Advances in Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

Advances in Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems (2012) .. edited by Manuel Graña, etc



Set of Experience and Experiential Decisional DNA 1
E. Szczerbicki, C. Sanín and C. Toro

Artificial Neural Networks, Connectionists Systems and Evolutionary Computation
Editor: Prof Bruno Apolloni, University of Milan, Italy

An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Solving the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem with Availability Constraints 10
C.E. Izquierdo, B.M. Batista and J.M.M. Vega

Performance Comparison of Non-RNN and RNN in Emergence of Discrete Decision Making through Reinforcement Learning 20
M.F. Samsudin and K. Shibata

Genetic Algorithm Solving Orienteering Problem in Large Networks 28
J. Karbowska-Chiliska, J. Koszelew, K. Ostrowski and P. Zabielski

Optimisation of Ensemble Classifiers using Genetic Algorithm 39
M.M. Gaber and M. Bader-El-Den

A Learning Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Distributed Multi-Depot VRP 49
A. Soeanu, S. Ray, M. Debbabi, J. Berger and A. Boukhtouta

Machine Learning and Classical AI
Editor: Prof Floriana Esposito, University of Bari, Italy

Positive Predictive Value Based Dynamic K-Nearest Neighbor 59
I. Mendialdua, N. Oses, B. Sierra and E. Lazkano

An Analysis of Clustering Approaches to Distributed Learning on Heterogeneously Distributed Datasets 69
D. Peteiro-Barral and B. Guijarro-Berdiñas

Unsupervised Discretization Method Based on Adjustable Intervals 79
M. Bennasar, R. Setchi and Y. Hicks

Evaluation of Random Subspace and Random Forest Regression Models Based on Genetic Fuzzy Systems 88
T. Lasota, Z. Telec, B. Trawiski and G. Trawiski

Agent and Multi-Agent Systems
Editor: Prof Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

A Logic for Strategies in Persuasion Dialogue Games 98
M. Kacprzak, K. Budzynska and O. Yaskorska

Multi-Agent Logic based on Temporary Logic TS4Kn serving Web Search 108
V. Rybakov

LMT: A Lightweight Logical Framework for Multi-agent Systems 118
J.N. Crossley and L.P. Cruz

Adaptive Organization for Cooperative Systems 128
N. Abchiche-Mimouni

An Optimal Tactic for Intelligent Agents to Conduct Search & Detection Operations based on Multiple Look Angles 139
B.U. Nguyen and F.-A. Bourque

A Complex System Approach for a Reliable Smart Grid Modeling 149
C. Petermann, S.B. Amor and A. Bui

A Comparison Analysis of Consensus Determining Using One and Two-level Methods 159
A. Kozierkiewicz-Hetmaska and N.T. Nguyen

Knowledge Based and Expert Systems
Editor: Prof Anne Hakansson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Multi-Agent Logic with Distances, Uncertainty and Interaction Based on Linear Temporal Frames 169
V. Rybakov

A Framework for Handling Fuzzy Temporal Events 179
Á. Fernández-Leal, D. Álvarez-Estevez, J.M. Fernández-Pastoriza and V. Moret-Bonillo

On the Continuous Evaluation of the Macrostructure of Sleep 189
D. Alvarez-Estevez, J.M. Fernández-Pastoriza, E. Hernández-Pereira and V. Moret-Bonillo

Entropic Dimensionality Reduction in Discriminating Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia 199
D. Todorov, R. Setchi and A. Bayer

Meaning Judgment Method for Alphabet Abbreviation Using the Association Mechanism 209
S. Tsuchiya, M. Imono, E. Yoshimura and H. Watabe

Method of Constructing the Integral OLAP-model Based on Formal Concept Analysis 219
T. Penkova and A. Korobko

Semantically Enhanced Text Stemmer (SETS) for Document Clustering 228
I. Stankov, D. Todorov and R. Setchi

Prosaico: Characterisation of Objectives within the Scope of an Intelligent System for Sport Advising 238
E. Mosqueira-Rey, D. Prado-Gesto, A. Fernández-Leal and V. Moret-Bonillo

Exploiting the Self-Organizing Financial Stability Map 248
P. Sarlin

Knowledge-Driven Method for Object Qualification in 3D Point Cloud Data 258
H.B. Hmida, C. Cruz, C. Nicolle and F. Boochs

