Text, Speech and Dialogue

Text, Speech and Dialogue (2011) .. 14th International Conference, TSD 2011, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Invited Talks

Hynek Hermansky:
Dealing with Unexpected Words in Automatic Recognition of Speech. 1-15

Mark Epstein:
A Cloud on the Horizon. 16

Conference Papers

Martin Gropp, Elmar Nöth, Korbinian Riedhammer:
A Novel Lecture Browsing System Using Ranked Key Phrases and StreamGraphs. 17-24

Iulia Lefter, Léon J. M. Rothkrantz, Gertjan J. Burghouts, Zhenke Yang, Pascal Wiggers:
Addressing Multimodality in Overt Aggression Detection. 25-32

Milan Legát, Jindrich Matousek:
Analysis of Data Collected in Listening Tests for the Purpose of Evaluation of Concatenation Cost Functions. 33-40

David Escudero Mancebo, Carlos Vivaracho-Pascual, César González Ferreras, Valentín Cardeñoso-Payo, Lourdes Aguilar:
Analysis of Inconsistencies in Cross-Lingual Automatic ToBI Tonal Accent Labeling. 41-48

Agnieszka Mykowiecka, Malgorzata Marciniak:
Automatic Semantic Labeling of Medical Texts with Feature Structures. 49-56

Tomás Valenta, Lubos Smídl:
Automatic Switchboard Operator. 57-63

Lucie Skorkovská, Pavel Ircing, Ales Prazák, Jan Lehecka:
Automatic Topic Identification for Large Scale Language Modeling Data Filtering. 64-71

Mark Fishel, Ondrej Bojar, Daniel Zeman, Jan Berka:
Automatic Translation Error Analysis. 72-79

Olga Lyashevskaya, Olga Mitrofanova, Maria Grachkova, Sergey Romanov, Anastasia Shimorina, Alexandra Shurygina:
Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation and Construction Identification Based on Corpus Multilevel Annotation. 80-90

Nikola Ljubesic, Darja Fiser:
Bootstrapping Bilingual Lexicons from Comparable Corpora for Closely Related Languages. 91-98

Yangyang Shi, Pascal Wiggers, Catholijn M. Jonker:
Combining Topic Specific Language Models. 99-106

Zdenek Hanzlícek:
Czech HMM-Based Speech Synthesis: Experiments with Model Adaptation. 107-114

Milos Jakubícek:
Effective Parsing Using Competing CFG Rules. 115-122

Patrick Wambacq, Kris Demuynck:
Efficiency of Speech Alignment for Semi-automated Subtitling in Dutch. 123-130

Longbiao Wang, Kyohei Odani, Atsuhiko Kai:
Evaluation of Hands-Free Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition by Blind Dereverberation Based on Spectral Subtraction by Multi-channel LMS Algorithm. 131-138

Bostjan Vesnicer, Jerneja Zganec-Gros, France Mihelic:
Fusion of Discriminative and Generative Scoring Criteria in GMM-Based Speaker Verification. 139-146

Daniel Tihelka, Martin Méner:
Generalized Non-uniform Time Scaling Distribution Method for Natural-Sounding Speech Rate Change. 147-154

Elzbieta Hajnicz:
Grouping Alternating Schemata in Semantic Valence Dictionary of Polish Verbs. 155-162

Maria Prischepa, Victor Budkov:
Hierarchical Dialogue System for Guide Robot in Shopping Mall Environments. 163-170

Milan Legát, Jindrich Matousek:
Identifying Concatenation Discontinuities by Hierarchical Divisive Clustering of Pitch Contours. 171-178

István Nagy T., Veronika Vincze:
Identifying Verbal Collocations in Wikipedia Articles. 179-186

Zbynek Zajíc, Lukás Machlica, Ludek Müller:
Initialization of fMLLR with Sufficient Statistics from Similar Speakers. 187-194

Tino Haderlein, Cornelia Moers, Bernd Möbius, Frank Rosanowski, Elmar Nöth:
Intelligibility Rating with Automatic Speech Recognition, Prosodic, and Cepstral Evaluation. 195-202

Michal Konkol, Miloslav Konopík:
Maximum Entropy Named Entity Recognition for Czech Language. 203-210

Jan Zizka, Frantisek Darena:
Mining Significant Words from Customer Opinions Written in Different Natural Languages. 211-218

István Nagy T., Richárd Farkas, János Csirik:
On Positive and Unlabeled Learning for Text Classification. 219-226

