Smart Home & Chatbots 2019


Home automation is closely related to the Internet of Things (IoT).  Domotics (domestic robotics) is related to both home automation and domestic robots.  Steve Prior (@sprior) is a good person to ask about dialog systems in smart homes in general, and about his in particular.


  • .. voice recognition software for windows
  • .. powerful home automation made simple
  • .. open source, distributed building and home automation framework written in java
  • hemerais .. open-source virtual intelligent system
  • homekit .. apple framework for controlling connected accessories in a user’s home
  • .. line of smart home controllers
  • ijsh .. international journal of smart home
  • .. wireless home control solutions
  • .. lnternational conference on lntelligent environments
  • ispeech.connected.home .. speech recognition (asr) and text to speech (tts) sdk api
  • .. flexible platform for research that uses connected devices in homes
  • .. linux home automation
  • .. open source smart home platform
  • .. universal integration platform for all things around home automation
  • .. open source home automation software project
  • smarti .. software that will ultimately let you control everything in your home
  • .. hardware solution to add voice control
  • .. open source, multi-platform framework (message oriented middleware)



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Dialogue systems for intelligent human computer interactions
E Merdivan, D Singh, S Hanke, A Holzinger – Electronic Notes in …, 2019 – Elsevier
… in many different applications such as restaurant booking or online psychological therapy chatbot [18] … Kropf, Sten Hanke, and Andreas Holzinger, Users Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Smart Home Technologies, In International Conference on Smart Homes and Health …

Chat with smart conversational agents: how to evaluate chat experience in smart home
X Chen, J Mi, M Jia, Y Han, M Zhou, T Wu… – Proceedings of the 21st …, 2019 –
… Shawar [8] used the sorting methods to compare the performance of different chatbot systems and arranged experts to talk with chatbots for 10-15 minutes, and then to rank … Four types of chat topics in smart home were joking, seeking suggestions, talking about specific topics …

Smart Home Appliances: Chat with Your Fridge
D Gudovskiy, G Han, T Yamaguchi… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… 2.1 MULTIMODAL SENSING FOR SMART HOMES … A cloud server is responsible for communication between user device and smart home appliances … The drawback of chat bot interface is lack of buttons to perform the most frequent actions quickly like in traditional interfaces …

A dialogue-based annotation for activity recognition
T Mairittha, N Mairittha, S Inoue – Adjunct Proceedings of the 2019 ACM …, 2019 –
… 3.1 A dialogue-based annotation Dialogue system, also known as a conversational agent, virtual agent, or chatbot [12 … The new approach presented in this paper is also reusable for other smart home assistants such as Google Home, as well as it … From chatbots to dialog systems …

Use Cases for Conversational Agents: An Interview-based Study
S Laumer, FT Gubler, A Racheva, C Maier – 2019 –
… speech-based conversational agents are presented in the media in scenarios in which people control their lights or music (smart home) or in … chatbots-meet-expectations-introducing-the-bot- maturity … “A New Chatbot for Customer …

Recommending Moodle Resources Using Chatbots
K Souali, O Rahmaoui, M Ouzzif… – … Conference on Signal …, 2019 –
… [2] S. Valtolina, BR Barricelli, S. Di Gaetano, P. Diliberto, “Chatbots and conversational interfaces: three domains of use,”, Proc … [3] T. Parthornratt, D. Kitsawat, P. Putthapipat and P. Koronjaruwat, “A smart home automation via facebook chatbot and Raspberry Pi,” 2nd …

Toward low-cost automated evaluation metrics for Internet of Things dialogues
K Georgila, C Gordon, H Choi, J Boberg, H Jeon… – … Dialogue System …, 2019 – Springer
… ROUGE, next utterance classification was introduced as a method for evaluating chatbots [14], but … Recently, topic-based metrics for chatbot evaluation (topic breadth and topic depth) were … of approximately 6200 dialogues in the IoT domain between a smart home assistant and …