SAC^3 – A Rule-Based System to Include Context in the Durability Analysis of Civil Structures 268
C.A.L. Solano and G.E.B. Córdoba

Predicting the Final Result of Sporting Events Based on Changes in Bookmaker Odds 278
K. Odachowski and J. Grekow

Intelligent Vision, Image Processing and Signal Processing
Editor: Prof Tuan D. Pham; The University of Aizu, Japan

A Novel Channel Estimation Scheme Combining Adaptive Supervised and Unsupervised Algorithms 288
A. Dapena, J. Labrador, P.M. Castro and J.A. García-Naya

Reference Signal Cancellation in Passive Radar using Volterra-Wiener Class Filter with Dynamic Structure 296
P. Biernacki

Prosodic Feature Normalization for Emotion Recognition by using Synthesized Speech 306
M. Suzuki, S. Nakagawa and K. Kita

Regularity Dimension of Medical Images 314
T.D. Pham

Automatic Scoring of Shooting Targets with Tournament Precision 324
J. Rudzinski and M. Luckner

Motion Detection based on Simulated Depth Measurement 335
C.H. Lim, A. Kadyrov, C.S. Chan and H. Liu

Knowledge Management, Ontologies and Data Mining
Editor: Prof. Ron Hartung, Franklyn University, USA

Incorporating Farthest Neighbours in Instance Space Classification 345
D. Vaccaro-Senna and M.M. Gaber

Teleology in Knowledge Mapping 356
P. Krbálek and M. Vacek

Reducing the Size of Ontological Representation of Services using Ontology Recomposition 366
T. Rybicki

Ontologica: Exploiting Ontologies and Natural Language for Representing and Querying Railway Management Logics 376
D. Briola, R. Caccia, M. Bozzano and A. Locoro

Towards an Ontology Model for African Traditional Medicine 386
R.O. Angole, P. Jehopio, G. Maiga and G. Omoda-Onyait

Transitions-Based System 396
T. Raimbault, D. Genest and S. Loiseau

Ontology Based Patterns for Software Security Engineering 406
E. Moradian, A. Håkansson and J.-O. Andersson

MetaConcept: A Meta-ontology for Building Data and Knowledge Repositories 420
G. Bravo

Using OWL Ontology for Reasoning about Schema Mappings in Data Exchange Systems 430
T. Pankowski

Using Differential Evolution to Set Weights to Segments with Different Information Content in the Piecewise Aggregate Approximation 440
M.M.M. Fuad

Ontology Integration by Using Context and Ontology Violation Check 450
D. Wu and A. Håkansson

Towards a Supervised Rocchio-based Semantic Classification of Web Pages 460
S. Albitar, B. Espinasse and S. Fournier

Mobile Sentiment Analysis 470
L. Chambers, E. Tromp, M. Pechenizkiy and M.M. Gaber

OWL: Non Monotonic Ontological Web Language 480
R.G. Djider, A. Mokhtari and N. Boustia

Deterministic Approach for Biclustering of Co-Regulated Genes from Gene Expression Data 490
S. Roy, D.K. Bhattacharyya and J.K. Kalita

Metanode Composition Method for Multilingual Parallel-text Having Many-to-many Relationship 500
T. Fukushima and T. Yoshino

Tensor-based Relational Learning for Ontology Matching 509
A. Szwabe, P. Misiorek and P. Walkowiak

Privacy Aware Community Based Recommender Service for Conferences Attendees 519
A.M. Elmisery, K. Doolin and D. Botvich

Web Intelligence, Text and Multimedia Mining and Retrieval
Editor: Prof Andreas Nuernberger, University of Magdeburg, Germany

A Customized Dependency Tree Kernel for Effective Sentiment Classification 532
Z. Sun, C. Gu and C. Li

Judgment of Depressive Tendency from Emotional Fluctuation in Weblog 545
K. Matsumoto, N. Yoshioka, K. Kita and F. Ren

User Personalization via W-kmeans 555
C. Bouras and V. Tsogkas

Comparing Clustering Algorithms for Psychomime Classification using Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis and Fuzzy c-Means 565
Y. Kurosawa, N. Hatamoto, S. Hamada and T. Takezawa

