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With the power of Conversational AI, our platform creates new touchpoints and opportunities to engage with your patients and customers. We provide natural, empathic conversations with intelligent virtual agents through SMS (text), chat, email, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars.

The UneeQ digital human platform allows you to design and launch AI chatbots that recreate the best of human interaction. Also known as Formerly known as

Virtual Productions // Pre Vis // Production // Post Production // Film & Documentary Editing // Digital Humans // Motion Capture // Film & TV Post Production // Fight Direction // Stunt Production

Content accessibility using a sign language avatar. Kara Technologies harnesses the power of AI, and uses a hyper-realistic avatar, to deliver content for all users of a signed language at scale.

Proven roles for your digital workforce

Our proprietary pipeline provides artists with tools they need to create their best work. Based in Wellington, New Zealand we are 1,500 of the most ambitious artists, engineers, and executives you’re likely to meet.