Usability Evaluation of Self-Diagnosis User Interfaces for Depression: A Comparative Study among Paper-Based, Text-Based, and Voice-Based Conversational …
O Mangkang, JY Yun – ?? HCI ?? ???, 2019 –
… Though the question is the same, many users give voice-based chatbots a higher … Effects of Anthropomorphic Conversational Interface for Smart Home: An Experimental Study on the Voice … Users’ Perception and Behavioral Differences Depending on Chatbot Agent Identities …

Using Lucene for Developing a Question-Answering Agent in Portuguese
H Gonçalo Oliveira, R Filipe… – 8th Symposium on …, 2019 –
… currently materialised in Intelligent Personal Assistants, like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, which accept commands in natural language, and are running on our smartphones, smartwatches or smart homes. In fact, since ELIZA [22], chatbots and dialog systems have become …

Advances in natural language processing–a survey of current research trends, development tools and industry applications
KP Kalyanathaya, D Akila, P Rajesh – International Journal of …, 2019 –
… the globe [2]. Robotics, health care, financial services, connected auto and smart homes are some of … Most common type of conversation devices are Chatbots and Virtual Assistants … In document search applications, the banks or financial institutions uses chatbot interface that …

Overview of the NLPCC 2019 Shared Task: Open Domain Conversation Evaluation
Y Shan, A Cui, L Tan, K Xiong – CCF International Conference on Natural …, 2019 – Springer
… We have already seen chatbots all around us, from smart home devices to smart phone assistants, from customer service to chatting … 4 Dataset. The dataset is adopted from commercial chatbot logs and public Internet social media conversations …

Towards European Portuguese Conversational Assistants for Smart Homes
M Ketsmur, A Teixeira, N Almeida… – 8th Symposium on …, 2019 –
… Table 1 Tools and APIs useful for Chatbots and Conversational Assistants development. Name Main capabilities Access method Portuguese … Figure 10 Virtual Smart Home overview … An ontology-based context-aware system for smart homes: E-care@ home …

Contribute for an Ontology for Smart Homes and their Conversational Assistants
M Ketsmur, N Almeida, A Teixeira… – 2019 14th Iberian …, 2019 –
… [2] D. Jurafsky and J. Martin, “Dialog Systems and Chatbots,” in Speech … 7] C. Wilson, T. Hargreaves, and R. Hauxwell-Baldwin, “Smart homes and their … T. Kane, V. Dimitriou, and TM Hassan, “Decision support systems for domestic retrofit provision using smart home data streams …

Towards understanding lifelong learning for dialogue systems
M Cieliebak, O Galibert, JM Deriu – … on Spoken Dialogue Systems …, 2019 –
… Chatbots, dialogue systems, conversational user interfaces – the names may differ, but the basic idea is … Prominent examples include automatic customer support agents, smart home devices such as Amazon … For instance, a chatbot for travel advice might be con- fronted with a …

Natural language understanding for dialogue systems using n-best lists
S Mansalis – MS thesis, 2019 –
… system researchers both in research and industry. Dialogue systems are generally divided into … and non-task-oriented dialogue systems (also known as chatbots) … utterance used for controlling smart-home appliances or virtual assistant, for example, “Play music” …

Ambient Assisted Living with Deep Learning
E Merdivan – 2019 –
… important components: improving activity recognition, addressing privacy concerns and developing intelligent dialogue systems for AAL systems, with an emphasis on a … 1.2 Smart Homes Smart home (SH) is defined as the living environment where the IoT devices installed …

Dynamic emotion modelling and anomaly detection in conversation based on emotional transition tensor
X Sun, C Zhang, L Li – Information Fusion, 2019 – Elsevier
… 7]. Applications in intelligent environments [8] include human-computer interaction [9], vehicle-mounted systems[10], smart homes [11] and chatbots [12], such as … Chatbot content usually comes from a corpus of web-based knowledge, the answer is accurate enough but not …

Intent Pattern Discovery for Academic Chatbot-A Comparison between N-gram model and Frequent Pattern-Growth method
S Alias, MS Sainin, TS Fun… – 2019 IEEE 6th International …, 2019 –
… health, customer care and support, and also functions as a smart home assistant [3-6]. In … the implementation of a topic specific dialogue based natural language chatbot as an … Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language Based Written and Spoken Academic Chatbots using Natural …

