Proceedings of the Workshop on Automatic Text Summarization 2011

Proceedings of the Workshop on Automatic Text Summarization 2011 [PDF] .. Canadian AI, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Table of Contents

A Word from the Organizers … 1

Bringing Summarization to End Users: Semantic Assistants for Integrating NLP Web Services and Desktop Clients (Invited Talk) … 2

Rene Witte

The Role of Automatic Summarization in the Canadian Language Industry (Invited Talk) … 4

Atefeh Farzindar

PathSum: A Summarization Framework Based on Hierarchical Topics … 5

William M. Darling and Fei Song

Deep Learning for Automatic Summary Scoring … 17

Pierre-Etienne Genest, Fabrizio Gotti, and Yoshua Bengio

Semantic Modeling of Multimodal Documents for Abstractive Summarization … 29

Charles F. Greenbacker, Kathleen F. McCoy, Sandra Carberry, and David D. McDonald

Shallow Semantics for Extractive Summarization Using Connexor Machinese Semantics … 41

Darren Kipp

Toward Extractive Summarization of Multimodal Documents … 53

Peng Wu and Sandra Carberry

Author Index … 65

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