Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2011: Part 2

Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2011: Part 2 .. ISNN 2011

Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning

Bo Li, Jin Liu, Wenyong Dong:
Maximum Variance Sparse Mapping. 1-8

Yongsheng Dong, Jinwen Ma:
Contourlet-Based Texture Classification with Product Bernoulli Distributions. 9-18

Roberto Alejo, P. Toribio, José Martínez Sotoca, Rosa Maria Valdovinos, Eduardo Gasca:
Resampling Methods versus Cost Functions for Training an MLP in the Class Imbalance Context. 19-26

Nian Zhang:
Prediction of Urban Stormwater Runoff in Chesapeake Bay Using Neural Networks. 27-36

Peter Tino:
One-Shot Learning of Poisson Distributions in Serial Analysis of Gene Expression. 37-46

Hongyan Wang, Jinwen Ma:
Simultaneous Model Selection and Feature Selection via BYY Harmony Learning. 47-56

Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines

Qiang Chen, Weiqing Tong:
The Characteristics Study on LBP Operator in Near Infrared Facial Image. 57-65

Qiuye Sun, Zhongxu Li, Jianguo Zhou, Xue Liang:
Fault Diagnosis for Smart Grid with Uncertainty Information Based on Data. 66-75

Rongqing Huang, Shiliang Sun, Yan Liu:
Sparse Kernel Regression for Traffic Flow Forecasting. 76-84

Qingsong Xu, Pak-Kin Wong, Yangmin Li:
Rate-Dependent Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation Using Least Squares Support Vector Machines. 85-93

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Vinh, Ngo Anh Vien:
Nomogram Visualization for Ranking Support Vector Machine. 94-102

Lei Yang, Wei-Min Ma, Bo Tian:
New Multi-class Classification Method Based on the SVDD Model. 103-112

Shaoxiong Wu:
Intelligence Statistical Process Control in Cellular Manufacturing Based on SVM. 113-120

Huiyan Jiang, Xiangying Liu, Lingbo Zhou, Hiroshi Fujita, Xiangrong Zhou:
Morlet-RBF SVM Model for Medical Images Classification. 121-129

Xiaoping Guo, Liping Fan:
COD Prediction for SBR Batch Processes Based on MKPCA and LSSVM Method. 130-135

Mixture Models and Clustering

Chonglun Fang, Jinwen Ma:
A Fixed-Point EM Algorithm for Straight Line Detection. 136-143

Hamid Parvin, Behrouz Minaei, Hosein Alizadeh, Akram Beigi:
A Novel Classifier Ensemble Method Based on Class Weightening in Huge Dataset. 144-150

Ya Gao, Shiliang Sun, Dongyu Shi:
Network-Scale Traffic Modeling and Forecasting with Graphical Lasso. 151-158

Min-quan Zhao, Qing-wei Liang, Shanshan Jiang, Ping Chen:
Learning Curve Model for Torpedo Based on Neural Network. 159-164

Yan Yang, Jinwen Ma:
An Efficient EM Approach to Parameter Learning of the Mixture of Gaussian Processes. 165-174

Yanzhu Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang, Yanmei Wang:
Boundary Controller of the Anti-stable Fractional-Order Vibration Systems. 175-181

Kai Yang, Yankui Liu, Xin Zhang:
Stochastic p-Hub Center Problem with Discrete Time Distributions. 182-191

Xiaozhe Wang, Leo Lopes:
Orthogonal Feature Learning for Time Series Clustering. 192-198

Yi Ding, Xian Fu:
A Text Document Clustering Method Based on Ontology. 199-206

Visual Perception and Pattern Recognition

Huaping Liu, Fuchun Sun, Meng Gao:
Visual Tracking Using Iterative Sparse Approximation. 207-214

Yuxiang Jiang, Hui Wei:
Orientation Representation and Efficiency Trade-off of a Biological Inspired Computational Vision Model. 215-224

Li Cui, SongYun Xie:
The Application of Genetic Algorithm Based Support Vector Machine for Image Quality Evaluation. 225-231

Yasuomi D. Sato, Jenia Jitsev, Jörg Bornschein, Daniela Pamplona, Christian Keck, Christoph von der Malsburg:
A Gabor Wavelet Pyramid-Based Object Detection Algorithm. 232-240

Xinhong Zhang, Fan Zhang, Yuli Xu:
Quality Evaluation of Digital Image Watermarking. 241-250

Wankou Yang, Cuixian Chen, Karl Ricanek, Changyin Sun:
Ensemble of Global and Local Features for Face Age Estimation. 251-259

Sultan Uddin Ahmed, Md. Fazle Elahi Khan, M. Shahjahan:
A Filter Based Feature Selection Approach Using Lempel Ziv Complexity. 260-269

Ming Xiong, Wankou Yang, Changyin Sun:
Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition Using LGBP. 270-277

Chi-Jie Lu, Yuehjen E. Shao, Chao-Liang Chang:
Applying ICA and SVM to Mixture Control Chart Patterns Recognition in a Process. 278-287

Wankou Yang, Amrutha Sethuram, Eric Patterson, Karl Ricanek, Changyin Sun:
Gender Classification Using the Profile. 288-295

Yun Xing, Qingshan Yang, Chengan Guo:
Face Recognition Based on Gabor Enhanced Marginal Fisher Model and Error Correction SVM. 296-304

Siyao Fu, Xinkai Kuai, Guosheng Yang:
Facial Expression Recognition by Independent Log-Gabor Component Analysis. 305-312

Xiaobing Liu, Bo Zhang:
Learning Hierarchical Dictionary for Shape Patterns. 313-322

Motion, Tracking and Object Recognition

Yuanyuan Zuo, Bo Zhang:
Sparse Based Image Classification with Different Keypoints Descriptors. 323-330