Bot-based IT Troubleshooting
B Braun, J Jelten, S Bauer – Network, 2019 –
… Alexa” and “Google Assistant” acquire more and more service features, ranging from controlling various aspects of smart homes to buying … Chatbots tend to present themselves as a visible dialog partner, with the help of avatars or similar, and can be … The chatbot needs to be …

Rule-Based Inquiry Service to Elderly at Home for Efficient Mind Sensing
H Maeda, S Saiki, M Nakamura, K Yasuda – Proceedings of the 21st …, 2019 –
… In Figure 2, there are various smart home services to support elderly users at home, including activity … The chatbot sent a mes- sage asking the mental state by MorningAction0,1,2,3 at 6 … Generating Personalized Virtual Agent in Speech Dialogue System for People with Dementia …

Natural Language Understanding in Smartdialog: A Platform for Vietnamese Intelligent Interactions
NTT Trang, NH Ky, H Son, NT Hung… – Proceedings of the 2019 …, 2019 –
… as virtual assistant eg Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant [2], chat bot eg Chatfuel … Experiments on the smart home dataset and the virtual driver assistant dataset have shown … S. Janarthanam, Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development: Build chatbots and voice …

Reinforcement learning for Dialogue Systems optimization with user adaptation.
N Carrara – 2019 –
… Personal assistants, smart-homes, voice-servers and other dialogue applications are no exceptions … The first proposed approach involves clustering of Dialogue Systems (tailored for their respective … The second idea states that before using a dedicated Dialogue System, the first …

The speech interface as an attack surface: an overview
M Bispham, I Agrafiotis, M Goldsmith – International Journal On …, 2019 –
… of assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa that can be used to control smart home devices, control of … Current task-based dialogue systems have some similarity with chatbots in that they are often … Input to a speech dialogue system is provided by a micro- phone that captures speech …

Bridging the Gap between Robotic Applications and Computational Intelligence in Domestic Robotics
J Zhong, T Han, A Lotfi, A Cangelosi… – 2019 IEEE Symposium …, 2019 –
… Keywords—domestic robotics; intelligent robotics; machine learning; smart Home; interactive robotics; service robotics … tablets in the form of software (eg software hub for smart homes, such as … dialogue systems, and (2) open-domain dialogue systems (also known as chat-bots) …

Keyword Retrieval-Based Korean Text Command System Using Morphological Analyzer
DG Park, WB Lee – Journal of the Korea Convergence Society, 2019 –
… (2017). Effects of Anthropomorphic Conversational Interface for Smart Home:An Experimental Study on the Voice and Chatting … CHATBOT: Architecture, Design, & Development … Evaluating mass knowledge ac-quisition using the ALICE chatterbot: the AZ-ALICE dialog system …

Jamura: A Conversational Smart Home Assistant Built on Telegram and Google Dialogflow
S Salvi, V Geetha, SS Kamath – TENCON 2019-2019 IEEE …, 2019 –
… usability of IoT infrastructures, specifically in customer-oriented product markets like smart homes and smart … However, to provide intelligence for the proposed Chatbot, we would require integration of … ROB-11696 Used for simulating AC or Fan in actual smart home scenario 4 …

A Survey on Virtual Personal Assistant
S Modhave, S Soniminde, A Mogarge, MK Tajane… –
… recognition, and artificial intelligence, into a virtual assistant architecture for smart home automation systems … The dialogue system is one of a functioning territory that numerous organizations use to … The client information is generally printed (for example chatbots), vocal …

Anthropomorphic information systems
N Pfeuffer, A Benlian, H Gimpel, O Hinz – Business & Information Systems …, 2019 – Springer
… Smart home assistant/assisted living assistant … the comparative analysis of a sample of 100 human–human IM conversations and 100 human–chatbot conversations. One of their major findings was that humans adapt their conversation behavior to that of the chatbots by using …

Can Virtual Assistants Produce Recommendations?
D Rafailidis, Y Manolopoulos – … of the 9th International Conference on …, 2019 –
… e Google’s Virtual Assistant is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices, and can … In a similar spirit, Woebot is a Facebook chatbot developed by Stanford University researchers that … throughout their usage and have be er perfor- mance, whereas Chatbots are based …