Automatically Generating Multilingual, Semantically Enhanced, Descriptions of Digital Audio and Video Objects on the Web 575
B.P. Nunes, A. Mera, M.A. Casanova and R. Kawase

WNtags: A Web-Based Tool For Image Labeling And Retrieval With Lexical Ontologies 585
M. Horvat, A. Grbin and G. Gledec

An Algorithm for Tolerance Value Generator in Tolerance Rough Sets Model 595
G. Virginia and H.S. Nguyen

A Cognitive Model of the Web User 605
P.E. Román and J.D. Velásquez

Multilayered Class Discrimination in Large-Scale Taxonomies 615
J.C. Gomez and M.-F. Moens

Intelligent Robotics and Control
Editor: Dr Honghai Liu; University of Portsmouth, UK

A Multi-sensor Switching Scheme with Tolerance to Delay and Packet Loss 626
N. Stankovi, S. Olaru and S.-I. Niculescu

A Model Predictive Control Approach for the Pantograph-Catenary Positioning System 636
A.I. Chiriac, S. Olaru and P. Rodriguez-Ayerbe

Intelligent Tutoring Systems and E-Learning Environments
Editor: Prof Toyohide Watanabe, Nagoya University, Japan

An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Technology-based Education in Iran 646
S. Ghazinoory and M. Afshari-Mofrad

A Course-centered Ontology of Japanese Grammar for a Language Learning Support System 654
J. Wang and T. Mendori

A Method for Detecting Tense Errors in Learner English 664
R. Nagata and V. Sheinman

Intelligent Systems Topics
Editor: Dr Carlos Toro, Vicomtech IK4, Spain

Optimization of Approximate Decision Rules Relative to Number of Misclassifications 674
T. Amin, I. Chikalov, M. Moshkov and B. Zielosko

Pros and Cons of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Linear Identification 684
D. Stefanoiu and F.S. Tudor

Croatian Language N-Gram System 696
Š. Dembitz, B. Blaškovi and G. Gledec

Multi-Agent Stock Trading Algorithm – A Neural Network Approach 706
M. Tirea, I. Tandau and V. Negru

Computer- aided Diagnosis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm after Endovascular Repair Using Texture Analysis 716
G. García, J. Maiora, A. Tapia and M. De Blas

A Human-Computer Interaction System Facilitating Communication with Hearing-Impaired People 726
W. Koziol, H. Wojtowicz, K. Sikora and W. Wajs

Overlapping Community Detection in VCoP using Topic Models 736
R. Muñoz and S.A. Ríos

Evaluation of a Thermal-Comfort Control System Using Real Data 746
P. Bermejo, L. Redondo, L. delaOssa, D. Rodríguez, M.J. Flores, C. Urea, J.A. Gámez, J. Martínez-Gómez and J.M. Puerta

A Model for Content Generation in On-line Social Network 756
P.E. Román, M.E. Gutiérrez and S.A. Rios

Wi-Fi Localization via Particle Filtering and Use for M-commerce 766
J. Garofalakis and D. Varvaras

Thermal Fluids Transfer Systems Supervision Using NN Based Models 778
R.F. García, J.L. Calvo-Rolle and F.J.P. Castelo

A Complex System Approach for Smart Grid Analysis and Modeling 788
G. Guérard, S. Ben Amor and A. Bui

Decomposing the Global Financial Crisis: A Self-Organizing Time Map 798
P. Sarlin

Networks of Polarized Evolutionary Processors as Problem Solvers 807
P.P. Alarcón, F. Arroyo and V. Mitrana

Trust in Communication and Multiagent Systems 816
M. Graña and A. Agreda

Knowledge-Based Systems for e-Business
Editors: Professor Kazuhiko Tsuda, The University of Tsukuba,Tokyo, Japan
Dr Nobuo Suzuki, KDDI Corporation, Japan
Professor Masakazu Takahashi, University of Gumma, Japan

Intelligent Tourism Information Consumption: A Push Semantic Rule-based System 823
C. Lamsfus, D. Martín, A. Alzua-Sorzabal, D. López-de-Ipiña and E. Torres-Manzanera

Effective Extraction Method of Loss Aversion Utterances Based on the Expected Utility 833
N. Suzuki, Y. Fujita and K. Tsuda

An Information Recommendation System Focusing on Social Bookmarking 841
S. Kurahashi and T. Shirakawa

