Narrative Visualization & Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in narrative visualization in a number of ways to support the creation and interpretation of visual narratives. Some potential applications of AI in narrative visualization include:

  1. Data analysis: AI can be used to analyze and interpret large amounts of data and to identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent to human users. This can be useful for creating visual narratives that illustrate complex relationships or patterns in the data.
  2. Visualization design: AI can be used to generate visualization designs and layouts based on the data and the desired narrative. This can help to streamline the visualization design process and to ensure that the visualizations are effective in conveying the intended message.
  3. Interactive visualization: AI can be used to create interactive visualizations that allow users to explore the data and the narrative in greater depth. For example, AI-powered visualizations might allow users to adjust the display of the data or to filter the data in real-time to see how it affects the narrative.

Automated narrative generation is the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically generate written narratives based on data or other input. It is a way of using AI and NLP to create human-like explanations or descriptions of data or events in a way that is easy for people to understand.

Machine learning (ML) is often used in automated narrative generation to train algorithms to recognize patterns and relationships in data and to generate narratives based on this information. For example, an ML algorithm might be trained on a large dataset of news articles or social media posts, and it might be used to generate summaries or explanations of these articles or posts based on the key themes or concepts contained within them.

NLP is also often used in automated narrative generation to process and analyze text data and to generate narratives based on this data. NLP algorithms can be used to identify key themes or topics in the data, to understand the relationships between different concepts and ideas, and to generate narratives that are coherent and logical.

Neural narrative visualization is a type of visualization that uses artificial neural networks (ANNs) to create visual narratives based on data. ANNs are machine learning models that are inspired by the structure and function of the human brain, and they are capable of learning and adapting to new data over time.

In the context of narrative visualization, ANNs can be used to analyze and interpret data and to identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent to human users. They can then be used to create visualizations that illustrate these patterns and trends in a way that supports the desired narrative.

Neural narrative visualization can be used in a variety of contexts, including data journalism, data science, and business intelligence. It can be particularly useful for visualizing complex or large datasets, as ANNs are able to process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately.


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See also:

Visual Narrative & Natural Language 2018

An approach to human-machine teaming in legal investigations using anchored narrative visualisation and machine learning
S Attfield, B Fields, D Windridge, K Xu – 2019 –
During legal investigations, analysts typically create external representations of an investigated domain as resource for cognitive offloading, reflection and collaboration. For investigations involving very large numbers of documents as evidence, creating such …

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Towards XAI: Structuring the Processes of Explanations
M El-Assady, W Jentner, R Kehlbeck, U Schlegel… –
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Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE)
B Thomas, E Bruce, M Billinghurst, E Mark, N Gu… –
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Q Wang, J Yuan, S Chen, H Su, H Qu… – IEEE transactions on …, 2019 –
… As a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, DNNs have been attracting attention not only from … VISUAL GENEALOGY OF DEEP NEURAL NETWORKS 3 … DNN researchers from different research areas, including face detection, video analysis, natural language processing, and …

Ledes and Story Structure
PN Vicente – The International Encyclopedia of Journalism …, 2019 – Wiley Online Library
… A firm practice and research path has also been developing on narrative visualization, that is, how to tell stories with data … Furthermore, the articulation between artificial intelligence and machine learning in journalism has been gravitating around the story structures that …

Gaze analysis of user characteristics in magazine style narrative visualizations
D Toker, C Conati, G Carenini – User Modeling and User-Adapted …, 2019 – Springer
… In narrative visualization, the previous work has looked at automating the generation of new text and graphical presentations (Green et al … datapoints in the accompanying visualization(s) of existing documents via either crowdsourcing or natural language processing techniques …