Design and Analysis of a Human-Machine Interaction System for Researching Human’s Dynamic Emotion
X Sun, Z Pei, C Zhang, G Li… – IEEE Transactions on …, 2019 –
… Dynamic emotional modeling can be used in the dialog system … ity classification [8]. The applications of emotion modeling in intelligent environments [9] include human–machine interac- tions [10], vehicle-mounted systems [11], smart homes [12], and chatbots [13], such as …

Modeling both Context-and Speaker-Sensitive Dependence for Emotion Detection in Multi-speaker Conversations.
D Zhang, L Wu, C Sun, S Li, Q Zhu, G Zhou – IJCAI, 2019 –
… et al., 2019], and intelligent systems like smart homes and chatbots [Young et al., 2018]. Different from non-conversation cases, nearby utterances in a conversation are closely semantic-related and thus the emotion categories of nearby utterances are closely related …

A Large-Scale User Study of an Alexa Prize Chatbot: Effect of TTS Dynamism on Perceived Quality of Social Dialog
M Cohn, CY Chen, Z Yu – Proceedings of the 20th Annual SIGdial …, 2019 –
… This is also true for dialog systems; users may be less comfortable to engage in more naturalistic conversation, or may be more willing to … Then, we will introduce our overall chatbot dialog system design and our interjection/filler insertion methodology in Section 3, our user study …

Privacy-Enabled Smart Home Framework with Voice assistant
S Hanke, E Sandner, L Chen, A Holzinger –
… as task-oriented systems and non-task oriented sys- tems (also known as chatbots) … N, Huang DY, Reisman D, Narayanan A, Feamster N (2018) Keeping the Smart Home Private with … C, Okeyo G (2014) An ontology-based hybrid approach to activity modeling for smart homes …

Multimodal open-domain conversations with robotic platforms
K Jokinen, G Wilcock – Multimodal Behavior Analysis in the Wild, 2019 – Elsevier
… Embodied conversational agents, chatbots, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc … millions of articles in Wikipedia, this can reasonably be called an open-domain dialog system … become another “partner” in the conversation between the situated agents: smart home devices can …

Beyond turing: Intelligent agents centered on the user
M Eskenazi, S Mehri, E Razumovskaia… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… vendors, controlling smart home devices, etc.) … Real users will not use a chatbot that re- peats the same thing several times, even if it was a good answer … DialPort is a hybrid system including both slot-filling sys- tems (Cambridge) and chatbots (UCSC’s Slugbot and CMUs Qubot …

InstructableCrowd: Creating IF-THEN Rules for Smartphones via Conversations with the Crowd
THK Huang, A Azaria, OJ Romero… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… Chatbots utilize text-based conversations to communicate with users; personal assistants on smartphones … adopted for use in various other domain, such as smart home applications (Ur et … created an automated dialog system that generates IFTTT rules by having a conversation …

Designing for Trust
M Dagli – 2019 –
… agents, also known as dialog systems. It is estimated that more than … are called chatbots. Throughout this thesis, the terms above will … The realm of conversational agents started with the first known chatbot, Eliza, which was a computer program that imitated a …

Designing a Sustainable Virtual Assistant
CH Low – 2019 –

Pilot Data Collection Survey and Analytical Techniques for Persuasion Engineering Systems
A Braca, B Spillane, V Wade, P Dondio –
… media strategies, and more recently, through the use of interactive technologies such as chat bots … al., 2010), entertainment systems (Bernhaupt et al., 2012), personal computers, smart home de- vices … Research into persuasive dialog systems is impor- tant as it can be used to …

Enabling IoT in Education 4.0 with BioSensors from Wearables and Artificial Intelligence
MI Ciolacu, L Binder, H Popp – 2019 IEEE 25th International …, 2019 –
… We see smart home-based healthcare technology enter the market in 2019 … Apple ecosystem consist of data generation from wearables, date storage, applications and services like chatbot or coaching. “The healthcare market is making the smartphone market look small …