Discovering Shoppers’ Journey in Retail Environment by using RFID 857
M. Vukovic, I. Lovrek and H. Kraljevic

Building Knowledge for Characterization of the Bad Debt Customers in the Mail Order Industry with Random Forest 867
M. Takahashi, H. Azuma, M. Ikeda and K. Tsuda

Lecture Notes in Computer Science: An effective index to learn Software Engineering by using ITSS 875
R. El-Agamy, C. Morimoto and K. Tsuda

Decision Table Expansion Method for Software Testing 885
K. Uetsuki, T. Matsuodani, M. Takahashi and K. Tsuda

An Evaluation Method for Segmental Accommodation Reviews with Text Mining 893
K. Tsujii, T. Ikoma and K. Tsuda

A Robust-Adaptive Control Strategy of a Class of Bioprocesses Using Interval Observers 901
E. Petre, D. Seli teanu and D. endrescu

Skill Acquisition and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction
Editors: Prof. Hirokazu Taki, Wakayama University, Japan
Ass. Prof. Masato Soga, Wakayama University, Japan

An Analysis of White and Blue Background-color Effects on the Scores of Web-based English Grammar Tests using Near-infrared Spectroscopy 911
A.K. Yamazaki and K. Eto

Project-Based Learning with Small Serendipity for Multi-cultural Digital Archive 921
T. Miyachi, S. Iga, T. Furuhata and A. Ogiue

RCA based Local Image Feature Transform and its Application to Object Recognition 931
T. Nishimura, H. Wu, Q. Chen and H. Taki

Message Reply Method by Making use of Node Location Advertisement in VANET 941
H. Miura, M. Noguchi, N. Matsuda, M. Soga and H. Taki

A New Method for Non-Dominant Motion Skill Learning by Using Motion Navigator 953
M. Soga, K. Ishii, T. Nishino and H. Taki

Intelligent Monitoring and High-level Activity Interpretation using Multisensory Systems
Editors: Prof. Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Ass. Prof. Rafael Martínez-Tomás, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain

Accumulative Computation and Fuzzy Sets for Robust Fall Detection in Color Video 960
J. Serrano-Cuerda, M.V. Sokolova, A. Fernández-Caballero, M.T. López and J.C. Castillo

Intelligent Monitoring and Activity Interpretation Framework – INT3-Horus General Description 970
J.C.Castillo, A. Fernández-Caballero, J. Serrano-Cuerda and M.V. Sokolova

Intelligent Monitoring and Activity Interpretation Framework – INT3-Horus Ontological Model 980
M.V. Sokolova, J.C. Castillo, A. Fernández-Caballero and J. Serrano-Cuerda

Identification of Alarming Behaviour Introduced by Monitoring based in the Integration of Ontologies 990
H.F. Gómez, R.M. Tomás and S.A. Tapia

Group Behavior Recognition Issue, Feature Analysis on Defending Pick and Roll Basketball Move 1001
A. Pozo, M.A. Patricio, J. García, J.M. Molina and I. Refoyo

Social Knowledge Support Infrastructure for Human Activity and Creativity
Editors: Asst. Prof Naoto Mukai , Sugiyama Jo-gakuen University, Japan
Assoc. Prof. Taketoshi Ushiama , Kyushu University, Japan
Prof. Toyohide Watanabe, Nagoya University, Japan

Aggregation of News Articles, being Time-dependent on Particular Topic 1011
Y. Tabuchi, Y. Koyanagi and T. Watanabe

Augmenting Social Media Monitoring through Human Collaboration 1021
N. Karacapilidis, R. Loeffler, D. Maassen and M. Tzagarakis

An Overview of a News Map System for Local News in Newspapers 1031
H. Ito

Design and Implementation of a Topic Providing System with Inference of Daily Life Behavior 1041
S. Suzuki, G. Tanaka, K. Ohta, H. Inamura, T. Mizuno and H. Mineno

Focusing Target Estimation for Supporting Awareness of Individual Learning Activity in Collaborative Learning 1051
J. Tanaka, Y. Hayashi and T. Kojiri

An Interface for Browsing Electronic Novels Using Attractiveness Map 1061
S. Murai and T. Ushiama

Learning Support for Intelligence: Functionality and Environment
Editors: Assoc. Prof. Tomoko Kojiri, Kansai University, Japan
Prof. Toyohide Watanabe, Nagoya University, Japan