A gaze-based experimenter platform for designing and evaluating adaptive interventions in information visualizations
S Lallé, C Conati, D Toker – Proceedings of the 11th ACM Symposium on …, 2019 –
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UX methods in the data lab: arguing for validity
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Considerations for Human-Machine Teaming in Cybersecurity
SR Gomez, V Mancuso, D Staheli – International Conference on Human …, 2019 – Springer
… Make machine learning “explainable” to the analysts who depend on them in HMT—not just model developers and … Living Notebook and Narrative Visualization … Natural language processing could help this issue by helping making it easier for analysts to construct context …

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Timeline Storyteller
M Brehmer, B Lee, NH Riche, D Tittsworth, K Lytvynets… – 2019 –
… Second, one of the authors of this article used Timeline Storyteller to present a history of artificial intelligence during a keynote talk at the Dublin Data Summit … Temporal summary images: An approach to narrative visualization via interactive annotation genera- tion and placement …

A Framework for Authoring Logically Ordered Visual Data Stories
HO Obie, C Chua, I Avazpour… – … IEEE Symposium on …, 2019 –
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Lessons learned from challenging data science case studies
K Stockinger, M Braschler, T Stadelmann – Applied Data Science, 2019 – Springer
… Lessons Learned: • For designing a deep neural network, start with a simple architecture and … of visualization applications on top of open data that enable narrative visualization: a new … When using clustering as an instance of unsupervised machine learning, the necessary …

User characteristics and eye tracking to inform the design of user-adaptive information visualizations
D Toker – 2019 –
Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada.

Persuasive Data Videos: Investigating Persuasive Self-Tracking Feedback with Augmented Data Videos
EK Choe, Y Sakamoto, Y Fatmi, B Lee, C Hurter… –
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M Feng, J Zheng, J Ren, A Hussain, X Li, Y Xi… – IEEE Access, 2019 –
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Applying Text Analytics to Derive Value from Blog Posts
I Tang – 2019 –
… from the cybersecurity blog. We process and analyze this text using the Natural Language Toolkit in Python … gathering. With the rise of machine learning, the usage of content analysis has grown exponentially. Machines are able to …

Design Spaces in Visual Analytics Based on Goals: Analytical Behaviour, Exploratory Investigation, Information Design & Perceptual Tasks
P Booth, N Gibbins, S Galanis – … of the 52nd …, 2019 –
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Communication modes in collaboration: an empirical assessment of metaphors, visualization, and narratives in multidisciplinary design student teams
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N Hutchison, HYS Tao, P Burke, S Luna… – INCOSE …, 2019 – Wiley Online Library
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Task-Oriented Optimal Sequencing of Visualization Charts
D Shi, Y Shi, X Xu, N Chen, S Fu, H Wu… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2019 –
… With rapid development of machine learning, learning-based ap- proach is becoming increasingly popular in recent years … DeepEye [26] trains a machine learning model with large datasets to find top-k visualizations for input data …

Visualization Techniques for Transparent Human-Agent Interface Designs
J Cha, M Barnes, JY Chen – 2019 –
… As autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming an increasingly important part of future military systems, it is essential to stress the … Storytelling has been a key form of communication for human civilization, and narrative visualization has been identified to aid information …

Deliverable 4.3 Data-shape Aware Automatic Storytelling Methods
Y Zhao, E Simperl –
… prototypes, we use Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, and IEEE Xplore Digital Library to search terms “data storytelling” and “narrative visualisation” … Label framework is to help people understand the quality and bias of datasets to train better machine-learning models, the …

A Visual Analytics Framework for Analyzing Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications
JK Li, T Fujiwara, SP Kesavan, C Ross… – … IEEE Visualization in …, 2019 –
… often insufficient to analyze HPC datasets. To effectively explore and analyze HPC datasets, visual analytics tech- niques that combined interactive visualization and machine learning *e-mail: {kelli, tfujiwara, spkesavan, klma …

Intelligent tool for visual data analysis
J Osés Grijalba – 2019 –
… Index terms— CBR, data visualization, report, IA, artificial intelligence … Natural Language Generation (NLG) produces text in natural language from structured data, the same … of the current presentation tools are discussed and they also expose narrative visualization, with highly …

