Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology

Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology: Second International Workshop, SFCM 2011 .. SFCM

Lauri Karttunen:
Beyond Morphology: Pattern Matching with FST. 1-13

Marcis Pinnis, Karlis Goba:
Maximum Entropy Model for Disambiguation of Rich Morphological Tags. 14-22

Benoît Sagot, Géraldine Walther:
Non-canonical Inflection: Data, Formalisation and Complexity Measures. 23-45

Gertrud Faaß:
A User-Oriented Approach to Evaluation and Documentation of a Morphological Analyzer. 46-66

Krister Lindén, Erik Axelson, Sam Hardwick, Tommi A. Pirinen, Miikka Silfverberg:
HFST – Framework for Compiling and Applying Morphologies. 67-85

Esmé Manandise, Claudia Gdaniec:
Morphology to the Rescue Redux: Resolving Borrowings and Code-Mixing in Machine Translation. 86-97

Mohammed Attia, Pavel Pecina, Antonio Toral, Lamia Tounsi, Josef van Genabith:
A Lexical Database for Modern Standard Arabic Interoperable with a Finite State Morphological Transducer. 98-118

Septina Dian Larasati, Vladislav Kubon, Daniel Zeman:
Indonesian Morphology Tool (MorphInd): Towards an Indonesian Corpus. 119-129

Yves Scherrer:
Morphology Generation for Swiss German Dialects. 130-140