The Cambridge Handbook of English Corpus Linguistics

The Cambridge Handbook Of English Corpus Linguistics (2015) .. edited by Douglas Biber, etc


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List of tables xii
Major corpora cited in the handbook xv
List of contributors xvii

Introduction Douglas Biber and Randi Reppen 1

Part I Methodological considerations 9

1 Corpora: an introduction Mark Davies 11
2 Computational tools and methods for corpus compilation and analysis Paul Rayson 32
3 Quantitative designs and statistical techniques Stefan Th. Gries 50

Part II Corpus analysis of linguistic characteristics 73

4 Discourse intonation: a corpus-driven study of prominence on pronouns Winnie Cheng 75
5 Keywords Jonathan Culpeper and Jane Demmen 90
6 Collocation Richard Xiao 106
7 Phraseology Bethany Gray and Douglas Biber 125
8 Descriptive grammar Geoffrey Leech 146
9 Grammatical variation Daniela Kolbe-Hanna and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi 161
10 Grammatical change Martin Hilpert and Christian Mair 180
11 Lexical grammar Susan Hunston 201
12 Using corpora in discourse analysis Alan Partington and Anna Marchi 216
13 Pragmatics Brian Clancy and Anne O’Keeffe 235
14 Historical pragmatics Irma Taavitsainen 252

Part III Corpus analysis of varieties 269

15 Spoken discourse Shelley Staples 271
16 Corpora and written academic English Ken Hyland 292
17 Register variation Susan Conrad 309
18 Diachronic registers Merja Kyto¨ and Erik Smitterberg 330
19 Literary style and literary texts Michaela Mahlberg 346
20 Dialect variation Jack Grieve 362
21 World Englishes Marianne Hundt 381
22 New answers to familiar questions: English as a lingua franca Anna Mauranen, Ray Carey, and Elina Ranta 401
23 Learner language Gaetanelle Gilquin and Sylviane Granger 418

Part IV Other applications of corpus analysis 437

24 Vocabulary Ron Martinez and Norbert Schmitt 439
25 Lexicography and phraseology Magali Paquot 460
26 Classroom applications of corpus analysis Thomas Cobb and Alex Boulton 478
27 Corpus versus non-corpus-informed pedagogical materials: grammar as the focus Fanny Meunier and Randi Reppen 498
28 Translation Silvia Bernardini 515

References 537
Index 618