Structural complexity in visual narratives: Theory, brains, and cross-cultural diversity
N Cohn – Narrative complexity and media: Experiential …, 2019 –
… Across all participants, we found two neural responses: An anterior negativity suggesting combinatorial processing to the grammatical patterning, and a P600 suggesting a process of mental updating for … Understanding Data Videos: Looking at Narrative Visualization through the …

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Storytelling, business analytics and big data interpretation
V Boldosova, S Luoto – Management Research Review, 2019 –
… intersection of such research disciplines as information systems, OR and artificial intelligence, there is … The use of narrative visualization and the generation of “data stories” are challenging processes … Storytelling creates a neural coupling effect (Hasson et al., 2012; Stephens et …

Designing Narrative Slideshows for Learning Analytics
Q Chen, Z Li, TC Pong, H Qu – 2019 IEEE Pacific Visualization …, 2019 –
… data story. In this paper, we have proposed a narrative visualization approach with an interactive slideshow that helps instructors and education experts explore potential learning patterns and convey data stories. This approach …

Visualization Authoring for Data-driven Storytelling
D Ren – 2019 –
… learning. During my years at UCSB, I had the privilege to work with the AlloSphere research fa- cility, a unique research instrument. I would like to thank Prof … However, most current visualization creation tools either only support fixed sets of designs or require an in …

Examining the use of narrative constructs in data videos
R Cao, S Dey, A Cunningham, J Walsh, RT Smith… – Visual Informatics, 2019 – Elsevier
… Keywords. Narrative visualization. Data videos. Taxonomy. Narrative approaches. 1. Introduction … The section finishes with an exploration of the limitations of the models and how our work can overcome these limitations. 2.1. Narrative visualization …

Ethical dimensions of visualization research
M Correll – Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human …, 2019 –
… can be used to promote exploration and further questioning (as in the “martini glass” [88] structured narrative visualization), often designers … Figure 7: Visualizing Machine Learning models creates a conflict between transparency in decision-making, and managing the complexity …

Data mining and visualization of data-driven news in the era of big data
E Qi, X Yang, Z Wang – Cluster Computing, 2019 – Springer
… The structure of finance; statistical regression neural network prediction model, such as automatic investment system, can predict the optimal timing of investment; science research; Quake finder was used in the analysis of crustal tectonic activity; Web data mining; Web access …

A Wikidata-based tool for building and visualising narratives
D Metilli, V Bartalesi, C Meghini – International Journal on Digital Libraries, 2019 – Springer
… Storing the textual fragment, if any, providing a narration of the event in natural language. Relating the textual fragment with its author. These requirements were elicited in three different phases. In … 4.4 Narrative visualisation. In …

Visual narratives and the mind: Comprehension, cognition, and learning
N Cohn – Psychology of learning and motivation, 2019 –
… Indeed, machine learning techniques trained on photographs do significantly worse when assessing the content of comic panels than on natural … This process of semantic access has been indexed in neurocognition by the “N400”—a neural response recorded using event …

Challenges in Displaying Health Data on Small Smartwatch Screens.
A Neshati, Y Sakamoto, P Irani – ITCH, 2019 –
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Visual narratives and the mind
N Cohn –
… Indeed, machine learning techniques trained on photographs do significantly worse when assessing the content of comic panels than on natural … This process of semantic access has been indexed in neurocognition by the “N400”—a neural response recorded using event …

Being explicit about the implicit: inference generating techniques in visual narrative
N Cohn – Language and Cognition, 2019 –
… Such an interpretation is supported by studies of visual narrative where omitting Peak panels show a cost relative to those that contain a Peak, as indicated through longer viewing times (Cohn & Wittenberg, 2015) or larger neural responses indicative of reanalysis (Cohn & Kutas …

Taxonomizer: Interactive Construction of Fully Labeled Hierarchical Groupings from Attributes of Multivariate Data
S Mahmood, K Mueller – IEEE transactions on visualization and …, 2019 –
… Various methods have been proposed that scale and speed up large neural models [32, 37 … These embeddings have been used for various Natural Language Processing tasks such as named entity recognition (NER), information retrieval [25], word sense related tasks [27] and …

