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allintitle: synfig (lipsync OR lip-sync) [7x May 2014]

  • Holly Silverstone character. Synfig lip sync animation.

    Holly Silverstone character. Synfig lip sync animation. A character from my books; Holly Silverstone, stands in front of her mysterious school – The Highlands academy of truth and excellence (Illustrated by Skelly… From: JayEllis Views: 144 0 ratings Time: 00:05 More in Film &…

  • Personagem 2D Parte II – 2D Character Part II – Lipsync com Synfig

    Personagem 2D Parte II – 2D Character Part II – Lipsync com Synfig Tutorial Lipsync com Synfig. Parte II do tutorial ” Personagem 2D ” Lipsync tutorial with Synfig. Part II for tutorial “2D Character” — Preparando bocas no … From: Ninja Tux Tutoriais Views: 378 11…

  • Synfig/Papagayo lip sync tutorial

    Synfig/Papagayo lip sync tutorial This is a tutorial on how to use Papagayo with Synfig to build and incorporate a phoneme list file for lip syncing in cartoons. The audio is out of sync, the… From: Tom Head Views: 1710 20 ratings Time: 11:49 More in Film & Animation


    SYNFIG This is a new try to lipsync. I used Audacity, Quick time, Papagayo, Textwrangler (like gedit), iMovie, Garageband and Synfig. From: Rafael Bardisa Views: 538 6 ratings Time: 00:26 More in Film & Animation

  • Synfig: Lipsync (test)

    Synfig: Lipsync (test) From: Joaclint Istgud Views: 522 2 ratings Time: 00:09 More in Film & Animation

  • Synfig lip sync

    Synfig lip sync synfig lip sync keyframes etcetera practice. used jlipsync (thx for the tip pixelgeek) and kdenlive for mixing sound and fade 😛 small steps… From: dutch201 Views: 2302 8 ratings Time: 00:10 More in Film & Animation

  • Hasta- Synfig Lip Sync Test

    Hasta- Synfig Lip Sync Test Using Papagayo, Pencil, Inkscape and Synfig in a first try at lip syncing. No great animation here, just working out the kinks. From: Matt Jordan Views: 6416 16 ratings Time: 00:04 More in Film & Animation