Multiple Classifier Systems

Multiple Classifier Systems (2011) .. 10th International Workshop, MCS 2011, Naples

Invited Papers

Shai Avidan:
Ensemble Methods for Tracking and Segmentation (Abstract). 1

Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi:
Ensembles and Multiple Classifiers: A Game-Theoretic View. 2-5

Classifier Ensembles I

Larry Shoemaker, Lawrence O. Hall:
Anomaly Detection Using Ensembles. 6-15

Nikita Spirin, Konstantin Vorontsov:
Learning to Rank with Nonlinear Monotonic Ensemble. 16-25

Claudio De Stefano, Francesco Fontanella, Gianluigi Folino, Alessandra Scotto di Freca:
A Bayesian Approach for Combining Ensembles of GP Classifiers. 26-35

Classifier Ensembles II

Jaume Gibert, Ernest Valveny, Oriol Ramos Terrades, Horst Bunke:
Multiple Classifiers for Graph of Words Embedding. 36-45

Amber Tomas:
A Dynamic Logistic Multiple Classifier System for Online Classification. 46-55

Stefan Faußer, Friedhelm Schwenker:
Ensemble Methods for Reinforcement Learning with Function Approximation. 56-65

Trees and Forests

José-Francisco Díez-Pastor, Cesar García-Osorio, Juan José Rodríguez, Andrés Bustillo:
GRASP Forest: A New Ensemble Method for Trees. 66-75

Juan José Rodríguez, José-Francisco Díez-Pastor, Cesar García-Osorio:
Ensembles of Decision Trees for Imbalanced Data. 76-85

Yubin Park, Joydeep Ghosh:
Compact Ensemble Trees for Imbalanced Data. 86-95

One-Class Classifiers

Veronika Cheplygina, David M. J. Tax:
Pruned Random Subspace Method for One-Class Classifiers. 96-105

Pierluigi Casale, Oriol Pujol, Petia Radeva:
Approximate Convex Hulls Family for One-Class Classification. 106-115

Multiple Kernels

Wan-Jui Lee, Robert P. W. Duin, Marco Loog:
Generalized Augmentation of Multiple Kernels. 116-125

Maxim Panov, Alexander Tatarchuk, Vadim Mottl, David Windridge:
A Modified Neutral Point Method for Kernel-Based Fusion of Pattern-Recognition Modalities with Incomplete Data Sets. 126-136

Muhammad Awais, Fei Yan, Krystian Mikolajczyk, Josef Kittler:
Two-Stage Augmented Kernel Matrix for Object Recognition. 137-146

Fei Yan, Krystian Mikolajczyk, Josef Kittler:
Multiple Kernel Learning via Distance Metric Learning for Interactive Image Retrieval. 147-156

Classifier Selection

Luana Batista, Eric Granger, Robert Sabourin:
Dynamic Ensemble Selection for Off-Line Signature Verification. 157-166

Ignazio Pillai, Giorgio Fumera, Fabio Roli:
Classifier Selection Approaches for Multi-label Problems. 167-176

Maria Teresa Ricamato, Mario Molinara, Francesco Tortorella:
Selection Strategies for pAUC-Based Combination of Dichotomizers. 177-186

Sequential Combination

János Csirik, Peter Bertholet, Horst Bunke:
Sequential Classifier Combination for Pattern Recognition in Wireless Sensor Networks. 187-196

Eloi Puertas, Sergio Escalera, Oriol Pujol:
Multi-class Multi-scale Stacked Sequential Learning. 197-206


Raymond S. Smith, M. Bober, Terry Windeatt:
A Comparison of Random Forest with ECOC-Based Classifiers. 207-216

Paolo Simeone, Claudio Marrocco, Francesco Tortorella:
Two Stage Reject Rule for ECOC Classification Systems. 217-226

Miguel Ángel Bautista, Oriol Pujol, Xavier Baró, Sergio Escalera:
Introducing the Separability Matrix for Error Correcting Output Codes Coding. 227-236


Moacir P. Ponti Jr., João P. Papa:
Improving Accuracy and Speed of Optimum-Path Forest Classifier Using Combination of Disjoint Training Subsets. 237-248

Yaxin Bi:
Analyzing the Relationship between Diversity and Evidential Fusion Accuracy. 249-258


Anna Jurek, Yaxin Bi, Shengli Wu, Chris D. Nugent:
Classification by Cluster Analysis: A New Meta-Learning Based Approach. 259-268

Ayan Acharya, Eduardo R. Hruschka, Joydeep Ghosh, Sreangsu Acharyya:
C 3E: A Framework for Combining Ensembles of Classifiers and Clusterers. 269-278

Vladimir B. Berikov:
A Latent Variable Pairwise Classification Model of a Clustering Ensemble. 279-288

Fabrizio Smeraldi, Manuele Bicego, Marco Cristani, Vittorio Murino:
CLOOSTING: CLustering Data with bOOSTING. 289-298


Nikolay Degtyarev, Oleg Seredin:
A Geometric Approach to Face Detector Combining. 299-308

Emanuela Marasco, Peter A. Johnson, Carlo Sansone, Stephanie A. C. Schuckers:
Increase the Security of Multibiometric Systems by Incorporating a Spoofing Detection Algorithm in the Fusion Mechanism. 309-318

Josef Kittler, Norman Poh, Amin Merati:
Cohort Based Approach to Multiexpert Class Verification. 319-329

Computer Security

Davide Ariu, Giorgio Giacinto:
A Modular Architecture for the Analysis of HTTP Payloads Based on Multiple Classifiers. 330-339

Wael Khreich, Eric Granger, Ali Miri, Robert Sabourin:
Incremental Boolean Combination of Classifiers. 340-349

Battista Biggio, Igino Corona, Giorgio Fumera, Giorgio Giacinto, Fabio Roli:
Bagging Classifiers for Fighting Poisoning Attacks in Adversarial Classification Tasks. 350-359

Alberto Dainotti, Antonio Pescapè, Carlo Sansone, Antonio Quintavalle:
Using a Behaviour Knowledge Space Approach for Detecting Unknown IP Traffic Flows. 360-369