VQAG: Automatic Generation of Question-Answer Pairs from Images
Z Wang – 2019 –
… Page 14. 2 Introduction as intelligent education, chatbot and smart home system, taking advantages of its ability to automatically ask and answer questions. 1.2 Problem Statement Recent achievements of VQA is driven by the breakthrough of computer vision …

Spoken Dialogue-based Remote Control of Educational Mobile Robot with Mecanum Wheels
N Chivarov, D Chikurtev, M Pleva… – 2019 17th …, 2019 –
… I. INTRODUCTION Hi-tech areas Industry 4.0 and Smart homes required more intelligent robots with intuitive … A. Sordoni, Y. Bengio, A. Courville, and J. Pineau, “Building End-To-End Dialogue Systems Using Generative … [15] Q. Answering and S. Chatbots, Neural Approaches to …

FeelFit-Design and Evaluation of a Conversational Agent to Enhance Health Awareness.
P Meier, JH Beinke, C Fitte, A Behne, F Teuteberg – ICIS, 2019 –
… Especially in the smart home sector, CAs are used to respond to queries (such as weather … Accompanied by the market maturity of chatbots and VPAs, the published research in the field … Further studies have monitored the use of CAs in ‘smart homes’ and for bookings and orders …

Talking to Everything: Conversational Interfaces and the Internet of Things in an office environment
M Augustsson – 2019 –
… known as “Chatbots” or “Dialogue systems”, conversational user interfaces (CUIs) let the user interact with the software through regular conversation, using natural language. This can be done through writing, such as a chat, or through speech. Although “chatbot” seems like a …

Recording Daily Health Status with Chatbot on Mobile Phone-A Preliminary Study
H Maeda, S Saiki, M Nakamura… – … Conference on Mobile …, 2019 –
… Triggered by time or an event within a smart home, the chatbot asks a user (ie … it is important to consider how to design attractive dialogues of the chatbot, so as to … S. Saiki, M. Nakamura, and K. Yasuda, “Generating personalized virtual agent in speech dialogue system for people …

Lia: A virtual assistant that can be taught new commands by speech
M Chkroun, A Azaria – International Journal of Human–Computer …, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
… Perrault, 2004) and is based on many years of research in the dialog system community (Wahlster … In (Chkroun & Azaria, 2018) we allowed users to teach a chatbot new responses in … LIA to serve as home assistant; LIA would be able to support smart home operation commands …

Knowledge-based Conversational Search
S Vakulenko – arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.06859, 2019 –
… 85 6.3 End-to-end Methodology for Designing a Dialogue System . . . . . 86 … Open data chatbot … Discourse structure theories were successfully applied to characterize a dialogue phenomena and inform the design of dialogue systems [171] …

Indoor Dialog Agent in Mixed Reality (video)
KH Park, YS Jeong – Proceedings of the 17th Annual International …, 2019 –
… 2017. Real- Time Indoor Localization in Smart Homes Using Semi-Supervised Learning … 2018. Goal-Oriented Chatbot Dialog Management Bootstrapping with Transfer Learning … [4] Young-Seob Jeong and Hanna Kim. 2018. Dialog System with Postponed Response …

Augmenting Education: Ethical Considerations for Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in Education
D Remian – 2019 –
… Whereas early chatbots typically operated via typed text and Page 14 … smartphones and other “smart” home devices, now integrate voice input and output as well and … has employed a text-based chatbot called Pounce to follow students through admissions and …

A context-aware conversational agent in the rehabilitation domain
T Mavropoulos, G Meditskos, S Symeonidis… – Future Internet, 2019 –
… in Reference [10], where emphasis is placed on the role of chatbots beyond patient monitoring; it focuses on patient–doctor interaction over a chatbot-driven telemedicine … An essential unit of any dialogue system is the module that manages the interaction between the …

Alexa & Google Assistant: The domestication and privacy implications of smart speakers and virtual personal assistants within the household
AV López – 2019 –
… smart home: a setting that makes use of Internet of Things, replacing conventional non … Also known as interactive conversional agents, virtual agents and in occasions, chatterbots, today such chatbots are dialogue systems widely used for different tasks …

