Agents for Games and Simulations II

Agents for Games and Simulations II (2011) .. edited by Frank Dignum etc

Table of Contents

Section 1. Architectures

Unreal Goal Bots: Conceptual Design of a Reusable Interface . . . 1
Koen V. Hindriks, Birna van Riemsdijk, Tristan Behrens, Rien Korstanje, Nick Kraayenbrink, Wouter Pasman, and Lennard de Rijk

A Periphery of Pogamut: From Bots to Agents and Back Again . . . 19
Jakub Gemrot, Cyril Brom, and Tomas Plch

Goal-Based Communication Using BDI Agents as Virtual Humans in Training: An Ontology Driven Dialogue System . . . 38
Joost van Oijen, Willem van Doesburg, and Frank Dignum

Evaluation and Comparison of Multi-agent Based Crowd Simulation Systems . . . 53
Bikramjit Banerjee and Landon Kraemer

Towards an Architecture for Collaborative Human/AI Control of Interactive Characters . . . 67
James Niehaus and Peter Weyhrauch

Section 2. Training and Story Lines

An Architecture for Directing Value-Driven Artificial Characters . . . 76
Rossana Damiano and Vincenzo Lombardo

Implicitly and Intelligently Influencing the Interactive Experience . . . 91
Michael J. O’Grady, Mauro Dragone, Richard Tynan, Gregory M.P. O’Hare, Jie Wan, and Conor Muldoon

Creating Customized Game Experiences by Leveraging Human Creative Effort: A Planning Approach . . . 99
Boyang Li and Mark O. Riedl

Guiding User Adaptation in Serious Games . . . 117
Joost Westra, Frank Dignum, and Virginia Dignum

Using Agent Technology to Build a Real-World Training Application . . . 132
Michal Cap, Annerieke Heuvelink, Karel van den Bosch, and Willem van Doesburg

Section 3. Social Behavior and Organization

Semi-Automated Dialogue Act Classification for Situated Social Agents in Games . . . 148
Jeff Orkin and Deb Roy

Using Exclusion Logic to Model Social Practices . . . 163
Richard Evans

Making Games ALIVE: An Organisational Approach . . . 179
Sergio Alvarez-Napagao, Fernando Koch, Ignasi Gomez-Sebastia, and Javier Vazquez-Salceda

Building Quests for Online Games with Virtual Institutions . . . 192
Gustavo Aranda, Tomas Trescak, Marc Esteva, and Carlos Carrascosa

Author Index . . . 207