Corpus Linguistics for ELT: Research and Practice

Corpus Linguistics for ELT: Research and Practice (2015) .. by Ivor Timmis


1 Introduction
What is a corpus?
Defining a corpus
Types of corpus
What can we do with a corpus?
Questions corpora can answer – quantitative analysis
Qualitative corpus analysis
Corpora and ELT: In need of relationship counselling?
What do corpora have to offer ELT?

2 Building a corpus
Why build your own corpus?
Building a corpus: A basic guide
Analysing corpus data
Word frequency counts

3 Corpora and lexis
Describing the lexicon
Applying our terminology
The importance of lexis – corpus perspectives
Lexis and fluency
Layers of meaning
Corpora and frequency
Implications for the vocabulary syllabus

4 Corpus research and grammar
Grammar and frequency
Frequency findings from corpus research
Corpus research into frequency: Pedagogic implications
Corpus perspectives on grammatical description
Corpus perspectives on reported speech
Conditionals, corpora and pedagogy
Not such a simple word though
Grammar and lexis: Connections
The lexis and grammar connection
The grammar and lexis connection
The grammar/lexis and lexis/grammar connection: Implications for pedagogy

5 Spoken corpus research
Examples of spoken corpora
Spoken corpus research and lexis
Spoken word frequency
Frequency of collocations and lexical chunks
Spoken corpus research and grammar
Spoken discourse
Discourse sequences
Spoken corpus research and pragmatics
Syllabus, materials and methodology
Syllabus selection criteria
Syllabus and sequence
Spoken language and methodology
Spoken language and materials

6 Corpora and the classroom
Learner corpora
What is a learner corpus?
Design criteria for a learner corpus
Learner corpus research: Theory and practice
Applications of learner corpus research
Teaching-oriented corpora
The need for teaching-oriented corpora
Examples of teaching-oriented corpora
Improvising corpora for the classroom
Data-Driven Learning (DDL)
What is data-driven learning?
What is the rationale for DDL?
Reservations about DDL
DDL in perspective
Final word on DDL

7 Corpora and ESP
Types of EAP corpus
Examples of EAP corpora
English for Academic Purposes corpus research
English for Academic Purposes corpora and lexis
English for Academic Purposes corpora and genre analysis
Engineering corpora
Corpora of Business English
Learner corpora and ESP
Corpus findings and the ESP syllabus
English for Specific Purposes corpora and DDL
From corpus to materials

8 Corpora in perspective
Limitations of corpora
Corpora, the native speaker and English as a Lingua Franca
Native speakers in perspective
English as a Lingua Franca research
Classroom options for moderls of English

9 Conclusion

Appendix 1: Commentaries
Appendix 2: Corpora and corpus resources