Data fusion methods in multimodal human computer dialog
Y Ming-Hao, TAO Jian-Hua – Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware, 2019 – Elsevier
… application in mobile interaction and natural interaction6, 7, such as smart home [8] , smart … pilot tracks for the core components in developing end-to-end dialog systems based on … While in multi-modal dialog system, we need combine multimodal channel information together to …

Examining the Use of Voice Assistants: A Value-Focused Thinking Approach
C Rzepka – 2019 –
… followed by Apple’s Siri (23%), and the Google Assistant (23%) for playing music, asking questions, and smart home control … “Searching Information with a Natural Language Dialogue System: A Comparison … “I’m Sorry, Dave, I’m Afraid we Can’t Do That: Chatbot Perception and …

Design and Implementation of an End-to-End Speech Assistant
S Felix – 2019 –
… 46 4.4 Chatbot Ability … In general, these platforms represent a security bottleneck of smart home infrastructures by providing potential attackers with the opportunity to … Non-task-oriented systems, also termed chatbots, aim to have an open-domain dialogue with their counterpart …

S Hu – 2019 –
… oriented dialogue system by voice-based intelligent assistants, which sets a foundation for the … that the emotional disclosures are equivalent whether towards chatbots or real person (Ho … interaction with a simpler text chatbot than a more complex avatar one (Ciechanowski …

Once a kind friend is now a thing: Understanding how conversational agents at home are forgotten
M Cho, S Lee, KP Lee – Proceedings of the 2019 on Designing …, 2019 –
… [10] implemented several smart home sensors in a retirement facility … Therefore, when Alexa seemed to recognize them and did not treat them as random strangers, participants expressed satisfaction: “Not the previous one, but this chatbot (Skill) keeps calling me by my name …

Chatbot for digital marketing and customer support: an artificial intelligence approach
HJA Vaz – 2019 –
… VILT proposed this project with the intention of upgrading from an old-fashion FAQ into a Chat- bot that could satisfy possible doubts … 2.3 chatbots A Chatbot is a computer program that can interact with a human using natural language with textual or auditory inputs simulating a …

Detection and Handling of Frustrating Conversation Situations in a Text-Based Chatbot System
M Primetshofer – 2019 –
… 7, Amazon offers the pos- sibility of controlling smart home elements by voice … The following categories are based on [13]. Personal vs Team Chatbots A personal chatbot is a system that communicates with the user through direct mes- sages, such as a personal assistant …

Toolkits for Building Multimodal Systems and Applications
M Feld, R Ne?selrath – The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor …, 2019 –
… implemented (eg, pro-active assistant, question answering system, troubleshooting chatbot, social bot … Dialogue Platforms are underlying frameworks that are used to execute a dialogue system. Dialogue Systems are software agents that allow users to converse with a machine …

4Software Platforms and Toolkits for Building Multimodal Systems
M Feld, R Neßelrath, T Schwartz – The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor … –
… implemented (eg, pro-active assistant, question answering system, troubleshooting chatbot, social bot … Dialogue Platforms are underlying frameworks that are used to execute a dialogue system. Dialogue Systems are software agents that allow users to converse with a machine …

L Zhang – 2019 –
… One of the most famous conversational agents created after 21th century, Alice chatbot system, was built with Artificial … building chatbots in many other domains like education, online business, entertainment and … playback, controlling smart home devices and making jokes …

Towards the Learning, Perception, and Effectiveness of Teachable Conversational Agents
N Chhibber – 2019 –
… 19 3.3.2 Dialog System … has resulted in a wide range of applications around these agents, which include intelligent personal assistants (like Alexa, Cortana , Siri, and Google Assistant), guides in public places (like Edgar [50], Ada and Grace [126]), smart-home controllers [115 …

Standardized representations and markup languages for multimodal interaction
R Tumuluri, D Dahl, F Paternò… – The Handbook of …, 2019 –
Page 1. 9Standardized Representations and Markup Languages for Multimodal Interaction Raj Tumuluri, Deborah Dahl, Fabio Patern`o, Massimo Zancanaro 9.1 Introduction This chapter discusses some standard languages …