Discussion Support to Train Meta-cognitive Skill by Improving Internal Self-Conversation for Knowledge Co-creation Workshop 1071
K. Seta, L. Cui, M. Ikeda and N. Matsuda

Supporting Self-Regulated Training on a Web-based Community-Environment for Runners 1081
K. Matsuura, K. Kanenishi and H. Moriguchi

Dynamic Utterance Role Restriction on CSCL 1091
K. Go and Y. Tamura

Effect of Arrangement in Digitized Note on Short-Term Remembrance 1101
M. Miura and R. Kudo

Proposal of an Interactive Remote Lecturing System with Complementary Features of Nonverbal Information 1111
H. Kunimune and M. Niimura

Consideration on the Relationship between Changes in Learners’ Learning Preferences and the Differences in e-Learning Modes of a Course 1121
K. Nishino, T. Mayumi, Y. Iribe, S. Mizuno, N. Ogawa, K. Yajima, K. Aoki and Y. Fukumura

Sub-exercise Generation Support Environment for Logical Understanding of Mathematics 1131
Y. Nogami and T. Kojiri

Population-based Metaheuristics
Editors: Prof. Piotr Jêdrzejowicz, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland
Dr. Ireneusz Czarnowski, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Guaranteeing the Quality of Service in Cluster-based Web Systems 1141
K. Zatwarnicki and L. Borzemski

An Approach to Cluster Initialization for RBF Networks 1151
I. Czarnowski and P. J drzejowicz

Impact of Migration Topologies on Performance of Teams of A-Teams 1161
P. J drzejowicz and I. Wierzbowska

Combined Classifier Constructed from the Reduced Dataset Obtained using Fuzzy C-means and Differential Evolution Algorithms 1171
J. J¸edrzejowicz and P. J ¸edrzejowicz

Fuzzy Evidence Reasoning and Position Fixing 1181
W. Filipowicz

An Agent-Based Implementation of the Multiple Neighborhood Search for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem 1191
D. Barbucha

Team of A-Teams for Solving the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem 1201
P. Jedrzejowicz and E. Ratajczak-Ropel

Advanced Knowledge-based Systems
Editor: Professor Alfredo Cuzzocrea, University of Calabria, Italy

MMDW: A Multi-dimensional and Multi-granular Schema for Data Warehousing 1211
N. Iftikhar

Effective Detection of XML Outliers 1221
A. Cuzzocrea, G. Manco and E. Masciari

Latent Informative Links Detection 1233
L. Hu, J. Cao, G. Xu and Z. Gu

Axiomatizing Inconsistency Metrics for Integrity Maintenance 1243
H. Decker

Finding the Best Source of Information by means of a Socially-enabled Search Engine 1253
P. Fosci and G. Psaila

Modeling and Managing Uncertainty in Concurrent Database Transactions 1263
A. Cuzzocrea, H. Decker and F.D. Muñoz-Escoí

Vertical Frequent Pattern Mining from Uncertain Data 1273
B.P. Budhia, A. Cuzzocrea and C.K. Leung

Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems
Editor: Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu, University of Hyogo, Japan
Prof. Jair Minoro Abe, Paulista University, Brazil

Early Smoke Detection in Outdoor Space by Spatio-temporal Clustering using a Single Video Camera 1283
M. Favorskaya and K. Levtin

Intelligent Texture Reconstruction of Missing Data in Video Sequences Using Neural Networks 1293
M. Favorskaya, M. Damov and A. Zotin

One Approach for Grayscale Image Decorrelation with Adaptive Multi-level 2D KLT 1303
R. Kountchev and K. Nakamatsu

Risk based Government Audit Planning using Naïve Bayes Classifiers 1313
R. Balaniuk, P. Bessiere, E. Mazer and P. Cobbe

A Study on the Variables Related to Software Quality: A Data Mining Based Approach 1324
H.A. do Prado, F.B. Campos, E. Ferneda, N.N. Cornelio and A.H. Filho

A Knowledge-based Process for Selecting Management Professionals 1332
E. Ferneda, H.A. do Prado and A.G.C. Sobrinho

Aspects of Curry Algebras, Computability, Constructibility, and Topological Spaces 1342
J.M. Abe, K. Nakamatsu and S. Akama

