Grammatico-Semantic Analysis


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English locative constructions: An exercise in neo-Firthian description and dialogue with other schools A Laffut… – Functions of language, 2002 – … forms of typically spatial contiguity, but that they also have some extensions to caused possessive relations (section 3.2.2). In proposing this analysis, we will … In the SFG tradition, (non-caused) relational clause configurations are situated on a grammatico-semantic continuum. … Cited by 3 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 4 versions

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“Cultural” Concepts and the Language-Culture Nexus1 [PDF] from M Silverstein – Current Anthropology, 2004 – JSTOR … emanations constitute power-frequently politicoeconomic- to warrant or license usage of particular verbal forms (eg, American English “wine-talk” register) with particular meanings germane to certain interested ends of self- and other-alignment, closing the circle of analysis. … Cited by 102 – Related articles – All 6 versions

Corpus linguistics meets sociolinguistics: the role of corpus evidence in the study of sociolinguistic variation and change C Mair – Language and Computers, 2009 – … Any analysis based on it would have to be complemented by studies of language use in the mesolectal range (such as … singular and plural) is firmly established in mesolectal and acrolectal usage and even displays a number of interesting grammatico-semantic properties which … Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 3 versions

On the-Ás suffix: Word formation in the syntax? T Laczkó – Acta Linguistica Hungarica, 2009 – … I demonstrate that the facts that, according to Kenesei, call for a syntactic analysis (eg, binding and control phenomena, anti-agreement, negation, and aspect) can be captured in an appropriately developed lexicalist framework with at least the same degree of efficiency … Related articles

A corpus check of the factive presupposition K Davidse – Configurations of culture: essays in honour of …, 2003 – … Rather, they define grammatico-semantic environments that require NPs in the strict sense … to the first subcategory, simple relations of positive and negative addition are illustrated by (33) According to the National Restaurant Association’s forthcoming Menu Analysis, the median … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 2 versions

On versus tu and vous: Pronouns with indefinite reference in synchronous electronic French discourse [PDF] from L Williams… – Language Sciences, 2009 – Elsevier … These two data sets-each originally its own corpus-were combined into a single corpus for the analysis since ‘[a] preliminary … the minor differences that do exist ‘are usually considered to be lexical or phonological, rather than morpho-syntactic or grammatico-semantic and this … Cited by 10 – Related articles – All 6 versions

[BOOK] Nanti evidential practice: Language, knowledge, and social action in an Amazonian society [PDF] from LD Michael – 2008 – … to epistemic modality, either at the grammatico-semantic level or at the pragmatic level (eg Chafe and Nichols, 1986; Palmer, 1986; Willett, 1988). … are therefore my own.1 Since monolin- gual work of this sort raises epistemological questions about data and analysis, I have … Cited by 6 – Related articles – Library Search – All 15 versions

“Where obscurity is a virtue”: The mystique of unintelligibility in Santería ritual K Wirtz – Language and Communication, 2005 – Elsevier … My analysis below reveals another aspect of their inverse relationship. … I then use these genres to problematize any preconceived notions of unintelligibility by showing how it can be produced through any combination of grammatico-semantic, pragmatic, or metapragmatic levels … Cited by 9 – Related articles – All 2 versions

[BOOK] Licensing of negative polarity particles yet, anymore, either and neither: Combining downward monotonicity and assertivity [PDF] from D Levinson – 2008 – … (27) If you have any idea, please share it. (28) Everyone who has any interest in literature should get this book. To solve this issue, Klima (1964) proposes a “grammatico-semantic feature” Affective that these environments share with the negative environments. … Cited by 1 – Related articles – Library Search – All 6 versions

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The functions of narratives in Japanese university lecture discourse Y Takahashi – Storytelling across Japanese conversational …, 2010 – … Based on an analysis of the narratives in four Japanese university lectures on Buddhism, Statistics, Eastern European History and Education, I address the questions of how narratives in university lectures are introduced, how they function and how they relate to the preceding … Related articles

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Nominalization as an interpersonally-driven system L Heyvaert – Functions of language, 2002 – … set us on the track of the systems’ basic grammatico-semantic characteristics: the link which deverbal -er no- minalizations establish between an entity and a process turns out to be strikingly similar to that realized by the Subject and the Finite at clause level; the analysis of the … Cited by 10 – Related articles – Library Search – BL Direct – All 5 versions

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English-based tongue with Oceanic flavour: A Comparison of Pronouns and Agreement Marking in Bislama and Raga [PDF] from LG Takau – 2010 – … The central focus of this thesis is a characteristic feature of Bislama, known as “pronoun doubling” (1), whose description and analysis has been somewhat controversial. … Crowley’s analysis of the evolution of the Bislama predicate marker suggests that the latter developed … Related articles

Narrative representation theory: A creole-linguistic approach to superstructure H Masuda – Journal of Pidgin and Creole languages, 2002 – … Hymes argues that the organization of discourse in grammatico-semantic recurrence is possibly a universal feature in any language, although the way it … in order to provide as explicitly as possible a detailed, objective, and universal methodology for analysis, thereby presenting … Cited by 3 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 2 versions

[BOOK] Stretched verb constructions in English DJ Allerton – 2002 – … His other interests include lexicology, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and intonation. Page 3. … The following example will clarify the analysis being assumed here: SENTENCE Sebastian must have endangered our lives there yesterday. … Cited by 33 – Related articles – Library Search – All 2 versions

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