Novel Methods for Efficient Dialogue Policy Learning by Improving Agent-User Interaction
B Peng – 2019 –
… Research and Development of Human Assist AI to Build Chatbot (Journal Paper, work in progress, proposal funded by ITF) ix Page 12 … realize this goal. A spoken dialogue system is a computational … [5], smart home equipments which control devices through voice …

Software platforms and toolkits for building multimodal systems and applications
M Feld, R Ne?elrath, T Schwartz – The Handbook of Multimodal …, 2019 –
… implemented (eg, pro-active assistant, question answering system, troubleshooting chatbot, social bot … Dialogue Platforms are underlying frameworks that are used to execute a dialogue system. Dialogue Systems are software agents that allow users to converse with a machine …

Intelligent Conversational Agent Assisted Health Coaching System: The CoachAI Approach
A Fadhil –
… Healthcare chatbots currently are either a mix of both user-only (apps that help a user … In this case, the user will get and communicate the activities through the chatbot channel by … distance related activities directly and communicate them to the user through the chat- bot channel …

Survey on evaluation methods for dialogue
JM Deriu, A Rodrigo, A Otegi, E Guillermo, S Rosset… – 2019 –
… There are many different approaches to design a dialogue manager, which are partly dictated by the application of the dialogue system. However, there are three broad classes of dialogue systems, which we encounter in the literature: task-oriented systems, conversational …

Cognitive Computing Recipes
A Masood, A Hashmi – Springer
Page 1. Cognitive Computing Recipes Artificial Intelligence Solutions Using Microsoft Cognitive Services and TensorFlow — Adnan Masood Adnan Hashmi Foreword by Matt Winkler Page 2. Cognitive Computing Recipes Artificial Intelligence Solutions Using …

Cognitive architecture of multimodal multidimensional dialogue management
A Malchanau – 2019 –
… designs based on a reactive interlocutor paradigm and calls for dialog systems that can … information-transfer tasks and end-to-end approaches handle well chatbot conversations, they … 2011), instruction giving (Lauria et al., 2001), and controlling smart home environments (Bos …

Do Smart Speakers Respond to Their Errors Properly? A Study on Human-Computer Dialogue Strategy
X Ge, D Li, D Guan, S Xu, Y Sun, M Zhou – International Conference on …, 2019 – Springer
… Therefore, when smart speakers trigger users’ dissatisfactions, an apologetic and neutral response may be the best way to present. References. 1. IDC. Smart Home Devices by Category, 2018 and 2022. …

A Sieber – 2019 – Springer
… Aufgrund der neuen Techno- logien steht auch die Kommunikations- und Medienbranche vor einem enormen Innovationsschub. Chatbots mit oder ohne künstliche Intelligenz (KI) können heute bereits kleinere Dialoge selbstständig führen …

The artificial facilitator: guiding participants in developing causal maps using voice-activated personal assistant
S Reddy, T Reddy – 2019 –
… significant differences across systems. Unlike chat-bots, smart conversa- tional agents are not limited to performing simple conversations … design is so common that the system may be presented as a slot-based dialogue system [55]. 1.2.6 Why Google Natural Language API …

Voice assistants and how they affect consumer behavior
A Esmailzadeh, M Rolandsson – 2019 –
… Cover: Image from Chatbots Magazine (2019). See bibliography for URL. Gothenburg, Sweden 2020 Page 5 … published in the 1950’s (Turning, 2009). Chatbots are described as “robots designed to simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner”, and the …

New approach for conversational agent definition by non-programmers: a visual domain-specific language
L Rodríguez-Gil, J García-Zubia, P Orduña… – IEEE …, 2019 –
… For that reason, it is particularly effective for creating visual DSLs. It has been used for purposes as varied as educational robots scripting [46], smart home applications [47] and business processes model- ing [48]. III. REQUIREMENTS …

ScratchThat: Supporting Command-Agnostic Speech Repair in Voice-Driven Assistants
J Wu, K Ahuja, R Li, V Chen, J Bigham – Proceedings of the ACM on …, 2019 –
Page 1. 63 ScratchThat: Supporting Command-Agnostic Speech Repair in Voice-Driven Assistants JASON WU, Carnegie Mellon University, USA KARAN AHUJA, Carnegie Mellon University, USA RICHARD LI, Georgia Institute …