Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice

Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice (2015) .. edited by Hartmut Koenitz, etc




1 Introduction: Perspectives on Interactive Digital Narrative

Section I: IDN History Introduction: A Concise History Of Interactive Digital Narrative 9 

2 The American Hypertext Novel, and Whatever Became of It? 22

3 Interactive Cinema in the Digital Age 36

4 The Holodeck is all Around Us—Interface Dispositifs in Interactive Digital Storytelling 51

Section II: IDN Theory Introduction: The Evolution Of Interactive Digital Narrative Theory 67 

5 Narrative Structures in IDN Authoring and Analysis 77

6 Towards a Specific Theory of Interactive Digital Narrative 91

7 Emotional and Strategic Conceptions of Space in Digital Narratives 106

8 A Tale of Two Boyfriends: A Literary Abstraction Strategy for Creating Meaningful Character Variation 121

9 Reconsidering the Role of AI in Interactive Digital Narrative 136

Section III: IDN Practice Introduction: Beyond The Holodeck: A Speculative Perspective On Future Practices 151 

10 Interaction Design Principles as Narrative Techniques for Interactive Digital Storytelling 159

11 Posthyperfiction: Practices in Digital Textuality 174

12 Emergent Narrative: Past, Present and Future of an Interactive Storytelling Approach 185

13 Learning through Interactive Digital Narratives 200

14 Everting the Holodeck: Games and Storytelling in Physical Space 211

15 Narrative Explorations in Videogame Poetry 227

16 Artistic Explorations: Mobile, Locative and Hybrid Narratives 241

17 Remaking as Revision of Narrative Design in Digital Games 258

Contributors 272

Index 281