I Is an Other

I Is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How It Shapes the Way We See the World (2011) .. by @JamesGeary

Table of Contents

Foreword: Why I is an Other … 1

Metaphor and Thought: All Shook Up … 5

Metaphor and Etymology: Language is Fossil Poetry … 17

Metaphor and Money: How High Can a Dead Cat Bounce? … 29

Metaphor and the Mind: Imagining an Apple in Someone’s Eye … 44

Metaphor and Advertising: Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads in Them … 58

Metaphor and the Brain: Bright Sneezes and Loud Sunlight … 76

Metaphor and the Body: Anger is a Heated Fluid in a Container … 94

Metaphor and Politics: Freedom Fries and Liberty Cabbage … 112

Metaphor and Pleasure: Experience is a Comb That Nature Gives to Bald Men … 137

Metaphor and Children: How Should One Refer to the Sky? … 152

Metaphor and Science: The Earth is Like a Rice Pudding … 167

Metaphor and Parables and Proverbs: Mighty Darn Good Lies … 179

Metaphor and Innovation: Make it Strange … 197

Metaphor and Psychology: A Little Splash of Color From My Mother … 208

Backword: The Logic of Metaphor … 223

Acknowledgments … 227

Notes … 229

Bibliography … 259

Index … 291