Mimic Productions is an award-winning 3D character animation studio, specializing in real-time motion capture and scanning technologies to create digital doubles for all industries.

Creative Development Studio. NFT & Metaverse Builders. 3D Wizards. Decentraland, The Sandbox, CryptoAvatars, MegaCube. Play to Earn games and Blockchain experiences.

Create your own realistic 3D avatar (real avatar) that can be used in Aoyama 3D Scan Studio. Sale and provision of full-body 3D scanner and shooting system kit. Create a photorealistic 3D model by instantly shooting the whole body 360 degrees and processing 3D images. Optional rigging and VRM files can be used with VRChat and Cluster.

Reimagine AI is an artificial intelligence creative studio. Our platform integrates the best AI technologies to create interactive AI-powered virtual beings.

A subsidiary advertising agency of LOCUS, a world-class CGI/VFX & Animation Studio.

Built on real-time technologies and web3 protocols, Voltaku creates living stories that transcend platforms. Voltaku content is nestled deep in the worlds of anime, manga and gaming, bringing a new level of epic worldbuilding and character-driven stories to the growing otaku market.