NPC (Non-Player Character) Bibliography


Tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, thrive on human interaction and imagination. In these realms, a player assumes the role of their character, reacting spontaneously to the unfolding story. Here, the “non-player character” descriptor emerges naturally. These characters, controlled by the game master or dungeon master, contrast directly with player-controlled characters. The term emphasizes the distinction between human agency and narrative structure, reminding participants that not every entity they meet springs from a player’s imagination. Instead, some are tools of the storyteller, helping to guide, challenge, or surprise the players.

Video games, on the other hand, are digital constructs where every action is dictated by lines of code. In these virtual worlds, characters are categorized based on their playability. Hence, the term “non-playable character” finds its relevance. It differentiates between avatars players can control and those designed purely for interaction. While both player characters and non-playable characters operate under programmed directives, the distinction lies in the player’s agency. NPCs in video games, whether they are merchants, quest givers, or simple bystanders, underscore the game’s mechanics and intricate design. They act as waypoints or narrative tools, pushing the player through the digital narrative or offering moments of immersion.

The choice between “non-player” and “non-playable” is more than a mere semantic difference; it’s a reflection of gaming’s diverse landscape. Tabletop games emphasize human interaction and spontaneity, leading to the adoption of a term that highlights the human vs. narrative element. Video games, being structured digital environments, require a term that focuses on player agency and game design.

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