Reinforcement Learning: State-Of-The-Art

Reinforcement Learning: State-Of-The-Art (2012) .. edited by Marco Wiering etc

Table of contents (19 chapter)

Reinforcement Learning and Markov Decision Processes … Pages 3-42
Otterlo, Martijn (et al.)

Batch Reinforcement Learning … Pages 45-73
Lange, Sascha (et al.)

Least-Squares Methods for Policy Iteration … Pages 75-109
Bu?oniu, Lucian (et al.)

Learning and Using Models … Pages 111-141
Hester, Todd (et al.)

Transfer in Reinforcement Learning: A Framework and a Survey … Pages 143-173
Lazaric, Alessandro

Sample Complexity Bounds of Exploration … Pages 175-204
Li, Lihong

Reinforcement Learning in Continuous State and Action Spaces … Pages 207-251
Hasselt, Hado

Solving Relational and First-Order Logical Markov Decision Processes: A Survey … Pages 253-292
Otterlo, Martijn

Hierarchical Approaches … Pages 293-323
Hengst, Bernhard

Evolutionary Computation for Reinforcement Learning … Pages 325-355
Whiteson, Shimon

Bayesian Reinforcement Learning … Pages 359-386
Vlassis, Nikos (et al.)

Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes … Pages 387-414
Spaan, Matthijs T. J.

Predictively Defined Representations of State … Pages 415-439
Wingate, David

Game Theory and Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning … Pages 441-470
Nowé, Ann (et al.)

Decentralized POMDPs … Pages 471-503
Oliehoek, Frans A.

Psychological and Neuroscientific Connections with Reinforcement Learning … Pages 507-537
Shah, Ashvin

Reinforcement Learning in Games … Pages 539-577
Szita, István

Reinforcement Learning in Robotics: A Survey … Pages 579-610
Kober, Jens (et al.)

Conclusions, Future Directions and Outlook … Pages 613-630
Wiering, Marco (et al.)