With our HoloPresence™ technology, you can be anywhere as a live hologram, accomplishing more with greater impact – lifesize, lifelike and in real-time.

AVA™, the Animated Virtual Agent by CloudConstable, revolutionizes venue experiences by providing AI-powered visitor engagement.

Dynamic Digital Humans (DDH) is a software and methodology to create lightweight volumetric digital avatars for AR/VR with image fidelity close to AAA game avatars but at a fraction of the cost.

iVizLab is focused on AI based computational models of human characteristics such as expression, emotion, behavior, empathy and creativity; including computer graphics based facial/character systems and AI based cognitive modelling systems.

JALI's automated speech and facial animation software empowers digital storytellers to easily craft naturally, richly expressive characters and avatars

Setting the bar in technical fabrics and functional designs, lululemon works with yogis and athletes in local communities for continuous research and product feedback.

We created in-game modding tools that we, the developers, use to integrate all our content (clothes, furniture, interactions, etc).

Reimagine AI is an artificial intelligence creative studio. Our platform integrates the best AI technologies to create interactive AI-powered virtual beings.


The Screen Industries Research and Training (SIRT) Centre is one of Sheridan’s Research Centres, committed to working directly with industry partners on innovation and training projects while infusing new knowledge into Sheridan’s curriculum.

Virtro accelerates learning through Immersive Practice Simulations delivered via Virtual Reality or Interactive WebXR. Learn with interactive Virtual Humans.