Michal Jastrzebski:
Optimisation Approach to the Construction of the Polish Morphological Guesser. 227-234

Jaroslava Hlavácová, Michal Hrusecký:
Prefix Recognition Experiments. 235-242

Babak Loni, Gijs van Tulder, Pascal Wiggers, David M. J. Tax, Marco Loog:
Question Classification by Weighted Combination of Lexical, Syntactic and Semantic Features. 243-250

Tilla Fick, Chris Swanepoel:
Recursive Decompounding in Afrikaans. 251-258

Caroline Kaufhold, Georg Stemmer, Elmar Nöth:
Reliable Detection of Important Word Boundaries Using Prosodic Features. 259-267

Sakhia Darjaa, Milos Cernak, Stefan Benus, Milan Rusko, Róbert Sabo, Marián Trnka:
Rule-Based Triphone Mapping for Acoustic Modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition. 268-275

Izaskun Fernandez, Iñaki Alegria, Nerea Ezeiza:
Semantic Relatedness for Named Entity Disambiguation Using a Small Wikipedia. 276-283

Josef V. Psutka, Jan Vanek, Josef Psutka:
Speaker-Clustered Acoustic Models Evaluated on GPU for On-line Subtitling of Parliament Meetings. 284-290

Artur Janicki, Tomasz Staroszczyk:
Speaker Recognition from Coded Speech Using Support Vector Machines. 291-298

Jiri Pribil, Anna Pribilová:
Statistical Analysis of Complementary Spectral Features of Emotional Speech in Czech and Slovak. 299-306

Jan Zelinka, Jan Romportl, Ludek Müller:
Statistical-Based Abbreviation Expansion. 307-314

Frantisek Grézl:
The Role of Neural Network Size in TRAP/HATS Feature Extraction. 315-322

Andrej Gardon, Ales Horák:
Time Dimension in the Dolphin Nick Knowledge Base Using Transparent Intensional Logic. 323-330

Marek Hrúz, Zdenek Krnoul, Pavel Campr, Ludek Müller:
Towards Automatic Annotation of Sign Language Dictionary Corpora. 331-339

Josip Saratlija, Jan Snajder, Bojana Dalbelo Basic:
Unsupervised Topic-Oriented Keyphrase Extraction and Its Application to Croatian. 340-347

Tobias Bocklet, Elmar Nöth, Georg Stemmer:
Voice Assessment of Speakers with Laryngeal Cancer by Glottal Excitation Modeling Based on a 2-Mass Model. 348-355

Jan Svec, Jan Hoidekr, Daniel Soutner, Jan Vavruska:
Web Text Data Mining for Building Large Scale Language Modelling Corpus. 356-363

Jindrich Matousek, Zdenek Hanzlícek, Michal Campr, Zdenek Krnoul, Pavel Campr, Martin Gruber:
Web-Based System for Automatic Reading of Technical Documents for Vision Impaired Students. 364-371

Dmytro Prylipko, Dirk Schnelle-Walka, Spencer Lord, Andreas Wendemuth:
Zanzibar OpenIVR: An Open-Source Framework for Development of Spoken Dialog Systems. 372-379

Balto-Slavonic Natural Language Processing 2011 Workshop

Mian Du, Peter von Etter, Mikhail Kopotev, Mikhail Novikov, Natalia Tarbeeva, Roman Yangarber:
Building Support Tools for Russian-Language Information Extraction. 380-387

Bartosz Broda, Pawel Kedzia:
Finding the Optimal Number of Clusters for Word Sense Disambiguation. 388-394

Nikola Ljubesic, Tomaz Erjavec:
hrWaC and slWac: Compiling Web Corpora for Croatian and Slovene. 395-402

Tomislav Lombarovic, Jan Snajder, Bojana Dalbelo Basic:
Question Classification for a Croatian QA System. 403-410

Vedrana Jankovic, Jan Snajder, Bojana Dalbelo Basic:
Random Indexing Distributional Semantic Models for Croatian Language. 411-418

Michal Marcinczuk, Monika Zasko-Zielinska, Maciej Piasecki:
Structure Annotation in the Polish Corpus of Suicide Notes. 419-426

Li Yang, Erik Peterson, John Chen, Yana Petrova, Rohini K. Srihari:
Unsupervised Russian POS Tagging with Appropriate Context. 427-433

Adam Radziszewski, Adam Wardynski, Tomasz Sniatowski:
WCCL: A Morpho-syntactic Feature Toolkit. 434-441