Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Robots

Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Robots (2011) .. by Jeffrey L. Krichmar etc


List of contributors page vii

Preface xi

Part I Introduction 1

1 History and potential of neuromorphic robotics 3
Jeffrey L. Krichmar and Hiroaki Wagatsuma

Part II Neuromorphic robots: biologically and neurally inspired designs 9

2 Robust haptic recognition by anthropomorphic robot hand 11
Koh Hosoda

3 Biomimetic robots as scientific models: a view from the whisker tip 23
Ben Mitchinson, Martin J. Pearson, Anthony G. Pipe, and Tony J. Prescott

4 Sensor-rich robots driven by real-time brain circuit algorithms 58
Andrew Felch and Richard Granger

Part III Brain-based robots: architectures and approaches 85

5 The RatSLAM project: robot spatial navigation 87
Gordon Wyeth, Michael Milford, Ruth Schulz, and Janet Wiles

6 Evolution of rewards and learning mechanisms in Cyber Rodents 109
Eiji Uchibe and Kenji Doya

7 A neuromorphically inspired architecture for cognitive robots 129
Mitch Wilkes, Erdem Erdemir, and Kazuhiko Kawamura

8 Autonomous visuomotor development for neuromorphic robots 156
Zhengping Ji, Juyang Weng, and Danil Prokhorov

9 Brain-inspired robots for autistic training and care 178
Emilia I. Barakova and Loe Feijs

Part IV Philosophical and theoretical considerations 215

10 From hardware and software to kernels and envelopes: a concept shift for robotics, developmental psychology, and brain sciences 217
Frédéric Kaplan and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

11 Can cognitive developmental robotics cause a paradigm shift? 251
Minoru Asada

12 A look at the hidden side of situated cognition: a robotic study of brain-oscillation-based dynamics of instantaneous, episodic, and conscious memories 274
Hiroaki Wagatsuma

13 The case for using brain-based devices to study consciousness 303
Jason G. Fleischer, Jeffrey L. McKinstry, David B. Edelman, and Gerald M. Edelman

Part V Ethical considerations 321

14 Ethical implications of intelligent robots 323
George A. Bekey, Patrick Lin, and Keith Abney

15 Toward robot ethics through the ethics of autism 345
Masayoshi Shibata

Index 362