AIBODY's web enabled platform is a versatile teaching tool where theoretical knowledge can be enhanced & tested in real-time patient simulation exercises.

With the power of Conversational AI, our platform creates new touchpoints and opportunities to engage with your patients and customers. We provide natural, empathic conversations with intelligent virtual agents through SMS (text), chat, email, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars.

CompBioMed is a European commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications.

Immersive virtual reality to transform the lives of patients with psychosis.

HIA's Embodied AI technology is a transformative user interface that allows artificially intelligent interactive characters to conduct sophisticated conversations.

Kognito is a leading provider of practice-based digital learning experiences which provides strategies to improve mental health and well-being across schools, campuses, and communities.

Oxford Medical Simulation delivers virtual reality medical simulation training - allowing healthcare professionals to practice without risking lives. We are trusted by hospitals and universities worldwide. VR simulation medical training for doctors, nurses and students.

PCS's AI-driven patient simulation technology includes virtual patients, wearable simulation, and smart manikins. See how we're revolutionizing simulation in healthcare!

Revolutionising the way clinical education is delivered using virtual AI patients capable of full conversations. Recourse Medical also provides virtual medical work experience for aspiring medics.

An academic research institute, Institute for Creative Technologies brings film and game industry artists together with computer and social scientists to study and develop immersive media for military training, health therapies, science education and more.