TDF (Tactics Development Framework)


TDF (Tactics Development Framework) is a tactics modelling application that extends the PDT (Prometheus Design Tool).


  • .. bohemia interactive simulations – simulation training solutions
  • .. a standard way for components to communicate through formal interfaces
  • ..  a methodology and accompanying tool based on bdi


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Virtual Actors

Tactics development framework
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, N Yadav, T Li – Proceedings of the 2014 …, 2014 –
Rick Evertsz, John Thangarajah, Nitin Yadav School of Computer Science and IT RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia {} … Thanh Ly DSTO Rockingham, Australia … ABSTRACT The Tactics Development …

A framework for modelling tactical decision-making in autonomous systems
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, N Yadav, T Ly – Journal of Systems and Software, 2015 – Elsevier
… This is a significant problem in the design of tactical decision-making systems. We describe a methodology and accompanying tool, TDF (Tactics Development Framework), based on the BDI (Beliefs, Desires, Intentions) paradigm … 4. Tactics development framework …

Using Agent-Based Tactics Models to Control Virtual Actors in VBS3
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah… – Proceedings of the …, 2015 –
… The Tactics Development Framework (TDF) addresses these shortcomings by providing design-level support for tactics modelling. Its integration with VBS3 is reported here. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.10 [Software Engineering]: Design—methodologies …

Tactics Exploration Framework based on Genetic Programming
J Yao, W Wang, Z Li, Y Lei, Q Li – International Journal of …, 2017 –
… For example, Kerbusch implemented a simple FSM with the scripting lan- guage Lua to describe air combat tactics14. Ev- ertsz proposed a Tactics Development Framework (TDF)2,12, which fully defined the tactical elements, such as missions, actors, roles, and scenarios …

BDI modelling and simulation of human behaviours in bushfires
C Adam, G Danet, J Thangarajah, J Dugdale – … Conference on Information …, 2016 – Springer
… This paper uses this case study to illustrate two new tools to fill this gap: the Tactics Development Framework (TDF) and GAMA BDI architecture. Keywords. ABMS BDI architecture Bushfires Human behaviour. Download conference paper PDF. 1 Introduction …

Modelling the tactical behaviour of the Australian population in a bushfire
C Adam, E Beck, J Dugdale – … Conference on Information Systems for Crisis …, 2015 – Springer
… In this section we address the issue of a tool that can support the design of complex models by describing the Tactics Development Framework (TDF) methodology and tool for developing BDI models for ABMS … 4.1 Tactics Development Framework (TDF) …

Agent oriented modelling of tactical decision making
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, N Yadav, TC Ly – Proceedings of the 2015 …, 2015 –
… tical decision-making systems. In developing our application, TDF (Tactics Development Framework), we have extended the Prometheus BDI agent design methodology [31] with explicit support for modelling tactics. This was a …

A BDI-based methodology for eliciting tactical decision-making expertise
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, T Ly – Data and Decision Sciences in Action, 2018 – Springer
… With this in mind, we have developed a BDI-based elicitation methodology. 2.3 Tactics Development Framework (TDF). TEM targets TDF, a BDI-based tactics design methodology founded on agent-oriented software engineering principles …

The conceptual modelling of dynamic teams for autonomous systems
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, M Papasimeon – International Conference on …, 2017 – Springer
… This perspective is a close match to the BDI (Beliefs, Desires, Intentions) paradigm [19], and so we selected an existing BDI-based modelling methodology for extension with team modelling concepts; namely TDF (Tactics Development Framework) [10] …

Why Model Dynamic Decision Making?
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, T Ly – Practical Modelling of Dynamic Decision …, 2019 – Springer
… To address the gaps in the elicitation and modelling of dynamic decision-making behaviour, we took Prometheus [49], a prominent AOSE (Agent Oriented Software Engineering) methodology, and extended it to create TDF (Tactics Development Framework) [27, 26, 24, 25] …

Multi-agent geospatial simulation of human interactions and behaviour in bushfires.
L Mancheva, C Adam, J Dugdale – 2019 –
… model. Dynamic model We have used the Tactics Development Framework (TDF) to design the dynamic specifications (Evertsz et al., 2014) of all cognitive agents in our simulation. This … May. Tactics development framework. In …

BDI agents in social simulations: a survey
C Adam, B Gaudou – The Knowledge Engineering Review, 2016 –
Page 1. BDI agents in social simulations: a survey CAROLE ADAM1 and BENOIT GAUDOU2 1Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, University Grenoble Alpes IMAG, 700 avenue Centrale, campus universitaire, 38401 Saint-Martin …

Practical Modelling of Dynamic Decision Making
R Evertsz, J Thangarajah, T Ly – 2019 – Springer
… Observe Orient Decide Act PSM Problem-Solving Method ROE Rules of Engagement RPD Recognition-Primed Decision Making SA Situation Awareness SHOR Stimulus Hypothesis Options Response STG Surface Task Group TDF Tactics Development Framework TMA Target …