100 Best Twitter Chatbots (Draft)

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(This listing is maintained by @mendicot.  Please notify of any corrections or suggestions.)

This page is primarily intended as a masterlist of truly interactive chatbots on Twitter.  It is secondarily a listing of true chatbot companies with a formal presence on Twitter.

#Twuring: “Twuring” is a “Twitter-ism” (and hashtag) referring to a hypothetical Turing Test for chatbots on Twitter by @dannystaple.

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Working definition: Of course as always, it really depends on what you call a chatbot.  I’m calling a chatbot something that replies and responds to people publicly on Twitter, with more than a single static response.  (I refer to that instead as a “reply bot” or “responder bot”.)  Many people refer to various things as “chatbots” which are not.  I’m sorry, but a chatbot posting chat logs to Twitter, but not actually interactive on Twitter, does not qualify as a “Twitter chatbot” (i.e. @Konbot).
Notes: Honorable mentions, apologies to prominent “Twitterboticists” @neilkod for not including his artful quote bots, as well as to @NigelLeck for his widely publicized climate change “Argubots” (such as @AI_AGW), which reply only on a highly selective basis and do not carry on a common conversation per se.

Chatbots on Twitter (Green means go.) [see also 64x Twitter List]

  • @beinspace – learning chatbot with access to WordNet based on Ai Research (a-i.com) Alan
  • @iniaes – “I’m a chat bot. I respond to anything @iniaes every half hour, and post randomly if there is nothing to reply to.”
  • @twaveladvisor – Pandorabot by @mendicot
  • @twthal – learning chatbot with access to WordNet based on Ai Research (a-i.com) Alan
  • @UltraHal – learning chatbot by @Medeksza
  • @vagabot  -Verbot by @mendicot

World Language Chatbots on Twitter

Notes: Twitter has shut down lots of bots for abuse use of “@” sign replies.  Also, Twitter switched to OAuth in August 2010, and many earlier bots were left behind in that transition.

Defunct/Historical Chatbots on Twitter

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