The Dual-Coding and Multimedia Learning Theories: Film Subtitles as a Vocabulary Teaching Tool
C Kanellopoulou, KL Kermanidis… – Education …, 2019 –
… medium for learning, such as “abstracting information, narrative visualization, recognition, and identification by the student” [50]. Films as authentic audiovisual materials are not form-focused and they promote visual information in a real context, natural language at normal …

Gaze-Driven Adaptive Interventions for Magazine-Style Narrative Visualizations
S Lallé, D Toker, C Conati – IEEE Transactions on Visualization …, 2019 –
… We contribute to this body of research by investigating gaze-driven adaptation as a means to support the pro- cessing of visualizations embedded in narrative text, known as Magazine-Style Narrative Visualization (MSNV for short) [15] …

Science Forecasts: Modeling and Communicating Developments in Science, Technology, and Innovation
K Börner, S Milojevi? – Springer Handbook of Science and Technology …, 2019 – Springer
… leading to better results. Recent developments in machine learning have dramatically improved researchers’ capabilities to identify structures and patterns in data to aid with decision making [6.24, 6.25]. Jon Kleinberg and colleagues …

Bertin’s forgotten typographic variables and new typographic visualization
R Brath, E Banissi – Cartography and Geographic Information …, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
… Paragraph scope Manipulation of labels goes beyond cartographic and visualization layouts. Narrative visualization is an emerging area of research activity (eg Segel & Heer, 2010) with applications such as data journalism …

A system for generating storyline visualizations using hierarchical task network planning
K Padia, KH Bandara, CG Healey – Computers & Graphics, 2019 – Elsevier
… years narrative theory has generated significant interest among computer scientists, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), computational … Narrative visualization, therefore, refers to the genre of visualization that focuses on generating “visual data stories” from a set of …

Your brain on comics: A cognitive model of visual narrative comprehension
N Cohn – Topics in cognitive science, 2019 – Wiley Online Library
… These expectancies appear to facilitate subsequent information, as panels following such preparatory postures are viewed faster than those following panels of patients (Cohn & Paczynski, 2013), and removing such preparatory cues lead to neural costs (Cohn, Paczynski, & …

Vizml: A machine learning approach to visualization recommendation
K Hu, MA Bakker, S Li, T Kraska… – Proceedings of the 2019 …, 2019 –
… Here, we demonstrate a novel machine learning- based approach to visualization recommendation that learns visualization design choices from a large corpus of datasets and … Neural networks predict these design choices with high ac- curacy compared to baseline models …

DataShot: Automatic Generation of Fact Sheets from Tabular Data
Y Wang, Z Sun, H Zhang, W Cui, K Xu… – … on Visualization and …, 2019 –
Page 1. 1077-2626 2019 IEEE. Personal use is permitted, but republication/redistribution requires IEEE permission. See rights/index.html for more information. IEEE TRANSACTIONS …

Storyline Visualization Techniques for Linear, Non-Linear, and Diegetic Narratives.
K Padia – 2019 –
… In recent years narrative theory has generated significant interest among computer scientists, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), computational linguis … (Narrative Visualization) [ ] as well as the visualization of stories themselves (Visual Narratives) [ ] …

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Discussing Open Energy Data and Data Visualizations with Canadians
HA He, J Walny, S Thoma, WJ Willett, S Carpendale – 2019 –
… 2019), personal visualization (Huang et al. 2015), and narrative visualization (Segel and Heer 2010; Hullman and Diakopoulos 2011; Riche et al. 2018). Meanwhile, general audiences have gained increased exposure to visualizations through online news media …

