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This 100 item list represents a combined search of github for “alchemyapi” and “alchemy-api”, Apr 2015.

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alchemyapi + alchemy-api [100x Apr 2015]

  • zschoenb/openGute ..Find a random text generated from a database of Project Gutenberg public access works. View metadata below and explore the links to learn more about the text. Linked data provided by AlchemyAPI text analysis tool.
  • likethecolor/Alchemy-API ..Java client for the service provided by AlchemyAPI (a cloud-based text mining platform http://www.alchemyapi.com/)
  • grock006/Nokogiri-Test ..Sinatra test of Nokogiri Gem, Readability Parser and Alchemy Sentiment Analysis API for Crackerjack project.
  • aliyeysides/Celebuddy ..Chrome extension that uses the AlchemyAPI facial recognition capabilities to caption images with description of picture
  • AlchemyAPI/alchemyapi-recipes-twitter ..A simple example application that will connect to the Twitter API, run a search, gather tweets, and then calculate the sentiment of each Tweet using AlchemyAPI’s text analysis functions for sentiment analysis.
  • susheels/contextual-advertisement-generator ..corresponding text. AlchemyAPI is used to get the keyword and this is used to search online for relevent ads. The resulting images are scraped and placed in the webpage beside the video (Youtube API). Thus the ads on the side of the video change in real time as the
  • zackproser/NewsFlash ..Python script to get top news headlines and links, and top news keywords (courtesy of AlchemyAPI) directly to your Gmail inbox in a few seconds.
  • tarunsharma1/Real-time-video-content-based-ad-generator ..Alchemy API to get the semantic content , i.e. keywords and entities. The word ‘ad’ is then added to these keywords and a search is made on ask.com . The resulting images are scraped and placed in the webpage beside the video (Youtube API). Thus the ads on the
  • tibtob1/crash ..: buildcraft.api.core.StackKey.stack(Lnet/minecraft/block/Block;)Lbuildcraft/api/core/StackKey; at cpw.mods.fml.common.LoadController.transition(LoadController.java:162) at cpw.mods.fml.common.Loader.preinitializeMods(Loader.java:515) at
  • urielhdz/semantic-nlp ..Gets tirples from no web semantic web pages using the Alchemy API and DBPedia Spotlight
  • pjfan/Feed.me ..A simple app to practice working with RESTful API’s in Python. Creates a “newsfeed” of articles from different online news sites based on topic (so far just NPR). Uses the Alchemy API to attempt to geo-locate the news sources.
  • cliftonm/nlp ..Comparison of three NLP services: AlchemyAPI, OpenCalais, and Semantria
  • SaumyaSoman/VirtualDiary ../status, we used a third party library called Alchemy API. The sentiments of all statuses in a day were analyzed to predict the mood.
  • ProGM/alchemy-api-rb-gem ..A gem-ification of AlchemyAPI official ruby library https://github.com/AlchemyAPI/alchemyapi_ruby
  • jssandh2/Stock_Search_Engine ..I wrote, with my group, code to use the Bing API, Alchemy API and Quandl API to pull out sentiment analysis and relevance of each article on a company, and then use their stock score to write a retrieval function to score each article based on how well
  • Wysie/happyfbstream ..Chrome Extension to give each status on your Facebook stream a sentiment and a score, using AlchemyAPI.
  • bchuminx/experiment ..benchmark experiment for relation extraction {aardvark | alchemyapi | textrazor | reverb | ollie}
  • avdaredevil/AlchemyCmd-AP ..Alchemy API powershell wrapper that allows for console based querying on [Natural Language, Semantic Analysis, and lots more]. Very good for automating Natural Language operations in windows languages. I am not affiliated with Alchemy-API [This is simply a wrapper for their services]
  • B-Rich/pyAlchemy ..Python library for Alchemy API that provides a systematic set of classes and methods for accessing the data returned by a AlchemyAPI request
  • awiss/mhacks ..Sentimental – Car Sentiment Tracking w/ Car and Driver & AlchemyAPI.
  • triestpa/Media-Moderator ..A news aggregator that uses the Alchemy API to analyze and compare the bias of news stories.
  • jdmonty/SentTwitt ..Sentimental Twitt Hackathon Entry using LinqToTwitter and Alchemy API
  • tmkim/Lytical ..Lytic.al analyzation of twitter data using Alchemy API
  • keithxm23/epl_fan_tweepy ..#TODO Get details (like favortie club or most hated, most talked about)about English Premier League Fans based on their Tweets using Tweepy & Alchemy API
  • dbalatero/alchemy_api ..Provides a client API library for AlchemyAPI’s awesome NLP services. Allows you to make parallel or serial requests.