An Overview of Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks and Applications 1350
J.M. Abe, H.F.S. Lopes and K. Nakamatsu

Knowledge Engineering Solutions for Biomedical Applications
Editors: Prof. Gloria Bueno, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Dr. Grégory Maclair, Vicomtech IK4, Research Centre, Spain
Carlos Parra, Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, Spain

An Ontology-based Expert System for Decision Support in Cardiac Intensive Care Environments 1360
M. Martínez-Romero, J.M. Vázquez-Naya, J. Pereira, A. Pazos, M. Pereira and Gerardo Baños

Adaptive Parameter Computation for the Automatic Measure of the Tear Break-Up Time 1370
L. Ramos, N. Barreira, A. Mosquera, M. Currás, H. Pena-Verdeal, M.J. Giráldez and M.G. Penedo

Evolved Artificial Neural Networks for Controlling Topological Active Nets Deformation and for Medical Image Segmentation 1380
C.V. Sierra, J. Novo, J. Santos and M.G. Penedo

A Semantic Clinical Decision Support System: Conceptual Architecture and Implementation Guidelines 1390
E. Sanchez, C. Toro, A. Artetxe, M. Graña, E. Carrasco and F. Guijarro

A Comparative Study of Classifier Ensembles for Karyotyping 1400
I. Barandiaran, G. Maclair, I. Goienetxea, C. Jauquicoa and M. Graña

Recent trends in Knowledge Engineering, Smart Systems and their Applications
Editor: Dr. Cesar Sanín , University of Newcastle, Australia
Dr. Carlos Toro, Vicomtech IK4, Research Centre, Spain
Prof. Edward Szczerbicki, University of Newcastle, Australia

The Development of a Knowledge-based Electricity Power Station Condenser Management System 1408
P. Prickett, G. Davies and R. Grosvenor

Application of Wearable Smart System To Support Physical Activity 1418
P. wi tek, P. Klukowski, K. Brzostowski and J. Drapa a

Ontologically Aided Rule Model for the Implementation of ITIL Processes 1428
J. Pastuszak, A. Czarnecki and C. Or owski

Knowledge Engineering Relating to Spatial Web Performance Forecasting with Sequential Gaussian Simulation Method 1439
L. Borzemski and A. Kamiska-Chuchma a

The Concept of Knowledge Bases Supporting the IT Systems Integration Model 1449
C. Or owski, T. Sitek, K. Bartosiewicz and . Szczygielski

Advancing Knowledge Quality and Quantity in Knowledge Markets 1460
L. Mancilla-Amaya, E. Szczerbicki and C. Sanín

Conditions of the Fuzzy Internet Mortgage Market Sub-models Implementation 1470
A. Or owski and E. Szczerbicki

Speed-up of a Knowledge-Based Clinical Diagnosis System using Reflexive Ontologies 1480
A. Artetxe, E. Sanchez, C. Toro, C. Sanin, E. Szczerbicki, M. Graña and J. Posada

Business Process Modelling and Simulation using Formal Experience Record 1490
B. Kucharski and E. Szczerbicki

The Development of Decisional DNA DIGITAL TV 1500
H. Zhang, C. Sanin and E. Szczerbicki

Resource Allocation Problems in Network Processors for the Future Internet 1509
A. Kozik, R. Rudek, P. wi tek and A. Grzech

A Fuzzy Negotiation Model to Assign Variable’s Domain in Constraint Satisfaction Problems: An Agent Based Collaborative Engineering Modeling Case 1521
R. Mejía-Gutiérrez, A. Cálad-Álvarez and D. Zuluaga-Holguín

Decisional DNA with Embedded RELIEF-F and Linear Regression for Knowledge and Experience Management 1531
P. Wang, C. Sanin and E. Szczerbicki

Ontologies for Decision-making
Editor: Dr Cecilia Zanni-Merk, BFO team, University of Strasbourg, France
Dr Gregory Zacharewicz, GRAI, University of Bordeaux 1, France

Ontology Modeling for Intelligence: The ONTO-CIF Model 1543
V. Dragos

Using an Ontology for Modeling Decision-Making Knowledge 1553
E. Kornyshova and R. Deneckère

A Heuristic TRIZ Problem Solving Approach Based on Semantic Relatedness and Ontology Reasoning 1563
W. Yan, C. Zanni-Merk, F. Rousselot, D. Cavallucci and P. Collet

