Based in Los Angeles in the United States and Tokyo in Japan, 1SEC develops and produces software for AI / XR business and NFT blockchain content such as Japan's first virtual sneakers, and provides system service Peeps for entertech. .. Japan's first digital fashion label 1Block was also founded.

Polygon solves common blockchain pain points, offering low gas fees and high speeds without sacrificing security. Over 6,000 dApps are already onboard.

Cardalonia is a 3D Virtual Reality Experience Owned by Creators where they can Explore The metaverse.


Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source.

Part of Connectome’s mission is exploring humanity via the 'Virtual Human Agent’. Through modeling human physiological and psychological structures, we can lift the veil on the mysteries of human intelligence and use those insight to make the world a better place. Connectome provides users with innovative solutions based on AI models built on a foundation of safe and reliable blockchain technology.

Dapper Labs uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences that are made for you and ready for the real world.

We’ve built strong partnerships in the US, UK and Brazil with specialists in artificial intelligence, digital avatars, personal assistant, robotics, blockchain and gaming.

Creative Development Studio. NFT & Metaverse Builders. 3D Wizards. Decentraland, The Sandbox, CryptoAvatars, MegaCube. Play to Earn games and Blockchain experiences.

Pudgy Penguins are "non-fungible tokens" on the Ethereum blockchain, and each Pudgy Penguin was created to maximize the vibe.

A LAND is a piece of The Sandbox metaverse, providing access to exclusive content as well as granting the possibility to monetize your own part of The Sandbox.