Handbook on 3D3C Platforms

Handbook on 3D3C Platforms: Applications and Tools for Three Dimensional Systems for Community, Creation and Commerce (2016) .. edited by Yesha Sivan


Introduction to 3D3C … 1
Yesha Sivan

Part I Tools

The Raise of the Robots in Virtual Worlds: A Comparison and a Framework for Investigating Bots in Social Networks Sites and MMOGs … 59
Stefano De Paoli

United States Taxation of Virtual World Economies: A Review of the Current Status … 85
Jamie S. Switzer and Ralph V. Switzer

Virtual Worlds Supporting Collaborative Creativity … 103
Pekka Alahuhta, Anu Sivunen, and Teemu Surakka

Virtual Currencies, Micropayments and Monetary Policy: Where Are We Coming From and Where Does the Industry Stand? … 123
Ruy Alberto Valdes-Benavides and Paula Lourdes Hernandez-Verme

Privacy in Virtual Worlds: A US Perspective to a Global Concern … 161
Jeannie Pridmore and John Overocker

Avatars and Behavioral Experiments: Methods for Controlled Quantitative Social Behavioral Research in Virtual Worlds … 179
Dimitrij (Mitja) Hmeljak and Robert L. Goldstone

Review of Educational Research Methods in 3D3C Worlds: Framing the Past to Provide Future Direction … 215
Dennis Beck and Ross A. Perkins

Linguistic and Multilingual Issues in 3D3C Worlds … 239
Samuel Cruz-Lara, Alexandre Denis, Nadia Bellalem, and Lotfi Bellalem

Part II Applications

The Virtual Experience Economy: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective … 271
Eman Gadalla, Kathy Keeling, and Ibrahim Abosag

Virtual Psychology: An Overview of Theory, Research, and Future Possibilities … 293
Jennifer Wu and Philipp Kraemer

Virtual Worlds for Energy: A Topical Review … 309
Nick V. Flor and Olga Lavrova

Simulating History in Virtual Worlds … 337
Nicola Lercari

Virtual Reality in Medicine … 353
Claudio Pensieri and Maddalena Pennacchini

Computer-Simulated 3D Virtual Environments in Collaborative Learning and Training: Meta-Review, Refinement, and Roadmap … 403
Antonio Correia, Benjamim Fonseca, Hugo Paredes, Paulo Martins, and Leonel Morgado

Computational Ecosystems in Evolutionary Art, and Their Potential for the Future of Virtual Worlds … 441
Rui Filipe Antunes, Frederic Fol Leymarie, and William Latham

Finding Healthcare Support in Online Communities: An Exploration of the Evolution and Efficacy of Virtual Support Groups … 475
Donna Z. Davis and Willemien Calitz

Virtual Fashion as an Industry: Making the World Look Better One Avatar at a Time … 487
Phylis Johnson