Data Visualizations and Human Resource Management: The State of Science and Practice’
DE Caughlin, TN Bauer – M. Ronald Buckley Anthony R. Wheeler …, 2019 –
… More recently, advances in artificial intelligence, such as the IBM Watson Analytics platform, have paved the way for automated data visualizations that … offered three organizing features for formulating a story as part of what some refer to as narrative visualization: genres, visual …

Avoiding drill-down fallacies with VisPilot assisted exploration of data subsets
DJL Lee, H Dev, H Hu, H Elmeleegy… – Proceedings of the 24th …, 2019 –
Page 1. Avoiding Drill-down Fallacies with VisPilot: Assisted Exploration of Data Subsets Doris Jung-Lin Lee University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Himel Dev University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign …

Performances of Architectures and Environments
MU Hensel, DS Hensel – … to Paradigms of Performativity in Design … –
Page 27. 1 Performances of Architectures and Environments En Route to a Theory and Framework Michael U. Hensel and Defne Sunguro?lu Hensel Introduction Our take on questions of architecture and performance is rooted …

Visualization Onboarding: Learning How to Read and Use Visualizations
C Stoiber, F Grassinger, M Pohl, H Stitz, M Streit… – 2019 –
… idioms. Analytical knowledge—such as different automated data analysis approaches, machine learning methods, or statistical methods applied to the data—is necessary to understand complex visualization interfaces and data …

Helix: Developing an Understanding of Organizational Systems Engineering Effectiveness
N Hutchinson, D Verma, P Burke, R Giffin, S Luna… – 2019 –
… With this large dataset, the qualitative analysis methods used previously are no longer adequate to keep pace. The team has stood up data mining and analysis capabilities, including natural language processing, topic modeling, and cluster analysis …

Geographical Design: Spatial Cognition and Geographical Information Science
SC Hirtle – Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics, 2019 –
… sparse” in terms of publications. Recent studies exploring dimensionality and neural encoding have begun to document some interesting effects, which contradict a simple two-dimensional view of the world. For example, Kim and …

Open Data Analytics
E Frontoni, D Iacobucci, R Palloni, A Aldini, U Fratesi –
… FP7 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development KPI Key Performance Indicators IPC International Patent Classification MA Managing authority NACE Nomenclature statistique des activités économiques NPL Natural Language Processing NUTS …

Enhancing statistical charts: toward better data visualization and analysis
X Luo, Y Yuan, K Zhang, J Xia, Z Zhou, L Chang… – Journal of …, 2019 – Springer
Abstract Conventional statistical charts are widely used in visual analysis. With the development of digital techniques, statistical charts are confronted with problems when data grow in scale and…

Diverse visualization techniques and methods of moving-object-trajectory data: a review
J He, H Chen, Y Chen, X Tang, Y Zou – ISPRS International Journal of …, 2019 –
Trajectory big data have significant applications in many areas, such as traffic management, urban planning and military reconnaissance. Traditional visualization methods, which are represented by contour maps, shading maps and hypsometric maps, are mainly based on the spatiotemporal …

Shifts towards Image-centricity in Contemporary Multimodal Practices
H Stöckl, H Caple, J Pflaeging – 2019 –
… data scientist for the Curtin Institute for Computation to provide data, computing, analytics, and machine learning/ artificial intelligence expertise to researchers and industry partners. Kevin has experience in developing machine learning and natural language processing models …

Data-driven Storytelling for Casual Users
Z Zhao – 2019 –
… 42 xi List of Figures 1.1 Genres of narrative visualization by Segel and Heer [2]. . . . 11 2.1 Visualization of locations of cholera cases and wells [3]. . . . 17 2.2 … Many of these approaches are auto- matic and based on machine learning and artificial intelligence …

Trust and recall of information across varying degrees of title-visualization misalignment
HK Kong, Z Liu, K Karahalios – Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference …, 2019 –
Page 1. Trust and Recall of Information across Varying Degrees of Title-Visualization Misalignment Ha-Kyung Kong UIUC Urbana, IL Zhicheng Liu Adobe Research Seattle, WA Karrie …

