Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence

Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (2011) .. 4th International Conference, PReMI 2011

Invited Talks

Rakesh Agrawal, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Anitha Kannan, Krishnaram Kenthapadi:
Enriching Education through Data Mining. 1-2

Boris Mirkin, Susana Nascimento, Trevor I. Fenner, Rui Felizardo:
How to Visualize a Crisp or Fuzzy Topic Set over a Taxonomy. 3-12

B. John Oommen:
On Merging the Fields of Neural Networks and Adaptive Data Structures to Yield New Pattern Recognition Methodologies. 13-16

Mikhail A. Roytberg:
Quality of Algorithms for Sequence Comparison. 17-20

Alexey Ya. Chervonenkis:
Problems of Machine Learning. 21-23

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Olga Krasotkina, Vadim Mottl, Pavel A. Turkov:
Bayesian Approach to the Pattern Recognition Problem in Nonstationary Environment. 24-29

A. A. Popov, T. A. Gultyaeva:
The Classification of Noisy Sequences Generated by Similar HMMs. 30-35

Neminath Hubballi, Bidyut Kr. Patra, Sukumar Nandi:
NDoT: Nearest Neighbor Distance Based Outlier Detection Technique. 36-42

Tim B. Kaiser, Stefan E. Schmidt:
Some Remarks on the Relation between Annotated Ordered Sets and Pattern Structures. 43-48

Aleksandr Perevoznikov, Alexey Shestov, Evgenii Permiakov, Mikhail Kumskov:
Solving the Structure-Property Problem Using k-NN Classification. 49-53

Alexander Lepskiy:
Stable Feature Extraction with the Help of Stochastic Information Measure. 54-59

Lipika Dey, Bhakti Gaonkar:
Wavelet-Based Clustering of Social-Network Users Using Temporal and Activity Profiles. 60-65

Konstantin Vorontsov, Andrey Ivahnenko:
Tight Combinatorial Generalization Bounds for Threshold Conjunction Rules. 66-73

Evensen E. Masaki, Sang-Woon Kim:
An Improvement of Dissimilarity-Based Classifications Using SIFT Algorithm. 74-79

Soma Dutta:
Introduction, Elimination Rules for ¬ and ?: A Study from Graded Context. 80-85

Image Analysis

Rajarshi Biswas, Sambhunath Biswas:
Discrete Circular Mapping for Computation of Zernike Moments. 86-91

Chin-Wei Bong, Hong Yoong Lam:
Unsupervised Image Segmentation with Adaptive Archive-Based Evolutionary Multiobjective Clustering. 92-97

Susmita Ghosh, Moumita Roy:
Modified Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network with Semi-supervision for Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images. 98-103

Rajarshi Pal, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Pabitra Mitra:
Image Retargeting through Constrained Growth of Important Rectangular Partitions. 104-109

Sauravjyoti Sarmah, Dhruba Kumar Bhattacharyya:
SATCLUS: An Effective Clustering Technique for Remotely Sensed Images. 110-115

Duy Khuong Nguyen, The Duy Bui, Thanh Ha Le:
Blur Estimation for Barcode Recognition in Out-of-Focus Images. 116-121

Oishila Bandyopadhyay, Bhabatosh Chanda, Bhargab B. Bhattacharya:
Entropy-Based Automatic Segmentation of Bones in Digital X-ray Images. 122-129

Jaser Doroshenko, Lev Dulkin, Viktor K. Salakhutdinov, Yuri G. Smetanin:
Principle and Method of Image Recognition under Diffusive Distortions of Image. 130-135

Anatoliy Plastinin:
Regression Models for Texture Image Analysis. 136-141

Xavier Descombes, Sergey Komech:
Shape Descriptor Based on the Volume of Transformed Image Boundary. 142-147

Anandarup Roy, Swapan K. Parui, Debyani Nandi, Utpal Roy:
Color Image Segmentation Using a Semi-wrapped Gaussian Mixture Model. 148-153

Santanu Chaudhury, Shantanu Ghosh, Amrita Basu, Brejesh Lall, Sumantra Dutta Roy, Lopamudra Choudhury, R. Prashanth, Ashish Singh, Amit Maniyar:
Perception-Based Design for Tele-presence. 154-159

Debi Prosad Dogra, Arun K. Majumdar, Shamik Sural, Jayanta Mukherjee, Suchandra Mukherjee, Arun Kumar Singh:
Automatic Adductors Angle Measurement for Neurological Assessment of Post-neonatal Infants during Follow Up. 160-166

Image and Video Information Retrieval

Malay K. Kundu, Manish Chowdhury, Minakshi Banerjee:
Interactive Image Retrieval with Wavelet Features. 167-172

Badri Narayan Subudhi, Ashish Ghosh:
Moving Objects Detection from Video Sequences Using Fuzzy Edge Incorporated Markov Random Field Modeling and Local Histogram Matching. 173-179

Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah:
Combined Topological and Directional Relations Based Motion Event Predictions. 180-185

Divya Hariharan, Tinku Acharya, Sushmita Mitra:
Recognizing Hand Gestures of a Dancer. 186-192

B. Uma Shankar, Debarati Chakraborty:
Spatiotemporal Approach for Tracking Using Rough Entropy and Frame Subtraction. 193-199

Nipun Pande, Prithwijit Guha:
OSiMa: Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image. 200-205

Vikram Garg, Ehtesham Hassan, Santanu Chaudhury, Madan Gopal:
Scene Categorization Using Topic Model Based Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields. 206-212

M. S. Venkatesh, Santanu Chaudhury, Brejesh Lall:
Uncalibrated Camera Based Interactive 3DTV. 213-219

Natural Language Processing and Text and Data Mining

Suprabhat Das, Pabitra Mitra:
Author Identification in Bengali Literary Works. 220-226

