Marcus L Endicott: Best Quora Answers 2017

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2017-01-29 What are some good survey papers on relation extraction?

2017-01-29 What is the theoretical and practical importance of text linguistics?

2017-01-29 What fields of psychology have contributed the most to artificial intelligence?

2017-01-28 What are some recent interesting projects in natural language generation?

2017-01-28 Why are AI and NLP such hot fields these days?

2017-01-28 Is it possible to create an automated bot with Matlab?

2017-01-25 What does it take for a company to develop its own AI program like Siri or Alexa?

2017-01-25 Are there existing search engines for APIs?

2017-01-25 Is there any simple definition of an API?

2017-01-18 Who are the best AI experts in Brazil?

2017-01-18 How do I get started writing bots for Quora?

2017-01-16 Are there any agencies that keep a check on artificial intelligence, or at least monitor user-safety affected by over-reliance on the technology?

2017-01-16 What was the initial release date of XML?

2017-01-15 I want to to buy all I need to start enjoying (not working) in virtual reality, where do I start?

2017-01-13 Are chatbot terminals normally command line?

2017-01-13 Will a big data internship be beneficial to someone who is interested in artificial intelligence?

2017-01-13 What would happen if a very smart chat bot lived in Quora?

2017-01-11 How much infrastructure would it take to build a natural language processing server like Siri or Alexa?

2017-01-07 What are some questions that enterprise clients can ask to bot developers and how can I answer them?

2017-01-05 When artificial intelligence takes over many of the jobs, what will people do to survive?

2017-01-04 What software platforms, programming languages, and tools do I need to become familiar with for implementing NLP, conversational UIs, and chatbots?

2017-01-01 How do you design the personality of a chatbot?