Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 13th International Conference, Cicling 2012, Part 2

Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: 13th International Conference, Cicling 2012, Part 2 .. edited by Alexander F. Gelbukh

Natural Language Generation

Mari-Sanna Paukkeri, Jaakko Väyrynen, Antti Arppe:
Exploring Extensive Linguistic Feature Sets in Near-Synonym Lexical Choice. 1-12

Ralf Klabunde, Sebastian Reuße, Björn Schlünder:
Abduction in Games for a Flexible Approach to Discourse Planning. 13-24

Machine Translation and Multilingualism

Salim Roukos, Abraham Ittycheriah, Jian-Ming Xu:
Document-Specific Statistical Machine Translation for Improving Human Translation Productivity. 25-39

Tsuyoshi Okita, Josef van Genabith:
Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding with Enlarged Hypothesis Space in System Combination. 40-51

Hailong Cao, Eiichiro Sumita, Tiejun Zhao, Sheng Li:
Phrasal Syntactic Category Sequence Model for Phrase-Based MT. 52-59

Prashant Mathur, Soma Paul:
Integration of a Noun Compound Translator Tool with Moses for English-Hindi Machine Translation and Evaluation. 60-71

Rima Harastani, Béatrice Daille, Emmanuel Morin:
Neoclassical Compound Alignments from Comparable Corpora. 72-82

Amir Hazem, Emmanuel Morin:
QAlign: A New Method for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora. 83-96

Florian Petran:
Aligning the Un-Alignable – A Pilot Study Using a Noisy Corpus of Nonstandardized, Semi-parallel Texts. 97-109

Antoni Oliver, Salvador Climent:
Parallel Corpora for WordNet Construction: Machine Translation vs. Automatic Sense Tagging. 110-121

Keiji Yasuda, Andrew M. Finch, Eiichiro Sumita:
Method to Build a Bilingual Lexicon for Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems. 122-131

Text Categorization and Clustering

Nandita Tripathi, Michael P. Oakes, Stefan Wermter:
A Fast Subspace Text Categorization Method Using Parallel Classifiers. 132-143

Dequan Zheng, Chenghe Zhang, Geli Fei, Tiejun Zhao:
Research on Text Categorization Based on a Weakly-Supervised Transfer Learning Method. 144-156

Alberto Pérez García-Plaza, Víctor Fresno, Raquel Martínez:
Fuzzy Combinations of Criteria: An Application to Web Page Representation for Clustering. 157-168

Prajol Shrestha, Christine Jacquin, Béatrice Daille:
Clustering Short Text and Its Evaluation. 169-180 Information Extraction and Text Mining

Carlos J. Castillo, Héctor Valero, José Guadalupe Ramos, Josep Silva:
Information Extraction from Webpages Based on DOM Distances. 181-193

Qi Li, Javier Artiles, Taylor Cassidy, Heng Ji:
Combining Flat and Structured Approaches for Temporal Slot Filling or: How Much to Compress? 194-205

Dina Wonsever, Aiala Rosá, Marisa Malcuori, Guillermo Moncecchi, Alan Descoins:
Event Annotation Schemes and Event Recognition in Spanish Texts. 206-218

Béatrice Arnulphy, Xavier Tannier, Anne Vilnat:
Automatically Generated Noun Lexicons for Event Extraction. 219-231

John A. Carroll, Rob Koeling, Shivani Puri:
Lexical Acquisition for Clinical Text Mining Using Distributional Similarity. 232-246

Minhua Huang, Robert M. Haralick:
Developing an Algorithm for Mining Semantics in Texts. 247-260

Fei Wang, Yunfang Wu:
Mining Market Trend from Blog Titles Based on Lexical Semantic Similarity. 261-273

Information Retrieval and Question Answering

Dinesh Mavaluru, R. Shriram, W. Aisha Banu:
Ensemble Approach for Cross Language Information Retrieval. 274-285

Vundavalli Srinivasarao, Vasudeva Varma:
Web Image Annotation Using an Effective Term Weighting. 286-296

Carlos C. Jordão, João Luís Garcia Rosa:
Metaphone-pt_BR: The Phonetic Importance on Search and Correction of Textual Information. 297-305

Xin Xu, Tsuneo Kato:
Robust and Fast Two-Pass Search Method for Lyric Search Covering Erroneous Queries Due to Mishearing. 306-317

Tianyong Hao, Eugene Agichtein:
Bootstrap-Based Equivalent Pattern Learning for Collaborative Question Answering. 318-329

Marcin Walas:
How to Answer Yes/No Spatial Questions Using Qualitative Reasoning? 330-341

Fernando S. Peregrino, David Tomás, Fernando Llopis Pascual:
Question Answering and Multi-search Engines in Geo-Temporal Information Retrieval. 342-352

Document Summarization

Niraj Kumar, Kannan Srinathan, Vasudeva Varma:
Using Graph Based Mapping of Co-occurring Words and Closeness Centrality Score for Summarization Evaluation. 353-365

Araly Barrera, Rakesh Verma:
Combining Syntax and Semantics for Automatic Extractive Single-Document Summarization. 366-377

Girish Keshav Palshikar, Shailesh Deshpande, G. Athiappan:
Combining Summaries Using Unsupervised Rank Aggregation. 378-389

Niraj Kumar, Kannan Srinathan, Vasudeva Varma:
Using Wikipedia Anchor Text and Weighted Clustering Coefficient to Enhance the Traditional Multi-document Summarization. 390-401

Ashish Sadh, Amit Sahu, Devesh Srivastava, Ratna Sanyal, Sudip Sanyal:
Extraction of Relevant Figures and Tables for Multi-document Summarization. 402-413

Filippo Galgani, Paul Compton, Achim G. Hoffmann:
Towards Automatic Generation of Catchphrases for Legal Case Reports. 414-425


Jan De Belder, Marie-Francine Moens:
A Dataset for the Evaluation of Lexical Simplification. 426-437

Luis Sanz, Héctor Allende, Marcelo Mendoza:
Text Content Reliability Estimation in Web Documents: A New Proposal. 438-449

Sumithra Velupillai, Maria Kvist:
Fine-Grained Certainty Level Annotations Used for Coarser-Grained E-Health Scenarios – Certainty Classification of Diagnostic Statements in Swedish Clinical Text. 450-461

Bibekananda Kundu, Sutanu Chakraborti, Sanjay Kumar Choudhury:
Combining Confidence Score and Mal-rule Filters for Automatic Creation of Bangla Error Corpus: Grammar Checker Perspective. 462-477

Miikka Silfverberg, Krister Lindén, Mirka Hyvärinen:
Predictive Text Entry for Agglutinative Languages Using Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation. 478-489

Ashwin Rajadesingan, Anand Mahendran:
Comment Spam Classification in Blogs through Comment Analysis and Comment-Blog Post Relationships. 490-501

Fazel Keshtkar, Candice Burkett, Arthur C. Graesser, Haiying Li:
Detecting Players Personality Behavior with Any Effort of Concealment. 502-514