Conceptual Structures for Discovering Knowledge

Conceptual Structures for Discovering Knowledge (2011) .. 19th Int. Conf. on Conceptual Structures ICCS 2011

Invited Papers

Frithjof Dau:
Semantic Technologies for Enterprises. 1-18

Sebastian Rudolph, Michael Schneider:
Utility and Feasibility of Reasoning beyond Decidability in Semantic Technologies. 19-34

John F. Sowa:
Cognitive Architectures for Conceptual Structures. 35-49

Accepted Papers

Simon Andrews:
In-Close2, a High Performance Formal Concept Miner. 50-62

Simon Andrews, Simon Polovina:
A Mapping from Conceptual Graphs to Formal Concept Analysis. 63-76

Peggy Cellier, Sébastien Ferré, Mireille Ducassé, Thierry Charnois:
Partial Orders and Logical Concept Analysis to Explore Patterns Extracted by Data Mining. 77-90

Etienne Cuvelier, Marie-Aude Aufaure:
A Buzz and E-Reputation Monitoring Tool for Twitter Based on Galois Lattices. 91-103

Boris Galitsky, Gabor Dobrocsi, Josep Lluís de la Rosa, Sergei O. Kuznetsov:
Using Generalization of Syntactic Parse Trees for Taxonomy Capture on the Web. 104-117

David Jakobsen, Peter Øhrstrøm, Henrik Schärfe:
A.N. Prior’s Ideas on Tensed Ontology. 118-130

Mary Keeler:
Crowdsourced Knowledge: Peril and Promise for Conceptual Structures Research. 131-144

Ivan Launders:
Evaluating the Transaction Graph through a Financial Trading Case Study. 145-158

Mohammed Nasri, Adil Kabbaj, Karim Bouzouba:
Integration of the Controlled Language ACE to the Amine Platform. 159-172

Ivelina Nikolova, Galia Angelova:
Identifying Relations between Medical Concepts by Parsing UMLS® Definitions. 173-186

Chiara Del Vescovo, Bijan Parsia, Ulrike Sattler:
Topicality in Logic-Based Ontologies. 187-200

Jonas Poelmans, Paul Elzinga, Guido Dedene, Stijn Viaene, Sergei O. Kuznetsov:
A Concept Discovery Approach for Fighting Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution. 201-214

Matei Popovici, Mihnea Muraru, Alexandru Agache, Cristian Giumale, Lorina Negreanu, Ciprian Dobre:
A Modeling Method and Declarative Language for Temporal Reasoning Based on Fluid Qualities. 215-228

Camille Pradel, Ollivier Haemmerlé, Nathalie Hernandez:
Expressing Conceptual Graph Queries from Patterns: How to Take into Account the Relations. 229-242

Uta Priss:
Unix Systems Monitoring with FCA. 243-256

Mohamed Rouane Hacene, Petko Valtchev, Roger Nkambou:
Supporting Ontology Design through Large-Scale FCA-Based Ontology Restructuring. 257-269

Benedikt Schmidt, Heiko Paulheim, Todor Stoitsev, Max Mühlhäuser:
Towards a Formalization of Individual Work Execution at Computer Workplaces. 270-283

Mahito Sugiyama, Akihiro Yamamoto:
Semi-supervised Learning for Mixed-Type Data via Formal Concept Analysis. 284-297

Short Papers

Galia Angelova, Svetla Boytcheva, Dimitar Tcharaktchiev:
Towards Structuring Episodes in Patient History. 298-303

David Love:
Rigorous, and Informal? 304-308

Jeffrey A. Schiffel, Shaun Bridges:
OpenSEA – Using Common Logic to Provide a Semantic Enterprise Architecture Framework. 309-314

International Workshop on the Concept Formation and Extraction in Under-Traversed Domains

Ray R. Hashemi, Leslie Sears, Azita Bahrami:
An Android Based Medication Reminder System: A Concept Analysis Approach. 315-322

David Luper, Caner Kazanci, John R. Schramski, Hamid R. Arabnia:
System Decomposition for Temporal Concept Analysis. 323-330

Hassan Reza, Kirk Ogaard:
Modeling UAS Swarm System Using Conceptual and Dynamic Architectural Modeling Concepts. 331-338

Kazem Taghva, Russell Beckley, Jeffrey S. Coombs:
Name Extraction and Formal Concept Analysis. 339-345

International Workshop on Task Specific Information Retrieval

Obada Alhabashneh, Rahat Iqbal, Nazaraf Shah, Saad Amin, Anne E. James:
Towards the Development of an Integrated Framework for Enhancing Enterprise Search Using Latent Semantic Indexing. 346-352

Farzad Amirjavid, Abdenour Bouzouane, Bruno Bouchard:
Trace of Objects to Retrieve Prediction Patterns of Activities in Smart Homes. 353-356

Neeraj Kumar, Kashif Iqbal:
Distributed Context Aware Collaborative Filtering Approach for Service Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks. 357-365

Catherine Mulwa, Séamus Lawless, M. Rami Ghorab, Eileen O’Donnell, Mary Sharp, Vincent Wade:
A Framework for the Evaluation of Adaptive IR Systems through Implicit Recommendation. 366-374

Jetendr Shamdasani, Peter Bloodsworth, Kamran Munir, Hanene Boussi Rahmouni, Richard McClatchey:
MedMatch – Towards Domain Specific Semantic Matching. 375-382

Mohammad Reza Shahmoradi, Babak Akhgar:
Application Identification of Semantic Web Techniques in KM Systems. 383-393

Conceptual Structures – Learning, Teaching and Assessment Workshop

Simon Andrews:
Aligning the Teaching of FCA with Existing Module Learning Outcomes. 394-401

G. Nagarjuna, Meena Kharatmal:
A Proposal for Developing a Primer for Constructing and Analyzing Conceptual Structures. 402-405

Richard Hill, Dharmendra Shadija:
Internationalising the Computing Curricula: A Peircian Approach. 406-413

Nancy R. Romance, Michael R. Vitale:
Broadening the Ontological Perspectives in Science Learning: Implications for Research and Practice in Science Teaching. 414-421