Computational Creativity Research: Towards Creative Machines

Computational Creativity Research: Towards Creative Machines (2015) .. edited by Tarek R. Besold, etc


Part I Theory

1 Stakeholder Groups in Computational Creativity Research and Practice … 3
Simon Colton, Alison Pease, Joseph Corneli, Michael Cook, Rose Hepworth and Dan Ventura

2 Weak and Strong Computational Creativity … 37
Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie and Mark Bishop

3 Theorem: General Intelligence Entails Creativity, Assuming … 51
Selmer Bringsjord

4 The Computational Creativity Complex … 65
Dan Ventura

5 How Models of Creativity and Analogy Need to Answer the Tailorability Concern … 93
John Licato, Selmer Bringsjord and Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu

6 On the Role of Computers in Creativity-Support Systems … 109
Bipin Indurkhya

7 IDyOT: A Computational Theory of Creativity as Everyday Reasoning from Learned Information … 127
Geraint A. Wiggins and Jamie Forth

Part II Practice

8 Accounting for Creativity Within a Psychologically Realistic Cognitive Architecture … 151
Ron Sun and Sebastien Helie

9 E Pluribus Unum … 167
Oliver Kutz, John Bateman, Fabian Neuhaus, Till Mossakowski and Mehul Bhatt

10 Ode to a Keatsian Turn: Creating Meaningful and Poetic Instances of Rhetorical Forms … 197
Tony Veale

11 Open-Ended Elaborations in Creative Metaphor … 217
John Barnden

12 Poetry Generation with PoeTryMe … 243
Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Amílcar Cardoso

13 From MEXICA to MEXICA-Impro: The Evolution of a Computer Model for Plot Generation … 267
Rafael Pérez y Pérez

14 Handle: Engineering Artificial Musical Creativity at the “Trickery” Level … 285
Simon Ellis, Alex Haig, Naveen Sundar G, Selmer Bringsjord, Joe Valerio, Jonas Braasch and Pauline Oliveros

15 Computational Creativity and Music … 309
David Cope

16 A Culinary Computational Creativity System … 327
Florian Pinel, Lav R. Varshney and Debarun Bhattacharjya

17 Interactive Meta-Reasoning: Towards a CAD-Like Environment for Designing Game-Playing Agents … 347
Ashok K. Goel and Spencer Rugaber

18 Collective Discovery Events: Web-Based Mathematical Problem-Solving with Codelets … 371
Petros S. Stefaneas, Ioannis M. Vandoulakis, Maricarmen Martinez and Harry Foundalis

Part III Postface

19 A Personal Perspective into the Future for Computational Creativity … 393
Pablo Gervás