Rajendra Prasath, Pinar Öztürk:
Finding Potential Seeds through Rank Aggregation of Web Searches. 227-234

Boris V. Dobrov, Natalia V. Loukachevitch:
Combining Evidence for Automatic Extraction of Terms. 235-241

Suman K. Kundu, C. A. Murthy, Sankar K. Pal:
A New Centrality Measure for Influence Maximization in Social Networks. 242-247

Alexander Bolkhovityanov, Andrey Chepovskiy:
Method of Cognitive Semantic Analysis of Russian Sentence. 248-253

Ivan Shamshurin:
Data Representation in Machine Learning-Based Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews. 254-260

Valeriy I. Novitskiy:
Automatic Retrieval of Parallel Collocations. 261-267

Maunendra Sankar Desarkar, Rahul Joshi, Sudeshna Sarkar:
Displacement Based Unsupervised Metric for Evaluating Rank Aggregation. 268-273

Saptaditya Maiti, Deba P. Mandal, Pabitra Mitra:
Sentence Ranking for Document Indexing. 274-279

Watermarking, Steganography and Biometrics

Dinabandhu Bhandari, Lopamudra Kundu, Sankar K. Pal:
Optimal Parameter Selection for Image Watermarking Using MOGA. 280-285

Sudeb Das, Malay Kumar Kundu:
Hybrid Contourlet-DCT Based Robust Image Watermarking Technique Applied to Medical Data Management. 286-292

Malay Kumar Kundu, Arpan Kumar Maiti:
Accurate Localizations of Reference Points in a Fingerprint Image. 293-298

Arijit Sur, Piyush Goel, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay:
Adaptive Pixel Swapping Based Steganography Reducing Embedding Noise. 299-304

C. R. Sahoo, Shamik Sural, Gerhard Rigoll, A. Sanchez:
Classification and Quantification of Occlusion Using Hidden Markov Model. 305-310

Soft Computing and Applications

Subrata Bhowmik:
IC-Topological Spaces and Applications in Soft Computing. 311-317

Aditi Mandal, Susmita Ghosh, Ashish Ghosh:
Neuro-Genetic Approach for Detecting Changes in Multitemporal Remotely Sensed Images. 318-323

D. Dutta Majumder, Sankar Karan, Arunava Goswami:
Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles – A Fuzzy Mathematical Approach. 324-332

Lin Zhou, Feng Jiang:
A Rough Set Based Decision Tree Algorithm and Its Application in Intrusion Detection. 333-338

Md. Aquil Khan, Mohua Banerjee:
Information Systems and Rough Set Approximations: An Algebraic Approach. 339-344

Clustering and Network Analysis

Marek Sikora, Marcin Michalak, Beata Sikora:
Approximation of a Coal Mass by an Ultrasonic Sensor Using Regression Rules. 345-350

Sergey Golovachev:
Forecasting the U.S. Stock Market via Levenberg-Marquardt and Haken Artificial Neural Networks Using ICA&PCA Pre-processing Techniques. 351-357

Evgeny Kharitonov:
Empirical Study of Matrix Factorization Methods for Collaborative Filtering. 358-363

Nizar Bouguila, Djemel Ziou, Sabri Boutemedjet:
Simultaneous Non-gaussian Data Clustering, Feature Selection and Outliers Rejection. 364-369

Malika Charrad, Mohamed Ben Ahmed:
Simultaneous Clustering: A Survey. 370-375

Manasi Sapre, Nita Parekh:
Analysis of Centrality Measures of Airport Network of India. 376-381

Roberto P. Baragona:
Clusters of Multivariate Stationary Time Series by Differential Evolution and Autoregressive Distance. 382-387

Bio and Chemo Informatics

Rajat K. De, Anupam Ghosh:
Neuro-fuzzy Methodology for Selecting Genes Mediating Lung Cancer. 388-393

Anindya Bhattacharya, Rajat K. De:
A Methodology for Handling a New Kind of Outliers Present in Gene Expression Patterns. 394-399

Losiana Nayak, Rajat K. De:
Developmental Trend Derived from Modules of Wnt Signaling Pathways. 400-405

Michal Kozielski, Aleksandra Gruca:
Evaluation of Semantic Term and Gene Similarity Measures. 406-411

Malay Bhattacharyya, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Ujjwal Maulik:
Finding Bicliques in Digraphs: Application into Viral-Host Protein Interactome. 412-417

Document Image Processing

Darko Brodic:
Advantages of the Extended Water Flow Algorithm for Handwritten Text Segmentation. 418-423

Sergey Golubev:
Construction of Model of Structured Documents Based on Machine Learning. 424-431

Tapan Kumar Bhowmik, Jean-Paul van Oosten, Lambert Schomaker:
Segmental K-Means Learning with Mixture Distribution for HMM Based Handwriting Recognition. 432-439

Desislava Boyadzieva, Georgi Gluhchev:
Feature Set Selection for On-Line Signatures Using Selection of Regression Variables. 440-445

Ranjit Ghoshal, Anandarup Roy, Tapan Kumar Bhowmik, Swapan K. Parui:
Headline Based Text Extraction from Outdoor Images. 446-451

Elena Polezhaeva:
Incremental Methods in Collaborative Filtering for Ordinal Data. 452-457

Rupesh Gupta, Santanu Chaudhury:
A Scheme for Attentional Video Compression. 458-465

Michael Bogatyrev, Alexey Kolosoff:
Using Conceptual Graphs for Text Mining in Technical Support Services. 466-471