Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems VI

Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems VI (2011) .. Post-Proceedings of AESCS 2009


Part I Agent-Based Financial Markets

Comprehensive Analysis of Information Transmission Among Agents: Similarity and Heterogeneity of Collective Behavior . . . 3
Aki-Hiro Sato

Examining the Effects of Traders’ Overconfidence on Market Behavior. . . 19
Chia-Hsuan Yeh and Chun-Yi Yang

Part II Financial Forecasting and Investment

Short Time Correction to Mean Variance Analysis in an Optimized Two-Stock Portfolio . . . 35
Wenjin Chen and Kwok Y. Szeto

Exchange Rate Forecasting with Hybrid Genetic Algorithms . . . 47
Jui-Fang Chang

Part III Cognitive Modeling of Agents

Learning Backward Induction: A Neural Network Agent Approach . . . 61
Leonidas Spiliopoulos

Cognitive-Costed Agent Model of the Microblogging Network . . . 75
Mitsuhiro Nakamura and Hiroshi Deguchi

Part IV Complexity and Policy Analysis

Landscape Analysis of Possible Outcomes . . . 87
Yusuke Goto and Shingo Takahashi

The Flow of Information Through People’s Network and Its Effect on Japanese Public Pension System . . . 99
Masatoshi Murakami and Noriyuki Tanida

Identification of Voting with Individual’s Feet Through Agent-Based Modeling. . . .119
Rio Nishida, Takashi Yamada, Atsushi Yoshikawa, and Takao Terano

Part V Agent-Based Modeling of Good Societies

Communities, Anti-Communities, Pan-Community as Social Order . . . .135
Yutaka Nakai

Bayesian Analysis Method of Time Series Data in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Market. . . .147
Tomohiro Nakada, Keiki Takadama, and Shigeyoshi Watanabe

Large Scale Crowd Simulation of Terminal Station Area When Tokai Earthquake Advisory Information Is Announced Officially. . . .161
Qing-Lin Cui, Manabu Ichikawa, Toshiyuki Kaneda, and Hiroshi Deguchi

Part VI Miscellany

Boundary Organizations: An Evaluation of Their Impact Through a Multi-Agent System. . . .177
Denis Boissin

A Bibliometric Study of Agent-Based Modeling Literature on the SSCI Database . . . .189
Shu-Heng Chen, Yu-Hsiang Yang, and Wen-Jen Yu

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Keyword Index . . . .201