"Virtual Internet Celebrity VTuber" is an emerging industry that combines technology and popular markets. It is currently creating a trend around the world. In order to promote the development of this innovative industry, we established this association in 2019. It operates with four cores of "local culture, international exchange, educational innovation, and virtual technology", and holds "VTuber Character Design Competition" and "VTuber Hackathon Creation Event" every year to help promote Taiwan's cultural characteristics to the global market, and " International Virtual Production Forum", invites well-known experts and scholars related to virtual production from all over the world to come to Taiwan to promote exchanges in Taiwan's real estate industry, and deepen the development of Taiwan's education, create somatosensory immersion teaching, and strive to cultivate the next generation and enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's virtual production. The new digital era of virtual and real integration is coming, and the association will introduce various forward-looking technologies to bring the power to accelerate the promotion of virtual production in Taiwan!

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