite Save More

Man versus machine: evaluating IVR versus a live operator for phone surveys in India D Chakraborty, I Medhi, E Cutrell, W Thies – Proceedings of the 3rd ACM …, 2013 – … Other authors have provided specific guidelines for im- proving the usability of IVR for novice and low-literate users in the developing world. Medhi et al. compare an IVR spo- ken dialogue system with a rich multimedia device for mo- bile banking tasks [17]. … Related articles All 16 versions Cite Save

Conversational programming: exploring interactive program analysis A Repenning – Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international symposium …, 2013 – … Interestingly, the Dialog system was already conceptualized as a “Conversational Programming system.” Over the years, the conceptualization of the interaction between a … This could be a workflow concern, as it does not allow programmers to fluently go back and forth between … Cited by 2 Related articles Cite Save

AIML Knowledge Base Construction from Text Corpora G De Gasperis, I Chiari, N Florio – Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary …, 2013 – Springer … as in the case of spoken corpora containing spontaneous natural conversation (Shawar and Atwell 2003a), and it can be used as a knowledge base to build conversation and information structure for a dialogue system. … Fig. 3 Ideal workflow from the user input to the right answer … Related articles All 6 versions Cite Save

An Arden-Syntax-Based Clinical Decision Support Framework for Medical Guidelines—Lyme Borreliosis as an Example A Seitinger, K Fehre, KP Adlassnig… – Studies in health …, 2013 – … Computerized guidelines, eg, special forms, dialog systems, or wizards, used to guide clinicians through a decision-making process eliminate the need to read entire text-based documents. … The workflow of the CDSS prototype was verified on six selected Lyme borreliosis cases … Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save More

Beyond Data: Building a Web of Needs. F Kleedorfer, CM Busch – LDOW, 2013 – … Workflow protocol and distributed transactions. … Other possible approaches to the prob- lem of eliciting user needs encompass dialog systems similar to the popular Web game akinator12 and systems allowing drill-down through relevance feedback. Technological basis. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save More

Liam-Liam is a mailbot Project Report PJ Gorinski, J Hanzelka, A Schmidt – 2013 – … Forms to communicate with 18 Page 19. the external OutputGate component. 5.3 Implementation The workflow of Liam’s implementation is based on a message passing system between its core components. As discussed in 5.1 … Related articles Cite Save More

The Basics M Eskénazi – … for Speech Processing: Applications to Data …, 2013 – … of linguistic devices, such as discourse cues and connectives, on comprehension and recall in information presentation for natural language generation (NLG) as used in spoken dialog systems (SDS).” Chapter 6 … It creates and manages subtasks through distributed work?ow. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

AMICA Project-Deliverable 4: Wearable Sensor System D Sánchez Morillo, LF Crespo Foix, A León Jiménez… – 2013 – … protocols. The adopted protocol is based on the “STORE AND FORWARD” type [17] whereby the patient information is first transmitted and the expert opinion is given afterwards. The workflow will be as follows: 1. Acquisition … Related articles Cite Save

Language Technology 2020: The Meta-Net Priority Research Themes G Rehm, H Uszkoreit – META-NET Strategic Research Agenda for …, 2013 – Springer … HQMT sys- tems using results of Phase 1; deepen development of MT- related monolingual tools; employ novel techniques aimed at HQMT, combi- nation of systems, domain adaptation, cross-language adaptation; develop show- cases for novel translation workflow; use novel … Cite Save

High performance natural language processing services on the GARUDA grid A Tomar, J Bodhankar, P Kurariya… – Parallel Computing …, 2013 – … subject predicate relationship extraction, semantic analysis, knowledge acquisition, natural language understanding, text generations, dialogue system, automatic speech … They developed a workflow of NLP components with an XML- output, which provides ease of interface with … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

CLIC: A Framework for Distributed, On-Demand, Human-Machine Cognitive Systems N Mavridis, S Konstantopoulos, I Vetsikas… – arXiv preprint arXiv: …, 2013 – … This might be their cell phone, a touch-?screen interface; a keyboard; a spoken-?language dialogue system, a browser application, an online game, and so on. Essentially, for the case of human components, what we have is something similar to Figure 2. … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Context-Aware Agile Business Process Engine: Foundations and Architecture I Rychkova, M Kirsch-Pinheiro, B Le Grand – Enterprise, Business-Process …, 2013 – Springer … Abstract. Future developments for enterprise process management must evolve from the current systems based on rigid, workflow based processes into context-aware, agile dynamic structures, which exploit local adaptability. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