Yuekai Wang, Xiaofeng Wu, Xiaoying Song, Wenqiang Zhang, Juyang Weng:
Where-What Network with CUDA: General Object Recognition and Location in Complex Backgrounds. 331-341

Jifeng Shen, Changyin Sun, Wankou Yang, Zhongxi Sun:
Fast Human Detection Based on Enhanced Variable Size HOG Features. 342-349

Zhichao Lian, Meng Joo Er, Juekun Li:
A Novel Local Illumination Normalization Approach for Face Recognition. 350-355

Chuan Wan, Yantao Tian, Hongwei Chen, Xinzhu Wang:
Rapid Face Detection Algorithm of Color Images under Complex Background. 356-363

Zhi-Yong Peng, Hong-Zhou Li, Jian-Ming Liu:
An Improvement Method for Daugman’s Iris Localization Algorithm. 364-372

Tung Xuan Truong, Jong-Myon Kim:
Fire Detection with Video Using Fuzzy c-Means and Back-Propagation Neural Network. 373-380

Siyao Fu, Xinkai Kuai, Guosheng Yang:
Multiple Kernel Active Learning for Facial Expression Analysis. 381-387

Zheng Dang, Songyun Xie, Ge Wang, Fahad Raza:
Fast Moving Target Detection Based on Gray Correlation Analysis and Background Subtraction. 388-394

Feng Ji, Xinbo Gao, Zheng Dang, Songyun Xie:
Shadow Removal Based on Gray Correlation Analysis and Sobel Edge Detection Algorithm. 395-401

Qiang Wang, Wenjun Zhu, Liqing Zhang:
Moving Object Detecting System with Phase Discrepancy. 402-411

Yang Weon Lee:
Automation of Virtual Interview System Using the Gesture Recognition of Particle Filter. 412-419

Natural Scene Analysis and Speech Recognition

Dong Yang, Ping Guo:
Performance Analysis of Improved Affinity Propagation Algorithm for Image Semantic Annotation. 420-428

Libo Ma, Malte J. Rasch, Si Wu:
Learning Variance Statistics of Natural Images. 429-436

Rudy Rotili, Emanuele Principi, Stefano Squartini, Francesco Piazza:
Real-Time Joint Blind Speech Separation and Dereverberation in Presence of Overlapping Speakers. 437-446

Ngoc Thi Thu Nguyen, Mohammad A. Haque, Cheol Hong Kim, Jong-Myon Kim:
Audio Segmentation and Classification Using a Temporally Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm. 447-456

Dongxiao Ren, Mao Ye, Yuanxiang Zhu:
Extracting Specific Signal from Post-nonlinear Mixture Based on Maximum Negentropy. 457-465

Qingzhong Liu, Andrew H. Sung, Mengyu Qiao:
A Method to Detect JPEG-Based Double Compression. 466-476

Ziping Zhao, Xirong Ma, Weidong Pei:
Semi Supervised Learning for Prediction of Prosodic Phrase Boundaries in Chinese TTS Using Conditional Random Fields. 477-485

Pafan Doungpaisan:
Singer Identification Using Time-Frequency Audio Feature. 486-495

Martin Wöllmer, Erik Marchi, Stefano Squartini, Björn Schuller:
Robust Multi-stream Keyword and Non-linguistic Vocalization Detection for Computationally Intelligent Virtual Agents. 496-505

Neuromorphic Hardware, Fuzzy Neural Networks and Robotics

Jianzhi Cao, Haijun Jiang:
On Control of Hopf Bifurcation in a Class of TCP/AQM Networks. 506-514

Chaoxu Mu, Changyin Sun, Xinghuo Yu:
State Feedback Control Based on Twin Support Vector Regression Compensating for a Class of Nonlinear Systems. 515-524

Mahardhika Pratama, Meng Joo Er, Xiang Li, Linn San, J. O. Richard, Lain-Yin Zhai, Amin Jahromi Torabi, Imam Arifin:
Genetic Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network (GDFNN) for Nonlinear System Identification. 525-534

Guo-Xing Wen, Yan-Jun Liu, C. L. Philip Chen:
Adaptive Robust NN Control of Nonlinear Systems. 535-541

Ning Wang, Yue Tan, Dan Wang, Shaoman Liu:
A Generalized Online Self-constructing Fuzzy Neural Network. 542-551

Naibiao Zhou, Kefu Liu, Xiaoping Liu, Bing Chen:
Adaptive Fuzzy Control of an Active Vibration Isolator. 552-562

M. R. Wang, Yong-Duan Song, Q. Song, Peng Han:
Fuzzy-Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control of High Speed Train Considering Traction/Braking Faults and Nonlinear Resistive Forces. 563-573

Wei-lin Luo, Zao-jian Zou:
Robust Cascaded Control of Propeller Thrust for AUVs. 574-582

Xiaogang Ruan, Lizhen Dai, Gang Yang, Jing Chen:
A Developmental Learning Based on Learning Automata. 583-590

Multi-agent Systems and Adaptive Dynamic Programming

Shusong Li, Shiyong Zhang, Binglin Dou:
Meddler, Agents in the Bounded Confidence Model on Flocking Movement World. 591-600

Bei Kang, Chang-Hee Won:
Statistical Optimal Control Using Neural Networks. 601-610

Jun Wu, Xin Xu, Lei Zuo, Zhaobin Li, Jian Wang:
Adaptive Kernel-Width Selection for Kernel-Based Least-Squares Policy Iteration Algorithm. 611-619

Qinglai Wei, Ding Wang, Derong Liu:
Finite Horizon Optimal Tracking Control for a Class of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems. 620-629

Ding Wang, Derong Liu:
Optimal Control for a Class of Unknown Nonlinear Systems via the Iterative GDHP Algorithm. 630-639