Marcus L Endicott: Best Quora Answers 2013

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2013-11-23 Will computers ever be able to think “out of the box”?

2013-11-21 What does Ifttt think of adding a HTTP request channel?

2013-11-16 Is there any API that can provide flight booking information associated with gmail account?

2013-11-16 What features are you missing in RSS feed readers?

2013-11-14 Is it possible to build a AI agent that asks/answer questions based on current state of affairs rather than humans posting questions/answers?

2013-11-12 Which Twitter bots retweet and/or mention you when prompted or based on specific trigger?

2013-11-05 What is the difference and similarity of artificial intelligence with IR?

2013-11-04 How does IBM Watson advance question answering in general?

2013-11-04 Natural Language Processing for rookies: What are some good references from a Product Manager’s perspective?

2013-11-04 What are Augmented Transition Network Grammars?

2013-11-04 What are some good papers to read about Question Answering?

2013-11-04 Which chatbot authoring languages are currently the most flexible and full-featured?

2013-11-04 How might Google monetize Google Alerts?

2013-11-04 Are there any kind of audiobooks that come with text so it can move synced so I can see text if I don’t know a word, or any app that can TTS (Text To Speech) in sync iOS or Android?

2013-11-04 What’s best way to train an chatbot (e.g. alicebot)?

2013-11-01 API part of speech parser online?

2013-11-01 What is the best way to learn and write a AI Chat bot?

2013-10-30 Will quora lend its answer database to an Pseudo-Intelligent Life form, If one is built in the future?

2013-10-28 What are some good ways to start on a long AI project?

2013-10-28 Which are top companies in India who expertise in Machine learning, NLP, Unsupervised learning?

2013-10-26 What are the communication challenges on cloud robotics that can be worked on?

2013-10-26 Is it possible to write a software that act as a personal assistance?

2013-10-26 What is the state of the art technology in crawling?

2013-10-18 What’s the techonology behind Korean chat bot simsimi?

2013-10-17 What are the technical requirements for building system similar to siri other than mobile app development?

2013-10-16 How would you advise a person who would like to explore the world, yet has no money at all?

2013-10-15 How can I convert an XML file to an organized Excel output?

2013-10-14 What semantic search engines are there?

2013-10-14 What’s a useful API service to do?

2013-10-14 Is there a software to manage Web APIs?

2013-10-12 What IVR does american airlines use?

2013-10-12 Are there any Meta-Assistant bots that utilize or manage multiple assistants with different capabilities?

2013-10-12 Which application is truly missing in Natural Language Processing?

2013-10-12 What is the state of the art in natural language understanding?

2013-10-12 What is the difference between a language model and a hierarchical language model?

2013-10-11 How does NELL work?

2013-10-11 What algorithms model the imagination in agent or multi-agent systems?

2013-10-11 What is middleware or mid-range applications?

2013-10-11 Has someone built a conversation guide using text analytics – in a specific context?

2013-10-11 What is Interactive Voice Response?

2013-10-11 When will Quora integrate with AI simulation?

2013-10-09 Are there any web sites that integrate social question-answering with conversational bots?

2013-10-09 Would an AI be allowed to answer questions on Quora?

2013-10-08 What’s a good* problem to hack at as a personal project in the area of summarization?

2013-10-08 How are metaphors handled in AI / NLP / ML?

2013-09-25 I have developed a term extraction program, see How best to reach the target audience?