Cultural Diversity-New Challenge to Medical Device Use Safety for International Markets L Liu, U Hoelscher, Z Yao – Cross-Cultural Design. Cultural Differences in …, 2013 – Springer … Professional Traditions and Work Organization The traditions for medical treatment and its workflow vary among different countries. … 133 • User interface design issues: hardware design issues, interface structure, navigation, dialogue system, information presentation, help … Related articles Cite Save

Collecting Speech from Crowds I McGraw – Crowdsourcing for Speech Processing: Applications to …, 2013 – … In other cases, such as with widely deployed spoken dialog systems, the collection of audio is simply a by-product of using the system. … By 1994, most sites were automating their collection procedure using the spoken dialog systems built for the domain (Dahl et al. 1994). … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

[BOOK] OS X Mavericks on demand S Johnson – 2013 – … Burning a CD or DVD from a Disk Image 504 Restoring a Disk Image 505 Backing Up Files onto a CD or DVD 506 Automating Your Work 507 Introducing Automator 508 Getting Started with Automator 510 Opening an Existing Workflow 511 Working with an Example Workflow … All 3 versions Cite Save

Language report for Catalan (English version) MA Moreno Bilbao, N Bel, E Revilla Espí, E Garcia… – 2013 – … Language applications, voice-based user interfaces and dialogue systems are traditionally found in highly specialised domains, and they often exhibit limited performance. One active field of research is the use of language technology for rescue operations in disaster areas. … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Information Retrieval and User-Centric Recommender System Evaluation. A Said, A Bellogín, AP de Vries, B Kille, JA Gulla… – UMAP …, 2013 – … Multiagent System Technologies; 2009. Analysis of a New Simulation Approach to Dialog System Evaluation Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht, Michael Quade, Sebastian Möller In: Speech Communication; 2009. Merging Agents and … Related articles All 6 versions Cite Save More

Economic and ethical background of crowdsourcing for speech G Adda, JJ Mariani, L Besacier, H Gelas – Crowdsourcing for Speech …, 2013 – Page 318. 11 Economic and Ethical Background of Crowdsourcing for Speech Gilles Adda1, Joseph J. Mariani1, 2, Laurent Besacier3, and Hadrien Gelas3, 4 1LIMSI-CNRS, France 2IMMI-CNRS, France 3LIG-CNRS, France … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save More

On the Representation of Inferences and their Lexicalization D McDonald, J Pustejovsky, B EDU – Proceedings of the Second Annual …, 2013 – … Orange arrows within the situation sketch relationships developed among the packets by binding variables. We can summarize C3’s workflow as follows. It begins with the perceived input. In our research this is the sequence of words in a text. … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save More

State of the art in simulation–driven design M Karlberg, M Löfstrand, S Sandberg… – International Journal of …, 2013 – Inderscience … Although this workflow predates CAD and CAE technology, many manufacturers’ design processes continue to follow it. … driven approach for developing procedure models for automatic strategy learning, tailored for application within task-oriented human/robot dialogue systems. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Shared Mental Models of Cognition for Intelligent Tutoring of Teams JD Fletcher, RA Sottilare – Design Recommendations for Intelligent …, 2013 – … Because of their dynamic qualities, they are particularly suited to tutorial dialogue systems that must generate instructional and problem solving guidance on demand, in real time. … The ITS workload quickly ramps up as the directionality of the workflow increases. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save More

Captioning for Classroom Lecture Videos R Borgaonkar – 2013 – … They have developed a workflow to provide captions efficiently. Academic institutions such as Georgia Tech and … editing. Its workflow decomposes audio data of video into segments and distributes (for example 1 minute audio) to its registered editors. … Related articles Cite Save

A Bayesian Classifier Learning Algorithm Based on Optimization Model S Liu, M Zhu, Y Yang – Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2013 – … Moreover, it has been applied to a wide range of tasks such as natural spoken dialog systems, vision recognition, medical diagnosis, genetic regulatory network inference, and so forth [1–8]. Naive Bayes (NB) [9–11] is a simple and effective classification model. … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save More

Applying evidence-based medicine in telehealth: An interactive pattern recognition approximation C Fernández-Llatas, T Meneu, V Traver… – International journal of …, 2013 – … This model can be seen as a classical dialogue system, where the treatment is the response to the signs and symptoms of the patient. … Sedlmayr, M.; Rose, T.; Rhrig, R.; Meister, M. A Workflow Approach towards GLIF Execution. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save More

Gene prioritization of resistant rice gene against Xanthomas oryzae pv. oryzae by using text mining technologies J Xia, X Zhang, D Yuan, L Chen, J Webster… – BioMed research …, 2013 – … 61202305). The authors would also like to acknowledge supports received from the Dialogue System Group, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, and the Halliday Center for Intelligent Applications of Language Studies, City University of Hong Kong. References. … Cited by 2 Related articles All 8 versions Cite Save More