Tac-Simur: Tactic-based Simulative Visual Analytics of Table Tennis
J Wang, K Zhao, D Deng, A Cao, X Xie… – IEEE transactions on …, 2019 –
… Moreover, techniques such as data mining and artificial neural networks also have been widely applied to tactical analysis for identifying as- sociation characteristics in table tennis strokes [46]. However, these methods cannot provide prospective insights for experts …

Portfolio of Original Compositions
F Morawitz – 2019 –
Page 1. Portfolio of Original Compositions A thesis submitted to the University of Manchester for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities 2019 Falk Morawitz School of Arts, Languages and Cultures Page 2. 2 Contents List of tables 6 List of figures 6 …

Datatoon: Drawing dynamic network comics with pen+ touch interaction
NW Kim, N Henry Riche, B Bach, G Xu… – Proceedings of the …, 2019 –
… natures. From a storytelling standpoint, one of the most challenging forms of data is a dynamic network. Dynamic networks ap- pear in many contexts, from analyzing social networks to modeling neural connections in the brain. In …

Why Authors Don’t Visualize Uncertainty
J Hullman – IEEE transactions on visualization and computer …, 2019 –
… I’m working with very hard- core statisticians and machine learning experts and scientists, and yet I don’t explicitly include uncertainty in my visualizations ever. It was actually quite interesting, after you prompt, thinking about why” (I6) …

DataToon: drawing data comics about dynamic networks with pen+ touch interaction
NW Kim, NH Riche, B Bach, G Xu, M Brehmer… – 2019 –
… natures. From a storytelling standpoint, one of the most challenging forms of data is a dynamic network. Dynamic networks ap- pear in many contexts, from analyzing social networks to modeling neural connections in the brain. In …

Relationships among information items of meeting minutes in a minutes management system MRS
H Ito, T Taki, J Hasegawa, K Raita – Procedia Computer Science, 2019 – Elsevier
… References [1] Barriére, C., 2016. Natural Language Understanding in a Semantic Web Context. Springer. [2] Berry, MW, Dumais, ST, and O’Brein, GW, 1995 … ArXiv:1805.07851. [14] Segel, E., and Heer, J., 2010. Narrative visualization: Telling stories with data. IEEE Tran …

Sense-making strategies in explorative intelligence analysis of network evolutions
J Doppler Haider, B Gastecker, M Pohl… – Behaviour & …, 2019 – Taylor & Francis
Page 1. Sense-making strategies in explorative intelligence analysis of network evolutions Johanna Doppler Haidera, Bettina Gasteckera, Margit Pohla, Patrick Seidlerb, Neesha Kodagodab and BL William Wongb aInstitute …

Data visualization handbook
J Koponen, J Hildén – 2019 –
… Although artificial intelligence and other automated methods for analyzing data have seen impressive improvements during the past years, computers are not about to replace people as the final arbiter of meaning and relevance …

The Routledge Companion to Paradigms of Performativity in Design and Architecture: Using Time to Craft an Enduring, Resilient and Relevant Architecture
M Kanaani – 2019 –
Page 1. “This important collection of works grounds the debate on the capacity of a design to effect change as it performs assigned tasks. The convergence of views in the same volume provides a stimulating tempest of disagreements …

Enabling Collaborative Visual Analysis across Heterogeneous Devices
SK Badam – 2019 –
… Computer Interaction SA Situation Awareness GA Group Awareness ML Machine Learning IoT Internet … Mobile example, having features such as Ask Data (Tableau’s natural language query platform … a final report for communication may require a narrative visualization tool such …

The effects of watching subtitled movies on incidental vocabulary acquisition of adults
AS CO-MENTOR, A Poshka –
Page 1. 1 FAKULTETI I GJUHËVE, KULTURAVE DHE KOMUNIKIMIT ???????? ?? ??????, ??????? ? ???????????? FACULTY OF LANGUAGES, CULTURES AND COMMUNICATIONS Third Cycle of Studies Doctoral Dissertation Topic …