A Description Logics Geographical Ontology for Effective Semantic Analysis of Satellite Images 1573
M. Cravero, F. de Bertrand de Beuvron, C. Zanni-Merk and S. Marc-Zwecker

Multi-strategies Ontology Alignment Aggregated by AHP 1583
F. Song, G. Zacharewicz and D. Chen

Chance Discovery
Editor: Prof. Akinoro Abe, IREIIMS University, Japan
Prof. Yukio Ohsawa, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Logical Analysis for Chance Discovery in Multi-Agents’ Environment 1593
V.V. Rybakov

Supporting Intra-Team Communication Based on Psychological Tagging and Indirect Communication 1602
R. Oehlmann and Z. Syed

A Cross-cultural Study on Trust and Risk Perception among Japan, China, and the United States: Focusing on Earthquakes and Nuclear Power Plant Accidents 1609
Y. Nara

Sticky Tsugoes underlying Sticky Information 1622
Y. Ohsawa, K. Horie and M. Akimoto

Eye Movement and Time Perception in Combinatorial Thinking 1632
K. Miyamoto and Y. Ohsawa

Chance Discovery and Black Swan: From the Viewpoint of Abduction and Affordance 1638
A. Abe

Innovation and Automation using MAS
Editor: Dr. Jeffrey W. Tweedale, Defence Science and Technology Organisation and University of South Australia, Australia
Prof. Lakhmi Jain, University of South Australia, Australia

Middleware Interoperability in Tactical Defence Environments Smartphone Integration in the Net Warrior Initiative 1646
K. Foster

Multi-Agent Based System for Analysing Stress using the StressCafé 1656
A. Ghosh, J.W. Tweedale, A. Nafalski and M. Dollard

Using Mutli-Agent Systems to Improve the Level of Autonomy for Operators Controlling Unmanned Vehicles 1666
J.W. Tweedale

Computational Intelligence in Multimedia Processing
Editor: Prof. Otoniel Mario López Granado, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Spain
Prof. Adriana Dapena Janeiro, Universidade Da Coruña, Spain
Prof. Nicolás Guil Mata, Universidad de Málaga, Spain

Effcient Wavelet Sign Prediction: Simulated Annealing vs Genetic Algorithms 1676
J.M. Navarro, P. Moreno, F. Rodríguez-Ballester, A. Martí, M.A. Cruz-Chávez, M.P. Malumbres and O. López

Hybrid Precoding Scheme with Partial CSI at the Transmitter 1685
J. Labrador, P.M. Castro, F.J. Vazquez-Araujo and A. Dapena

H.264/AVC-to-SVC Temporal Transcoding using Machine Learning 1693
R. Garrido-Cantos, J. De Cock, J.L. Martínez, S. Van Leu-ven, P. Cuenca and A. Garrido

Pixel-based Background Initialization using Spatio-temporal Restrictions 1703
J. Villalba-Espinosa, J.M. González-Linares, Julián R. Cózar and N. Guil

Reducing Vocabulary Size in Human Action Classi cation 1712
J.R. Cózar, R. Hernández, Y. Heredia, J.M. González-Linares and N. Guil

Person Identification Based on Lattice Computing k-Nearest-Neighbor Fingerprint Classification 1720
T. Pachidis and V.G. Kaburlasos

CommunyFilm: A Social Network for Collaborative Video Creation 1730
D. Prado-Gesto and E.G. Pons

Knowledge-Based Intelligent System and Application
Editor: Prof. Yuji Iwahori, Chubu University, Japan
Prof. Yoshinori Adachi, Chubu University, Japan
Prof. Nobuhiro Inuzuka, Nagoya Inst. of Technology, Japan

Development of a System to Predict Understanding Level by Blink Frequency 1740
Y. Adachi, K. Konishi, M. Ozaki and Y. Iwahori

Analog Real Time Learning Neural Network using Multiple and Sample Hold Circuits 1749
M. Kawaguchi, T. Jimbo and N. Ishii

A Method of Learning Data Selection for Updating Shadow Model with High Accuracy 1758
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Knowledge Engineering and Computational Intelligence in Medical Image and Medical Data Processing
Editor: Prof. Manuel Graña, University of the Basque Country, Spain
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