Conducting Performance Evaluation of an e-Health Platform O Lo, WJ Buchanan, C Thuemmler – Information Systems and …, 2013 – … In other words, 100 samples of a single patient’s data was uploaded with three different time delays in order to evaluate whether any performance impact was found on the Cloud4Health platform based on how Figure 1. Workflow of the second experiment Data Push … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

AGENTMAP: A Conceptual Meta-Model of Interacting Simulations TMPWR Rossak, K Gebhardt – … Thus, the edge reflects the subject-specific workflow of a scenario. … Available: http://portal.acm. org/citation.cfm?id=284860.284907 [14] P. Bretier and D. Sadek, “A rational agent as the kernel of a cooperative spoken dialogue system: Implementing a logical theory of interaction … Related articles All 5 versions Cite Save More

Interpreting Design Structure in Patents Using an Ontology Library Z Li, D Tate – ASME 2013 International Design …, 2013 – … … stated that risk management workflow and performance (risk identification, analysis, and response of project risks) could be improved … of NLP include information retrieval, information extraction, question answering, machine translation, summarization, and dialogue systems [24 … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

Refinement of Adaptivity by Reflection KP Jantke, HR Beick, Y Brovko… – … -Image Technology & …, 2013 – Page 1. Refinement of Adaptivity by Reflection Klaus P. Jantke ? , Hans-Rainer Beick ?? , Yuriy Brovko ? and Sebastian Drefahl ? ? Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology Children’s Media Department Erich-Kästner-Str. … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save

JavaScript in Action J Reid, T Valentine – JavaScript Programmer’s Reference, 2013 – Springer … We’ll provide some insights into our usual workflow when working with JavaScript, and then talk a little about methods for debugging your scripts. JavaScript IDEs Since JavaScript is essentially text, all you really need to write it is a text editor. … JavaScript Development Workflow … Cite Save

On the Development of Speech Resources for the Mixtec Language SO Caballero-Morales – The Scientific World Journal, 2013 – … speakers (the target users). 1. Introduction. Research on spoken language technology has led to the development of automatic speech recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis, and dialogue systems. These systems are … Cited by 1 Related articles All 7 versions Cite Save More

Technical Report Series of DCGI, Volume 3, Year 2013 Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ Faculty of … J Novácek, J Balata, Z M?kovec – … 2.3 Spoken dialogue system . . . . . 8 2.3.1 Speech recognition . . . . . 10 2.3.2 Language understanding . . . . . … 18 2.5.1 The project workflow . . . . . 18 … Related articles Cite Save More

PRESTK: situation-aware presentation of messages and infotainment content for drivers C Endres – 2013 – Page 1. PRESTK: Situation-Aware Presentation of Messages and Infotainment Content for Drivers Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften (Dr.-Ing.) der Naturwissenschaftlich-Technischen Fakultät I der Universität des Saarlandes … Cited by 3 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save

Learner Corpora and Natural Language Processing D Meurers – Submitted to The Cambridge Handbook of Learner …, 2013 – Page 1. Learner Corpora and Natural Language Processing Detmar Meurers Universität Tübingen Revision 8474 Core issues, notions, and methods Learner corpora collect the language produced by people learning their first or a second lan- guage. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

[BOOK] Intuitive ontology authoring using controlled natural language R Denaux – 2013 – … 157 5.2.5 Implementation of Dialogue Systems . . . . . 158 … 115 4.12 Workflow depicting the DL-axiom-integration semantic analysis strategy in Entendre. The analysis is used to categorise the input axiom and generate semantic feedback. . . . . … Related articles All 3 versions Cite Save

A systematic review of software robustness A Shahrokni, R Feldt – Information and Software Technology, 2013 – Elsevier With the increased use of software for running key functions in modern society it is of utmost importance to understand software robustness and how to support i. Cited by 10 Related articles All 9 versions Cite Save

Resilience in High Risk Work: Analysing Adaptive Performance A Rankin – 2013 – Page 1. Linköping Studies in Science and Technology Licentiate Thesis No. 1589 Resilience in High Risk Work: Analysing Adaptive Performance by Amy Rankin Department of Computer and Information Science Linköpings universitet SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden … Related articles All 2 versions Cite Save More

Domain-And Language-Adaptive Natural Language Controlling Framework P Barabás – 2013 – … ix OWL Web Ontology Langauge POI Point Of Interests POS Part-Of-Speech QLF Quasi-Logical Form RDF Resource Description Framework SDK Software Development Kit SDS Speech Dialog System SNLP Stanford NLP SNLPG Stanford Natutal Language Processing Group … Related articles All 4 versions Cite Save More

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